I talk a lot about connection and conversions in my bootcamps… and I wanted to write  about that today.. but as I started writing it… many more C’s popped up! I never realized you need so many C’s to build your B(usiness)!
The 13 C’s that form the backbone of your business
🌟 CLARITY about why you’re doing this, what you want from it, who your target market is, what they want, and what’s the best way to help them get it.
🌟 CONFIDENCE In yourself, in the work that you do. Without confidence your business, can’t and wont grow.
🌟 CURIOSITY: about what your market wants, what you want, and what to do make it happen. to always be fine tuning your business. 
🌟 CONVERSATIONS: Starting the conversation with your target market and your target audience.
🌟 CONNECTIONS: Connecting with your target market and “knowing” them better than they know themselves. Also Connecting with industry leaders, peers, those in parallel niches to reach out to their audience.
🌟 CONSISTENCY In showing up. In your message.
🌟 CONVERSION: Mastering the art of ‘converting’ those leads, those conversations, those connections to paying clients!
🌟 CASHFLOW : If it’s not making money, it’s a hobby not a business.
🌟 COMMUNITY It takes a ‘village’ to build a business. Even ‘solopreneurs’ can’t do it all alone. At the very least, you need support & the cooperation of your family, your clients. And if you’re smart, you’ll also reach out and get the support of peers, some paid help like VA/mentors etc
🌟 CALM Entrepreneurship is a crazy roller coaster. You’ve got to learn to stay calm and stay your course; to pause rather than give up when things get tough.
🌟 CREATIVITY  No you don’t have to be an artist like Van Gogh – but you do have to be creative with how you run your business!
🌟 CLIENTS : The most important of them all!! You’ve got to have PAYING CLIENTS!!
🌟 CASH  The cash you get in hand after all your business payments – your true income!
What do you think? Do you feel you can do without any of these? Got more C’s to add to the list? 😉

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