Client Case Study: Val Hood ReBrand

Client Case Study: Val Hood ReBrand

  Who: Val Hood, Psychic & Medium, Australia. Our Work Together:  Re-Branding, Copy Writing, Web design, Website Creation, Automation, Website MakeOver ( Val Hood is an evidential psychic and medium. She’s been doing this work for over 27 years....

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Client Stories: Tamsin Young

Client Stories: Tamsin Young

Tamsin Young is a CPA and Intuitive Accountant who works with women entrepreneurs, supporting them to form a healthy relationship with their money through a unique approach combining practical financial management, money mindset and spirituality. When we got together...

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Client Stories: Verity Nimmo Mansfield

Client Stories: Verity Nimmo Mansfield

When you're just starting off in business - or even if you've been at it a while - setting and achieving money goals can feel daunting. Especially for women. Even if they've made six figures and more in their earlier business or career. There's a lot of noise out...

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Client Stories: Ulla Gaudin

Client Stories: Ulla Gaudin

Meet Ulla Gaudin, the Celebrity Makeup Artist. After close to 2 decades in the film industry, Ulla wanted to launch her own business helping other women. Learn how Ulla went from struggling to sell $100 packages in her first year of business, to having clients queue up for her high end $2500 packages and booking 7 speaking engagements.

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Client Stories: Kim Leneghan

Client Stories: Kim Leneghan

Meet Kim Leneghan, the Diabetes Guru. Learn how Kim launched her dream business online WHILE working a day job, no tech knowledge AND with 3 kids under 5 yrs.

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Client Stories: Cindy Taylor

Client Stories: Cindy Taylor

Meet Cindy Taylor, the Money Mentor for women entrepreneurs. A lovely spirited woman from Australia who’s helping women business owners take back control of their money – and how! Am so proud to have been part of Cindy’s journey from accountant, bookkeeper to Money Mentor!

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Client Stories: Dr Vaishnavi Sarathy

Client Stories: Dr Vaishnavi Sarathy

Meet Vaishnavi, the Elite Chemistry Coach. With a stint at Intel and multiple degrees, including a PhD in Chemistry, Vaishnavi stepped away from the corporate world to do work that was closer to her heart. Learn how she combined her expertise in Chemistry with her love for teaching into a thriving online business.

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Richa nailed my problem in an instant! I had too many ideas cycling through my website and in my content that no one would ever have an idea of who I am and what exactly I am about. I wasn’t even sure how to tell people what I did!

With one phone call Richa Identified the problem, but went a step further in helping to give me the permission I needed to scrap the part of the business title and plan that was making me uncomfortable, but that I was also clinging to for validation.

With one small shift I managed to do in one week what I had been trying to do for a year. I now am writing my 3rd course, and I am working out the details of my first ever sales funnel.

I am beyond thrilled with Richa’s follow up, the love, and care that she has shown me has helped me and my confidence as I have made some pretty dramatic decisions and moves.

I have worked with several coaches, but no one was able to get to the heart of the problem the way Richa did. I am beyond grateful!

Willow Bradner

Intuitive Consultant

I can't believe how much Richa was able to communicate in her video review of my sales page!

Richa acted as both "fresh client" and expert reviewer, nailing every wobbly, unclear, and disordered aspect of my sales page, where I would have certainly lost the interest of a prospective customer. How valuable!

Her suggestions were direct, specific, and super helpful. I loved how empowered I felt afterward to solve the problems.

Shannon Walbran

Spiritual Mentor

I wanted a site that reflected who I am. I came from a corporate background, and while my site was fine for my book keeping services, it didn’t reflect me or the real value I provide. I wanted simple modern elegant lines – a breath of fresh air really.

I had a vision in my head.. in my mind, and no way of bringing that out on screen – but that’s what you’ve done for me! You’ve brought it out from my head to the screen!

