Are you ready to ROCK your next launch?

Without spending a fortune on FB ads?

Or wrestling with sales pages and funnels

and complex “launch formulas” that leave your head spinning?

Then welcome to the #LaunchBootcamp!!

The #LaunchBootcamp is a unique, 8-week, group IMPLEMENTATION program!

Designed to help you ROCK your next launch – without hustling, without hassle 😉

And most importantly…. without resorting to icky marketing and sales tactics!

I had a call with Richa analysing my launch process and elements for my Intuitive Healing Voice Course. Richa’s advice was exactly what I was needing for my sales page, email conversion sequence and freebie copy!

I had been feeling there was a disconnect in the process but couldn’t put my finger on it. Richa gave me a sense of how to create cohesive and engaging launch pieces that would flow together to create a connected launch and one that made sense in relation to my other core offerings as well.

We got SO much done in such a short space of time!!! Dominique Oyston

The Goddess Voice Academy

Who this program is for

This program is for women solo-preneurs who want guidance, support and structure to help them create a high impact launch for their course/program, on a low marketing budget.

Especially those who plan to launch in Dec 2018 or Jan 2019.

You should be clear about your target market and either have your course (or program) ready, or have a clear outline of what your course (or program) will be about.

Whether this is your first launch, or you’ve launched before, this program will help you rock your launch 😉

Who this program is NOT for

This program is NOT for you if

  • You are NOT a woman running service based, online business
  • You are brand new to the online business word and don’t quite get what a launch is, or what landing pages, optins, email sequence, email marketing service, hosting etc are. While this program is NOT technical in nature, you do need to understand those terms to really launch.
  • You are looking to make quick money and expect to make an instant 10K / 100K on your launch. I don’t teach “instant” and I don’t teach pushy sales tactics. I teach you how to build a connection with your target market and leverage that in your launch!

What the program will help you achieve

Make more impact AND sign up more peeps to your next course/program. On a low (or $0) marketing budget.

Create a clear action plan for your next launch – webinar topics + dates + pricing + cart open / early bird / cart close.

Create high converting #SmartSalesPage, Landing Pages, Thank You pages (templates will be INSTALLED for you on WordPress + Divi)

Create ALL of your marketing content with ease and grace. Not just any kind of content, but the kind that has ‘students’ lining up for your course.

The support you’ll get

Short video lessons each week explaining the core concepts.

Group coaching calls each week to ask questions AND review ALL your content

Private Facebook community to support you, keep you accountable and leverage the power of the group.

Done-with-you support as I help you CREATE all of your marketing content

Debbie Sassen, Personal Finance Advisor worked with me to launch her new program “Investing Made Simple” – and had her first 5-figure launch! You may find it difficult to believe that when we started working together – just 10 days before her cart open – she didn’t yet have her sales page ready 😉  We mapped out her strategy, created part of the marketing content and her sales page – and wrapped up the launch, in just 4 weeks! Here’s what she has to say about working together.


Miriam Castilla, Money Mentor & Manifesting Maven has done quite a few launches over the years.  Infact, she’d launched ‘Magnetic Money’ many times before. And yet… she knew there was much room for improving her launch process. Over 4 weeks, we spruced up her landing pages & sales page, revamped almost all of her marketing content. Best part… ALL of the work we did together, even the parts we couldn’t implement in that round – are making a big difference as she launches Magnetic Money again! Here’s what she had to say.


Here’s how we’ll roll

Week 1: #SmartLaunchFoundation We fine tune your target market, your messaging and your course outline to make sure you have a solid foundation.

Week 2: Map out your #SmartLaunchStrategy – your launch dates, launch triggers, launch assets and everything else you’ll need.

Week 3:  Start creating the ‘pre-buzz’ for your launch and craft your #SmartLaunch story lines.

Week 4: Craft a #SmartSalesPage – we write out all the copy for your sales page. I will personally review everyone’s copy & fine tune it.

Week 5: Create your #LaunchTrigger ie ebook or webinar or challenge.

Week 6: Create all the promo material for your LaunchTrigger ie landing page, blog posts, FB posts, email sequences etc.

Week 7: Create your #LaunchMarketingContent – we write out ALL the promo copy for different stages of your launch – the FB posts, the blog posts, the emails, everything – for cart open, for early bird, for cart close.

Week 8: Bringing it all together – we set up the systems and processes to help you get all of this content out into the world seamlessly.

Juicy bonuses to make your launch even more easier!

FAST ACTION BONUS: 60 min 1:1 Deep Dive with Richa

[First 3 ONLY ]  A 60 min 1:1 session with me over Zoom where we can deep dive into any aspect of your launch.

BONUS 1: Launch Pages Bundle

You’ll get your very own “Launch Pages Bundle” installed for you (valued at $497)!

Sales Page

Landing page for eBook

Webinar Landing Page

Thank you page.

