Just for a minute, imagine…..what would it feel like

1. To wake up each monday morning and have all your marketing content for the week (and the month, and the year) at your fingertips. Blogs. Videos. FB posts. Newletters. All ready for you to just send out. No more pulling your hair out over your marketing “content”. no more scrambling wondering what to post on FB or what to send to your email list or why the heck your freebie isn’t converting.

2. To be fully booked with paying clients without having to spend endless hours creating a million blog posts and a zillion free videos!!!  No more praying and hoping and wishing that all the “free content” you’ve invested blood sweat and tears into doesn’t silently vanishing into the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in the deep blue oceans of the internet..  Welcome to my world. The world of the Content Creation Bootcamp.   

This one of a kind, all-in-one CONTENT CREATION BOOTCAMP is designed exclusively to help YOU  

Create more impact, sign up more ideal soul clients (and make more money)  

by creating ah-mazing, magnetic, irresistable “content” for your marketing

EVEN IF you’ve taken a dozen other courses (and still gag when it comes to content marketing!)  

Because hey…..   

It’s NOT really about creating CONTENT.  

It’s about creating CONNECTIONS. And CONVERSIONS.  

And in this program, that’s what I’m going to help you do.  

Create funnels and freebies and blog posts that help you CONNECT with your audience.   And then help them sign up for your services.

WARNING: This is NOT your regular eCourse !!!

This is an IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAM specially designed for women on a mission!

In this program, I’m going to help you create content that helps you CONNECT with your audience. That has your ideal soul clients queue up to work with you. Ok, honestly, no promises – but that’s the aim! But let’s be clear. This bootcamp is not for the faint of heart. I

And oh, it is LIMITED TO ONLY 10 WOMEN!

Yes, you heard that right. I know most people try to cram in as many people into their program. Not me. I want to make sure I can give each and every participant attention during our live calls and reviews! I’m keeping this a small, tight knit group. A max of 10 women. So you will have no room to hide. I will be holding every single participant accountable. Over the next 8 weeks, I will guide you, goad you, push you, love you to bits to help you create just the right content for your target market!


This bootcamp is NOT for you IF

  • you’re new to the online business world and don’t quite know how newsletters, social media marketing etc work
  • you sell a product, are part of an MLM or run anything other than an service based online business
  • you’re not yet clear about a) your target audience b) your core message OR c) your offerings
  • you want a magic pill and aren’t willing to do the work
  • you expect overnight success


This Content Creation Bootcamp is for service based online women entrepreneurs (ie coaches, consultants, freelancers, healers etc.) who want to step up their game & grow their business like crazy in 2018. 

Women who are here to make an impact, change the world, through their work. Women who

  • Want to Leverage their CONTENT for connections and conversions (aka make more impact, sign up more ideal soul clients and make more money!)
  • Are crystal clear about a) their target audience b) their core message c) their offerings 
  • Are ready to invest 5-10 hours each week, over the next 8 weeks, to create life-changing content for their audience.

If that sounds like you, then read on.  


By the end of this Bootcamp, the goal is to have ALL of your marketing content for the next 6 months done and dusted.

1. THREE freebies/webinar/optins, their landing pages & email sequences

2. TWELVE blog/vlogs to lead up to your freebies (4x for each freebie)

3. SIXTY Facebook posts to lead up to the blogs/vlogs/freebie.

4. Graphics to support the above.

(I’ll also show you HOW to repurpose these for your newsletters!)

Yes, that is A LOT OF CONTENT. Remember the part where I said it’s NOT for the faint of heart?

You will have to set aside 5-10 hours each week to do this work.

But once you have it ready – the next 6 months or so – promoting your business will be a breeze and you can focus on what really matters – your clients!

You’ll have it all at your fingertips. Just copy, paste, publish.

Oh, and one thing I do promise – the “content” you create in this bootcamp won’t be the run-of-the-mill kind of content you could hire out to a VA or a copywriter on fiverr.

This is going to be some seriously sweet, sticky, goey, absolutely drool-worthy content that is going to have your audience fall head over heels in love with you. The kind of love that makes them want to pull out their wallets and start working with you pronto!  All without using any sleazy sales tactics or black magic persuasion formulae!

To make sure you get the most out of this Bootcamp, I’ve designed it to have THREE core components.


1. video lessons

Clear, simple video lessons guiding you each week, with step-by-step instructions on what to do and HOW to do it. From streamlining your marketing to writing copy that connects & converts.

2. live reviews

Live group coaching calls each week, answering your questions, reviewing your content, making sure it serves the purpose – to connect with your audience – and convert them to paying clients!

3. Accountabilty

We have a private community where I will keep you accountable and where you can get all the feedback, all the answers and feel supported by me & also by a group of peers on a similar journey.


Over the 8 weeks starting 27th Nov,

1. Each week, or rather each Sunday, I send you a video highlighting the core concepts required for that week’s creation efforts (I’ll keep the videos short and to the point, I promise!! I know time is oh-so-precious!!!) and any supporting templates, guides etc, plus of course, a list of what you should be creating this week.

