You’re here because you’re done playing small.


You’re done chasing webinars and freebies and courses – which give you a lot of info, make you do a lot of work.. but er, don’t quite get you the results!

You want RESULTS!

The ‘work less and make more $$‘ kinda results.

Hi, my name is Richa Jain. I’m here to help you make more impact, sign up more clients and make more money – preferably while working less!

My super power is

  Helping you cut through the chaos

  By finding the easiest, most effective and efficient way

  To get your business from where you it’s stuck, to where you want it to be.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of women from across America, Europe and Australia build their online businesses – while running my own international business, from home, on the outskirts of Pune, India – in those snippets of time when #mommyDuty permits.

I help you take your ambitious, seemingly impossible, big picture, world changing, ideas and break them up into small, do-able, byte-sized chunks – to help you grow your business faster and with ease!

Combining left-brain, logical, masculine energies and the right-brain, creative energies; 

Bringing together business strategies, project managements skills, internet marketing know-how and an uncanny understand of human nature and what makes us tick…

To help you create a wildly profitable business – just being yourself!

Client Case Studies

  • After close to 2 decades in the film industry, Ulla wanted to launch her own business helping other women. Learn how Ulla went from struggling to sell $100 packages in her first year of business, to having clients queue up for her high end $2500 packages and booking 7 speaking engagements. Learn more.
  • With a stint at Intel and multiple degrees, including a PhD in Chemistry, Vaishnavi stepped away from the corporate world to do work that was closer to her heart. Learn how she combined her expertise in Chemistry with her love for teaching into a thriving online business. Learn more.
  • Kim launched her dream business online WHILE working a day job, no tech knowledge & with 3 kids under 5. Learn more
  • With Verity, we worked out an alternative business model that would help her achieve her six figure goal, much much faster – while honoring her work, her clients, her truth. Here's what she had to say about the new business model. 
  • Professionally, Tamsin is an accountant. In her personal life, she's an intuitive, healer. She wanted to move away from pure numbers to helping her clients more holistically. But how do you tie in $$$ with chakras? I helped her see how we could bring these two opposites ends of the spectrum together, helped her map out programs and services she could offer that integrated the two - and showed her how to potentially grow it to $100K in 1 year. Here's what she said

Ready for 1:1 support to fast track YOUR business?

Things I help clients with include (but aren’t limited to)


  Clarity: around your niche, your target market, and the best business strategies to help you get from where you’re currently at, to where you want to be.

 Getting Fully Booked: Packaging your expertise into offers that literally sell themselves. I hate sleazy sales & marketing – and I’m sure you do too!

 Launch Support: Creating your signature group program or course & having a sold-out launch for it! 

 Marketing & Sales: Figuring out the right marketing strategy for you, mapping out & creating all your marketing content (emails, blogs, Social Media) Lead Magnets, Funnels etc

 Systems & Processes: That make your life easier – Lead Generation on autopilot, Client Management systems, Content Management Systems

 AND the underlying tech to support it all.

A few ways we can work together:

The Blue Print

  • A power packed 90 min intensive (via Zoom) where we deep dive into your business, and map out a custom Business Blueprint to fast track your business.
  • A 30 min 1:1 follow up session to answer any questions, review your content, give feedback etc

Your investment in this – $497 US only! The peace of mind you get by having a CLEAR, step by step action plan to grow your business – priceless!


4 weeks of support to Fast-Track your business. Includes “The BluePrint” followed by

  • 3×60 min 1:1 calls to dive deeper and implement it all.
  • Support in between calls to answer any questions, review your content, give feedback etc

Your investment in this – weekly payment of $297 US ( or $1111 if paid in full)


4 months of support getting Shift done in your business! Includes “The BluePrint” followed by

  • 15 x 30 min 1:1 calls to dive deeper and implement it all. 
  • Support in between calls to answer any questions, review your content, give feedback etc

Your investment in this a payment of $197 US each week (or $2997 if paid in full).

 Note1: All sessions will be via Zoom. And after the sessions you will get summary notes and the recording as well.

* Note 2: I can guide you on the implementation. If you’d rather outsource it, I have a team on standby that can do things like create your website, funnels, sales pages, marketing etc  for you at an additional cost.

  Client Love 

Richa nailed my problem in an instant! I had too many ideas cycling through my website and in my content that no one would ever have an idea of who I am and what exactly I am about. I wasn’t even sure how to tell people what I did!

With one phone call Richa identified the problem, but went a step further in helping to give me the permission I needed to scrap the part of the business title and plan that was making me uncomfortable, but that I was also clinging to for validation.

With one small shift I managed to do in one week what I had been trying to do for a year. I now am writing my 3rd course, and I am working out the details of my first ever sales funnel.

I am beyond thrilled with Richa’s follow up, the love, and care that she has shown me has helped me and my confidence as I have made some pretty dramatic decisions and moves.

I have worked with several coaches, but no one was able to get to the heart of the problem the way Richa did. I am beyond grateful!

Willow Bradner

Intuitive Consultant

“Richa just “gets” what you as the client want, and need.  She’s a web expert, a marketing consultant and a business strategist all rolled up into one. This is a rare skillset to have, and Richa pulls it off with aplomb – such an incredible asset to any business owner. 
You will be glad you worked with Richa!  She’s an asset for any online business!”
Stephanie Roth

Fertility Coach, Your Fertile Self

" Working with Richa has been a game changer! Her ability to connect the dots and to go deep in our strategy sessions allowed me to identify my ideal client and develop my brand marketing.

She inspired me to get out of my comfort zone so my business could flourish!

Richa WAY over delivered!!"

Tracy Martino

Coach, Burnout to Brilliance

“Being a Chiropractor and starting to launch into the online world, I had so many things flying through my head that she helped me sort through. She shared a roadmap and a timeline that nobody has done before! “

Tiffany Johnson

Chiropractor, Healing Touch Chiropractic

Still undecided eh?

It’s simple really. Are you ready to #fasttrack your business?

Are you ready for MORE – more impact. More clients. More money.

Still undecided eh?

It’s simple really. Are you ready to #fasttrack your business?

Are you ready for MORE? More impact. More clients. More money.