All professionally designed, high converting templates,  INSTALLED on your site (WordPress + Divi), so that you can hit the ground running and don’t have to mess with the tech!


2. #SmartPlanner

A #SmartLaunchPlanner to help you plan and track every aspect of your launch!

3. Affirmations

Affirmations and Afformations to set you up for success


4. Meditations

Guided meditations to keep you high vibing as prep for your launch AND during your launch!

Your Investment in #LaunchBootcamp

At least 5 hours each week to watch the lessons, do the work and attend the calls. But honestly, the more you put in to this program, the better the results you’ll get.

And no, this program doesn’t cost an arm and a leg…. I’m committed to enabling more women across the world create more impact through their business AND this is my Beta run! So while 8 weeks of 1:1 support with me costs $2222…. the #LaunchBootcamp is priced at a super affordable 2x$297 or one payment of $591.  Yes.. that means you can sign up for less than $9.8 a day!  And the joy you experience when your program sells out – priceless !  [ ** All prices USD ]

Are you ready to ROCK your next launch?

Then join us for the #LaunchBootcamp starting 8th Oct 2018 !

Got some questions?

What if I change my mind after I sign up? Do you offer refunds?

Since this is a LIVE group implementation program, I cannot offer refunds. If you’re not quite sure whether this program is right for you just click here to schedule a free exploratory call with me. I’m happy to answer any questions!

When does the program start?

It starts 8th October, 2018 and run for 8 weeks.

When will the group coaching calls be?

They’ll be on Friday each week, timing to be decided depending on the participants. The week’s video lessons will be released every Sunday. During the week, you implement the stuff on your own. Then each Friday, we get on a group call and review your work, answer any questions, give feedback. If required, you can take some time over the weekend to fine tune your content according to the feedback.

What if I can’t join one of the group coaching calls?

No worries! Every group call will be recorded! You can send in your questions / your marketing material for review prior to the call. I’ll answer/review them on the call and you can catch it on the recording!

What if I need some 1:1 support in between?

Most people in my Bootcamps find the support in the FB community and on our group calls more than enough! However, if you feel you want more individual attention, you can always sign up for extra 1:1 sessions with me whenever you need them (for an extra fee).

Till when do we have access to the videos and other materials?

Ooh! It’s “lifetime” access – ie you have access to the videos for the lifetime of the program – including all future upgrades! Group coaching calls are however limited to these 8 weeks – though you can access the recordings any time later.

How much time will it take for me to be really successful with this program?

You will need to set aside at LEAST 5 hours each week for this program – to watch the videos, to participate in the calls and to do the work. Honestly, that’s the minimum. Your results are proportional to the focused effort you put in.

I’ve launched my course earlier as well. Will this program work for me?

Perfect! This program will help you fine tune your marketing! If you’ve launched your course – then you already learnt a bit about what your target market wants, the language they use etc. This program will help you take it to the next level!

I haven’t yet created my course. Will this program work for me?

Yes. It will. The focus in this program is on creating all the marketing content for your launch. And honestly, doing that first, before creating the course HELPS ensure that when you create the course you can focus on providing the results you promised.

How much will I make in this launch?

That totally depends on you. While the program itself will help you create all of your launch marketing content – it’s up to you to put it out there and make sure it reaches the right people!

What if I have more questions?

No worries! I understand. Just click here to schedule a free exploratory call with me.  I don’t want you signing up unless you’re totally sure this program is right for you!   I only want women who’re totally committed to join this program. Because it’s only when you have that hunger & commitment to succeed – can my program be successful!

Love Notes from Happy Launch Clients!

Before reaching out to Richa, I felt overwhelmed and had no idea how to get out of it, and I had tried a lot.

The coaching calls were so much better than I had expected after having talked to other coaches before. Richa actually GOT me! That felt fantastic.

And within half an hour, a plan was made of what I would stop and what I would do more of, so I could help more people without burning out. And Richa knows everything! Not only can she strategically plan, without blinking an eye she showed me how to get rid of my template when designing a sales page on my website – something I had riddled about for years.

And when I opened my inbox the next day, I found the detailed plan in written form with soo many resources… I was blown away. Richa’s generosity is seriously awesome!

If you have never listened to one of her webinars – do it. I remember when I watched the content creation webinar, it dawned on me that I hadn’t even known I was seriously missing any strategy in my writing. I just wrote content that I felt like writing. That you can and should actually plan all content together, freebie, blogposts and social media, was such a revelation for me and made it so much easier.

In a very short time, I implemented what we had decided together, people signed up for my first group coaching and within a week it was overbooked and the same seems to be happening to my next group coaching. And – it takes me much less time compared to the 1:1 work I had done before that had nearly burnt me out.

[Update: Christiane also sold out her second group program just 2 short weeks later .. while she was on holiday ]

Christiane Michelberger

Finding Awakening