I help women like you  create the kind of business,

that empowers you to live, and work,

on your own terms.

In the paradigm of feminine leadership.

Lean Businesses. Bootstrapped.

Businesses with a focus on being a force for good in the world.

Businesses that bring together Purpose and Profits.

I believe

  • Service and profits are NOT mutually exclusive!
  • ‘Failure’ is just a stepping stone on the road to success
  • You don’t have to be perfect. It’s all about progress. Not perfection.
  • You can create a profitable business with grace, ease and flow (instead of hustling 24x7)

Business is not just about making money. It’s a path to personal growth. 

It’s about creating something bigger than yourself AND being a force for good in the world.

Living Richer isn’t just about the money. Though money is a part of it.

Living Richer, is more a state of being. Where you’re following your dreams, your passions.

Where you have the freedom to work, live, and just be.. the way you want to.

Where you get to choose, and be, the best version of you.. that you want to.

I’d always wanted to do something ‘different’. I was different. I didn’t quite fit into the world around me.

And yet like most people, I took the safe option. I went to the best college; I got a high flying, high tech, high paying job (and filed 2 tech patents while I was it) and for close to 20 years I was the only woman, in the male dominated world of technology. I worked at Texas Instruments, Broadcom and Nvidia – the best semiconductor firms in the world.Richa Jain - Business Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs

In those days, I was often told I have too “strong” a personality for most people. As if being strong was a bad thing. My assertiveness was labeled as aggression. And my feminine way of leadership – nurturing and grooming people – was taken as too soft. Though according to the leadership gurus – that’s how it should be done.

Yes, I’ve been a misfit all my life. And chances are, if you’re smart, capable, thinking woman, you’ve felt like a misfit too.

After I left the toxic work environment (and a toxic marriage), it took much work and a lot of releasing,  before I could step into my power. To claim my voice, to stand strong in who I am and all that I do.

Today, I help other women step into their own power.

Women who dare to forge their own path.

Women who feel like misfits.

Because they want MORE from life.

Just like these women did.

  Meet Kim Leneghan, the Diabetes Guru. Learn how Kim launched her dream business online WHILE working a day job, no tech knowledge AND with 3 kids under 5 yrs.

Meet Ulla Gaudin, the Celebrity Makeup Artist. After close to 2 decades in the film industry, Ulla wanted to launch her own business helping other women. Learn how Ulla went from struggling to sell $100 packages in her first year of business, to having clients queue up for her high end $2500 packages and booking 7 speaking engagements.

Meet Vaishnavi, the Elite Chemistry Coach. With a stint at Intel and multiple degrees, including a PhD in Chemistry, Vaishnavi stepped away from the corporate world to do work that was closer to her heart. Learn how she combined her expertise in Chemistry with her love for teaching into a thriving online business.

I am where I am today, not because of luck, but because of sheer grit and determination to not let society or conditions define me. I’ve dealt with (more than!?) my fair share of hard knocks. (Read more about my personal journey here)


Now, I’m on a mission to help women embrace their own power;

become financially independent;

and create a business and life they love.


Through mentoring and other services, I help women like you start and grow passion based, purpose driven and profitable online businesses.

Since 2006, I have been evaluating business models and everything internet marketing. Yes, even though my corporate job was as a techie. On the side I made websites, designed graphics, learnt everything there was to know about SEO and Internet Marketing, ran a mommy blog, and somewhere in between all that, I also ran a Gaming Lounge.

In 2014, I finally took the plunge to quit my day job and started a content writing firm. In 2015 we expanded to include website design and other services for online entrepreneurs. In 2016, with a lot of butt kicking from my clients, I finally stepped up and owned that decade plus of experience with online businesses and put out a board (on my site) as a Business Strategist & Mentor.

But it wasn’t just about the fancy title (or website clients asking me to take over as their biz coach!), you see, over the years I had also signed up for a ton of eCourses, programs and coaches in the name of investing in myself. And over time, I found, none of them really worked for me. As a mother, as a woman.


As women,

We think differently, we work differently.

We crave meaning, connection, community.

The businesses we create, are more personal.


They are an extension of us, who we are. They’re fueled by passion. They serve a purpose, bigger than us.  And most business courses and programs tend to miss this.

Most of the programs out there are based on the masculine mode of working – hustle, hustle, hustle; money, money, money. They miss out on the bigger picture of why we started a business in the first place.

They assume you have all the time in the world. They assume that you can network without any restrictions, any limits. They assume that you have no other responsibilities, no other life, beyond your business.

And as a mother, as a single mother, I didn’t have those luxuries. I had to think outside the box. I had to come up with my own solutions. I had to figure out how to squeeze a full day’s worth of work into those 6 hours that the kid’s away at school – business work, as well as cooking, cleaning and regular household paperwork. And I had to figure out how to show up, how to be visible (I’m an introvert) without feeling icky, without spending the whole day on Facebook, without completely giving up on sleep and my sanity.

And I had to believe in myself. Even when I felt like I’d messed up completely. Even when clients didn’t sign up. Even when I spent endless days in court for the divorce. Even when the kid threw tantrums and called me a bad mom.

It wasn’t easy.

I’m still learning.

I still have my off days.

But I also have many many glorious days.

Glorious days when I get to see my clients’ face light up as I help them map out how to make THEIR dreams happen; when I see their energy go from frazzled and hassled to calm and eager and joyful; when I witness their joy on signing up new clients, having the money flow in to their business, having the pieces of their dream business and life fall into place, just right.

Glorious days when I get to spend time with my son, without guilt. When we can laugh and play and laze in the garden on a random weekday afternoon just ‘coz we feel like it. When I get to work from my garden. When I get to soak in the sun and witness it’s path from east to west, every single day. I can’t tell you how glorious that feels for someone who sat in grey cubicles and labs for a good 20 years of her life, isolated from the real world, from the real weather.

Through the years, I’ve been privileged to help dozens if not hundreds of women change the way they see themselves, and their business. Here’s what some of them say:

Richa nailed my problem in an instant! I had too many ideas cycling through my website and in my content that no one would ever have an idea of who I am and what exactly I am about. I wasn’t even sure how to tell people what I did!

With one phone call Richa Identified the problem, but went a step further in helping to give me the permission I needed to scrap the part of the business title and plan that was making me uncomfortable, but that I was also clinging to for validation.

With one small shift I managed to do in one week what I had been trying to do for a year. I now am writing my 3rd course, and I am working out the details of my first ever sales funnel.

I am beyond thrilled with Richa’s follow up, the love, and care that she has shown me has helped me and my confidence as I have made some pretty dramatic decisions and moves.

I have worked with several coaches, but no one was able to get to the heart of the problem the way Richa did. I am beyond grateful!

Willow Bradner

Intuitive Consultant

The world needs more women like you and me.

Women who dare to forge their own path.

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