#contentMarketingTip It’s that time of the year again.
When marketing in the US goes into overdrive.
Everyone wants to hit holiday sales.
Your Inbox is overflowing with a ton of sales pitches, discounts and what not.
Your FB feed is full of launches….

And as you watch them all flit by, you’ve got that feeling in the pit of your stomach…
If only…. you had your marketing material ready to hit the holiday sales….

if only… life hadn’t gotten in the way
if only… you had a hundred hours in a day….
if only… you had a million $$$ to pay an ace marketer….

You KNOW people soooooo need the work that you do….
You KNOW you have it in you to make an impact….
You KNOW you have it in you to change lives….

If only……..

You could sit around beating yourself up about it
or you could step up and say – no more.
Next time, you’re going to be prepared.

And instead of waiting around till next Christmas, you could step up and gear up for the next launch season!

And just in case you didn’t know, the next major “launch season” for the US market (rather global!) is late Jan / early Feb. When people have gotten over their festive hangover and are itching to make the most of the new year…….

Now you’ll probably hate me for this. But it has to be said. It has to be done.

After all, this is YOUR BUSINESS. Not your hobby šŸ˜‰

Here’s how to make sure you’re ready and roaring for the next launch season…….


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