…. Now, it shows my personality. When people are coming to work with me now, I’m doing much more than book keeping. I’m doing 1:1 mentoring, around finances and money, and coaching women in business – those women are able to look at my website and see who they’re going to be working with. They get an idea of not just the type of work I do, but also the type of woman I am, and how I like to work.


Cindy Taylor

Money Mentor

Working with Richa I had some amazing 'Clarity’ sessions. She asked questions that allowed me to speak my thoughts and share my mission out loud without judgement.

Being a Chiropractor and starting to launch into the online world, I had so many things flying through my head that she helped me sort through. She shared a roadmap and a timeline that nobody has done before!

It allowed me to relax and focus on my WHY again, knowing that I have people with gifts that will help me implement and share with the world, when I’m ready. I’m grateful that we connected online and that I will have a “forever resource” in Richa.

Tiffany Johnson

Chiropractor, Healing Touch Chiropractic

For years and years, my mind was plagued by hundreds of business ideas that I'd get excited about but then it would fizzle out as soon as a new idea came in. I decided to take the leap and work with Richa, not being very confident in myself that anything would change.
But then bam, in just 2 hours she tweaked my idea, redefined my ICA and convinced me 1. my idea was good and 2. that I am good enough as well. The best part, any new ideas that have popped in my head since then I've been able to tell them to "step aside please, I'm working on something.
Kimberly Leneghan

Diabetes Coach

I quickly learned that Richa is a true gem! Richa just "gets" what you as the client want, and need.  She's a web expert, a marketing consultant and a business strategist all rolled up into one.  This is a rare skillset to have, and Richa pulls it off with aplomb - such an incredible asset to any business owner. 

Not only does she have the technical savvy to build a powerhouse website, she has the marketing skills to develop compelling content and strategic thinking skills to really leverage a website to be a super powerful tool for any business.  

You will be glad you worked with Richa.  She's an asset for any online business!
Stephanie Roth

Fertility Coach, Your Fertile Self

Working with Richa has been a game changer! Her ability to connect the dots and to go deep in our strategy sessions allowed me to identify my ideal client and develop my brand marketing.

She inspired me to get out of my comfort zone so my business could flourish!

Richa WAY over delivered!!

Tracy Martino

Coach, Burnout to Brilliance

For many months I have been having difficulty maintaining my focus. I have felt as though I need to make big changes in my business but kept on going from one idea to another and back again.  It was doing my head in!!! I was going around in circles and getting more and more confused each day.  I needed some clarity and fast.
They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. I had the opportunity to have a clarity session with Richa, who guided me through the process of working out what I really want and how I want to achieve it.
After just one session I knew what I wanted to do, with no doubts whatsoever. It’ seems obvious now that my head is clear, and it feels just right!  I have been on fire ever since and got my new offerings almost ready to go within a couple of days, AND I’m enjoying the process. I feel a huge sense of relief, like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. 
Thank you Richa!
Julie Morrow

The Yummy Mummy Coach

Richa and I had never met or spoken before, but pretty quickly she had me opening up about things I generally don't talk about to anyone, much less a stranger! But she has a very familiar energy about her, quickly making me feel at ease.

I had a major aha moment with her after just one hour of speaking!  It has totally changed the course of my life and the direction I will take for my business.  

If you are feeling stuck and don't know why, Richa can help you figure out the blocks, break them down and then help you come up with an action plan to achieve your goals that is very doable and not at all intimidating!  

Jennifer LaPorta

It was so great talking to Richa! We quickly got to the core of what I needed to clarify in my business before I could move forward with a website. I definitely have a lot of homework, but I came out of the call feeling enthusiastic, inspired, and with a much clearer vision of my ICA, how to focus my business, and how I can communicate my skills to help my ICA. Thank you!

Jennifer Lang

Voice Coach, Abu Dhabi

Firstly the grace and ease Richa bought to the technical difficulties was heartening, such a patient manner. She then went through my website page by page and gave me such valuable information on what wasn't working and how it could work from a marketing perspective. Richa was so accessible and so was the language she used. The session was incredible practical. I know eaxactly what I need to do. I would recommend Richa, she is skilled, kind and generous.