2. You watch the videos and get cracking on the first draft of that week’s content!

3. Then mid week (Wednesday/Thursday depending on your timezone) we get on a group call to REVIEW your content and answer any questions you may have.

On these calls, I do a thorough review of your content and give you CLEAR, ACTIONABLE feedback to make sure you’re on the right track, your topics, your writing style are on point. The goal is to create engaging, on point content that helps you ‘effortlessly’ connect with your audience.

Trust me – the groups calls are ALWAYS the BEST part of my Bootcamps. It’s where the real action happen. It’s where participants wonder how the heck I got into their head (or rather, their audiences’) and then they either fall in love with me (or totally hate me!). There’s usually no middle ground 😉

Note: all calls will be recorded and put up in our course area. If you can’t make a call live, send in your questions/content for review to me BEFORE the call and I’ll answer/review on the call even if you can’t make it.

4. You get back to work and polish up your content based on the reviews from our group coaching call.


Ooh! I’m already drooling!

 The Schedule

Week 1 [27 Nov] : The Foundation

We polish up your core marketing message, streamline your offerings, and create an outline for your funnels. We review & finalise these on our group coaching call.

Week 2 [4 Dec] : Freebies & Funnels

  • Learning: We work backwards – I show you what kind of freebie optin would work best for you; and how to lead from your freebie to your paid offer. I also show you HOW to create your FREEBIE (what to include, what not, how to structure it & the specifics of HOW to create it)
  • Doing: You finalize your THREE freebies. You create ONE core freebie & email follow up sequence. You come up with 12 ‘topics’ you can use to base your marketing material on. We review these on our group coaching call.

Week 3 [11 Dec]  : Blogs & Vlogs

  • Learning: I show you how to turn your “12 topics” in to blog posts, videos, social media posts – without loosing your sanity (aka how to repurpose the content) and use it build your list. We also talk about how to structure your blogs/vlogs, how to write the copy for maximum engagment etc;
  • Doing: You go back create the first 4 core blog posts or vlogs. We review these on our group coaching call.

Week 4 [18 Dec] : Facebook Profile, Pages & Groups

  • Learning: We talk more about FB: your profile, your page, groups that you’re part of and how to maximize their potential to drive traffic back to your site, how to write posts that engage your audience and have them wanting to eagerly connect with you; and how to repurpose all of this content for your newsletters.
  • Doing: You go back & create 20 social media posts to support the freebie & the core blog/vlogs you’ve created so far. We review these on our group coaching call.

XMAS BREAK 24th Dec to 31 Dec 

Everyone needs a break! Go and recharge!!!

This is the mid point of the program. By now you’ve “learnt” all you needed to about creating “magnetic” content AND you’ve created one freebie, the email sequence for it, 4 blogs/vlogs, 20 FB posts to support it. And in all of this, you’ve learnt how to write in a way that ‘effortlessly’ connects with your audience.

Honestly, this is ALL the “content” you need to launch ANY program or service. Well, other than the sales page itself 😉

But hey, in this Bootcamp, I don’t want to send you away with a one off band-aid. I want to make sure that all you’ve learnt, sticks. That you understand this whole ‘content marketing’ thing – and how to leverage it effectively for your business. Plus, heck 1 freebie, 4 blogs/vlogs and 20 FB posts just ain’t enough for a FULL year’s worth of marketing!

So, in the next half of the program, we step up into FULL implementation mode. Not too many new video lessons. Just implementation, review, feedback, editing. Rinse and repeat 😉 

Week 5 & 6 [ 2 Jan] : Implementation Round 2

Doing: We do round 2 of the implementation. You create your second freebie, the email sequence for it, the 4 blogs/vlogs and 20 FB posts to support it. On our group calls, we focus on REVIEWING all your content to make sure it’s on target.

Week 7 [15 Jan] : Building Your Tribe

Learning: I show you how to drive “warm” traffic to your site and how to get interviewed on your fav blogs / podcasts / magazines etc in order to grow your tribe.
Doing: Make a list of 10 places you want to be interviewed. Reach out to them.

Week 8 [22 Jan] : Game Time!

This week is a game – can you create ‘all’ the launch content for a service/program, in just 1 week 😉 I sure can 😉 In this game, you create your third freebie, the email sequence for it, the 4 blogs/vlogs and 20 FB posts to support it – all in one week. Yes, you can do this. By now you should’ve gotten the hang of this whole ‘content creation’ thingy 😉  And the first THREE who score a touch down with all their sparkly content ready and roaring to go get a super-special-surprise prize from me!

Enrollments are currently closed

CLICK HERE to send me a quick email if you’d like to be notified as soon as Bootcamp is open again.

Oh wait, we got some JUICY BONUSES as well!

Because it takes more than just ‘creating content’ to run an online business!


Making numbers your new best friend. Deciphering what the numbers mean for your business and how to GROW them.

