Tired of complex launch strategies that leave your head spinning and your bank account empty?

Tired of working on a tight budget and a tight deadline WHILE you juggle the 20 thousand things you need to do for your launch?

You know you want MORE. More Impact. More sales.

For you, honestly, it’s not just about launching that eCourse/program. It’s about helping more people, transforming more lives, in the unique way only YOU can! It’s about reaching out to help those who’re not yet ready for your 1:1 services.

But the last time you launched….. it felt like you had to keep pushing yourself, 24x7, “being visible”, churning out post after post, email after email… and yes, even those dreaded FB lives!! And when you added up the sales and subtracted the expenses …. as much as you love the people you serve …. it left you wondering whether all that effort and all that overwhelm and all those late nights were really worth.

I know…launching can often feel like putting together a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. During an earth quake. 

But… I also know that it doesn’t have to be.

You can #LaunchSmart. Without hustling 24x7! Without icky sales tactics! Without having to do a million FB lives !  Without getting entangled in funnels! Without drowning in an ocean of overwhelm.

Launching…should be like this deep conversation between soul friends…. where you’re reaching out to a dear old friend and sharing how you can help them be their best self and achieve their goals with ease.  

That’s where I come in. 



Hi, I’m Richa Jain. I help women like you make more impact – and sell out your courses and programs!

I bridge the gap between the overwhelming world of internet marketing and what YOU really want – to help more people, to transform more lives, while making good money doing work you love.

I’m a big fan of simplicity. Simplifying things, going straight to the core. And in the process, creating an elegant, efficient and effective launch.  


Want to explore working with me? Then let’s talk!

Debbie Sassen, Personal Finance Advisor worked with me to launch her new program “Investing Made Simple” – and had her first 5-figure launch! You may find it difficult to believe that when we started working together – just 10 days before her cart open – she didn’t yet have her sales page ready 😉  We mapped out her strategy, created part of the marketing content and her sales page – and wrapped up the launch, in just 4 weeks! Here’s what she has to say about working together.  Click here for a more detailed case study. 


Miriam Castilla, Money Mentor & Manifesting Maven has done quite a few launches over the years.  Infact, she’d launched ‘Magnetic Money’ many times before. And yet… she knew there was much room for improving her launch process. Over 4 weeks, we spruced up her landing pages & sales page, revamped almost all of her marketing content. Best part… ALL of the work we did together, even the parts we couldn’t implement in that round – are making a big difference as she launches Magnetic Money again! Here’s what she had to say. Click here for a more detailed case study.



My Approach

The first thing we do when we start working together, is we set real tangible goals for this launch. Financial goals, list growth goals, as well as ‘feeling’ goals. And then we work backwards from there to plan out the launch.

I don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions.  Instead I help you figure out the most effective, efficient ways to LAUNCH your program – without getting in to overwhelm!

In our time together, I get you to focus, to commit, and to get things done. With Ease and Grace. We work on 3 core areas:


I step in to help you launch with ease and grace – instead of overwhelm. I hold space for you in between the highs and the lows of the launch.


I don’t insist you do X because that’s what worked for me. I pull out my whole toolbox of launch strategies, from across industries, and help you evaluate which one is most likely to work for YOU, in this launch!


Landing pages, sales pages, funnels, marketing content – whatever you need – I can help you get it done! Think of me as a one-stop shop for ALL your launch needs!

Want to explore working with me? Then let’s talk!

Warning: Working With Me Is NOT For Everyone

I’m choosy about who I work with (as you should be too!).

I am committed to delivering lasting change and tangible results. I take only up to a very few 1:1 clients at a time. So when you sign up for 1:1 work with me, you better be ready to do the work. I set high standards for myself – and insist on the same from you. I have a direct, no BS work style. ’Tough love’ is what clients call it.

Women who’re ready to commit to themselves, to their potential client, to THIS launch. No matter how uncomfortable it makes them. Women who’re willing to let go of fear, and step in to courage.


What Happy Clients Say

How we can work together


Book in sessions as and when you need them.

Our first session together is a 60-90 min Intensive where we thoroughly review your last launch or map out the strategy for an upcoming launch.

After that you can implement things on your own. Book in follow up sessions with me as and when you feel the need.

This first session is an investment of $397 and follow up sessions are $247. The peace of mind – and happy clients – you get afterwards – priceless!

The launch pad

This is for when you want support through your launch. This 8 weeks of support starts with a 90 minute intensive to review your earlier launches and map out a custom blueprint for THIS launch. We follow it up with a 60 min session each week plus unlimited email + messenger support in between calls.

And as you create your launch assets, I review your copy, your pitches, your posts, your sales pages. I tell you which tools to use, how to automate, how to get more reach, how to leverage your efforts.

Your Investment in this 2x $1111 USD only or save $222 by paying in full. The joy you get when ideal soul clients sign up for your program – priceless!

Note: I also have a team on standby to help with creating launch assets (at an additional cost) if you need that

  • High Converting Landing Page (starts $200)
  • Creating pdfs/eBook/webinar slides for your Lead Magnet (starts $300)
  • Writing and setting up your funnel (starts at $1000)
  • Creating a long form sales page ( starts $1000)
  • Social media content for your launch (depends)

Tired of complex launch strategies that leave your head spinning and your bank account empty?

:Then let me help you ROCK your next launch!