Are you driven by passion and purpose (aka an insatiable urge to make the world a better place)?

And want to create something that truly empowers your clients – creating deep, lasting change for your clients?


Tired of complex launch strategies that leave your head spinning and your bank account empty?

AND Working on a tight budget AND a tight deadline WHILE juggling the 20 thousand other things you need to do?

If you answered YES to any of those, then you NEED this.

Here’s a super simple checklist to get you through those intense weeks before launch. And yes, it’s free.


I know how stressful launches can be. Even if you’ve taken a dozen eCourses on “how to launch”. Or hired a launch coach.

And I also know that not everyone can afford an OBM, a VA, and a bunch of other support staff to help them launch.

With that in mind, I created this simple check list. It covers EVERYTHING you need for a high impact, low budget launch. Without ANY OF THE FLUFF.

This is based on the launch system that I teach my private 1:1 clients. I help them create high impact programs – that are a combination of live programs, eCourses and workshops. And this is how we launch them – building on collaboration and community, instead of throwing money at ads.

This check list sums up everything we do in the process.

Take it and run.

….and your launches will never be the same again! I promise!

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