2. canva simplified

A video tutorial walking you through how to create eye catching graphics, headers and eBooks in Canva.  .


What SEO is all about and how to leverage it to get some (ok, a lot!)  lovin’ from the search engines with just a little bit of effort. Even if you hate tech.

Woah!! This is just what I need!

Got some questions?

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up,  you’ll be taken to the course page on TEACHABLE and asked to create an account. Once the program starts, you’ll have access to the videos via TEACHABLE.

You’ll also get weekly emails with prompts on what to do that week and access details for our group call.

Make sure you mark me ie “richa @ thericherjane . com” as a safe sender to make sure my emails don’t end up in your spam folder.

How much time do I have to put in to this?
It really depends on how fast you work 😉 I’d recommend you set aside a minimum of 5 hours each week for this Bootcamp, to maximum of 10 hours. Depending on the level of clarity you already have about your business, your audience and your marketing message ( and how much you procastinate! ) it may take more, or less.
What if I can't make it to the live group calls?
Don’t worry! If you can’t make a call live, send in your questions/content for review to me BEFORE the call and I’ll answer/review on the call even if you can’t make it. All calls will be recorded and put up in our course area so you can access them any time.
What if I fall behind in the Bootcamp and can't keep up?

First of all, there is no behind in the Website Bootcamp. You have lifetime access to the videos, group call recordings and bonus materials. You can come back to it any time.

If you find that you can’t keep up in a particular week, don’t fret, just try to set aside a few more hours the following week to catch up. Plus note that we have quite a few implementation weeks – so there is enough time built in to the program for you to catch up whenever you can.

Can I get refund if I change my mind?
No. All sales are final. So if you have any doubts or questions about the program, just reach out to me BEFORE you sign up. You can send me an email at richa@thericherjane.com
Do you guarantee I'll make 6-figure sales?

Er, no. Never!

I, nor anyone else, CANNOT make any such guarantee. If ANYONE does – just run as far away from them as possible!

What I can promise is that you’ll learn how to streamline your marketing content and how to create it all with ease. The actual $$ results you create in your business depend on way too many factors that are beyond my control.

Er, I think I need some extra help ?

Sure! I’d love to! Whether it’s about your business strategy, or your content creation stuff – I can help.

For Bootcamp participants, I offer special 1:1 mentoring sessions.

The Business Deep Dive ($297 USD): A 60 min breakthrough intensive where we help you get clear on your business. How much we cover / how deep we go on this call, depends on how clear you are about your business at the moment. Typically we can cover ONE or two of the following:

  1. Nail your Niche and target market
  2. Design just-the-right offerings for your target market
  3. Create a 6/12 month roadmap showing you how you can stack up your services to achieve your $$$ goal
  4. Create a marketing plan for your 6/12 month roadmap.


If you’d like to outsource some of the stuff content creation like freebies, blogs, SM posts, landing pages, sales pages etc just reach out to me at richa @ the richerjane . com for a custom quote.

Ok, ok I want in to the Bootcamp!

A bit about the Geek-Behind-It-All (aka ME)

and Why You Should Trust Me 

I’ve watched the world of online content marketing unfold from before the term was even coined. I first started blogging in 2008 and have been hooked to the big bad world of the online businesses since then. I’ve run a mommy blog, a personal blog, a business blog. I’ve been paid top $$$ to write for sites like Udemy, LifeHacker, TimesOfIndia, SitePoint and a ton of others (fancy being paid $1200 for a 12 page eBook?). 

I’ve run 3 businesses – a copywriting business, a web design business and now I focus on business strategy and consulting – helping women turn their passion, their purpose, their skills into profitable online businesses. 

I’m taking all that experience, all the insights, all the expensive mistakes (!?) and sharing that with you in this Bootcamp.  

Why? Because I know what it feels like to struggle. To be bombarded with a ton of information insisting that you MUST do X/Y/Z and ending up more confused than ever. And there’s also one really big selfish reason – I see how much my private consulting clients struggle with their marketing content. After we’ve so painstakingly worked on mapping out a plan to take their business to the next level – they find themselves going around in circles trying to get someone to bring that vision into reality. Or sign up for expensive coaching hours with me learning to create effective marketing content!    

Yes, there are many many copywriters and content writers out there – but most of them don’t understand connection & conversion, they don’t understand the business of business! And most importantly, they don’t understand your message, your passion, your audience the way you do!!! 

I don’t want you struggling soooo much just to get your message out into the world!!

I want to make I make super easy for you to step up and make the impact that you were meant to!

I so love this bootcamp! I want IN!

Join the close knit Facebook community of ambitious women entrepreneurs

As we create a Richer Life.

The kind you don't want a vacation from!

So where shall I send you the details?

Just one more little step... you should be getting the confirmation email just about now! Click on the confirmation link and we're all set to go! [ps: Gmail users - If you don't see it in your Inbox, check your Update/Promotions tab ]