Judy Baderle

Art-Meditation-Ritual, Australia, Jude Baderle

I loved working with Richa! She was totally approachable, direct without being intimidating and 100% spot on in her assessment of my website. She absolutely hit it spot on and opened my eyes to other aspects that could be improved I hadn't even thought of. If you're not sure why your website isn't converting or pulling traffic, I'd definitely recommend working with Richa!

Moniqua Plante

Health & Wellness Coach, The Plante Life

Before we started, I was concerned that my website would never represent me at the higher level that I am taking my business.  I am working really hard to take my online presence to the next level -  and now I FINALLY have a website I am truly proud to show off!  It took Richa just 2 weeks to help me completely re-brand my website!
The one thing I liked the most about working with Richa is that she struck the perfect balance between getting my website up quickly and making sure it showcased my passion for helping my clients. 
I'd recommend Richa to anyone who'd listen!
Michelle Roberts

Textile Maven & Coach, Technical Textile Solutions

As a professional organizer, I'm in the business of moving my clients from a state of overwhelm to a space where they can breathe and create and find abundance.  But when it came to my own website, I was completely overwhelmed!  
I knew what I wanted to communicate to my clients in my head, but I didn't know how to use my website to do so.  
In desperation, I reached out to Richa and she delivered!  She listened and learned about my business and was able to take all of my jumbled ideas and create a beautiful website that speaks to my customers; a website that transitioned me from overwhelm into a space of creativity and abundance.
Dorena Kohrs

Professional Organizer, Breathing Room

Working with Richa was most informative and enlightening.  Just with a few questions, and an hour session with her, I now have direction in which to start improving my website and having copy that will attract and retain viewers interest.  I look forward to working through her suggestions over the next few weeks to help make my website a true reflection of what I have to offer to other women.

Trevia Walker

Massage Therapist and Arvigo Treatment Practiononer, Belly Adore

Richa is awesome!  I first met her when, after working with another web designer, I had a draft website for my fertility coaching business that I knew was sub-par.  I personally was uninspired by this site and knew that it wouldn't best represent my business.  

Richa offered to do an audit of this site for me, gave me such relevant and useful advice that I knew I wanted her to build a new website for me.  

In just a week's time, she created a website that was not only far superior to the website from the other designer that I waited five months for, but a website that I'm proud to showcase. 

Stephanie Roth

Fertility Coach, Your Fertile Self

Richa was thoroughly professional, diligent and assuring. I appreciated working with someone who both personable and professional.
She has this ability to connect.. She listened, understood my vision and needs and then translated it into practical solutions. 
The one thing I like most about working with her is that she brought great clarity to the situation and worked toward the solution. She explained each part of it, giving me a practical timeline.  
Azah Mulchand

Coach, TravelSri

The world needs more women like you and me.

Women who dare to forge their own path.

Join me and the community of smart, ambitious, women entrepreneurs

As we create a Richer Life.

Richa is not only a pleasure to work with, but a real pro. Having worked with many copywriters over the years, Richa is always on the ball and on target. Richa worked closely with us on nearly every aspect of our website, from coordinating the keyword deliverables with our SEO expert and revising the copy for all of our pages. In short, she was our “one-stop shop” for website copywriting and that’s why we 100% recommend Richa for any site.  She’s responsive, intelligent, reliable, and easy to work with, too. Highly recommended!

Oliver Mistry

Managing Director, CompareTV

She can take seemingly dry subjects and makes them interesting; she is excellent at identifying and cultivating industry sources. She has the rare combination of industry technical knowledge / experience, and a well-honed ability to communicate.

Loren Moss

Global Delivery Report

Richa was incredibly patient, attentive, and all-around gracious. She’s not only reliable and great at what she does, she’s also really fun to work with. 



  • She is very energetic, quite data driven and a thorough pursuer.
  • She has a knack of getting into the details of huge data sets pretty cleanly, to be able to derive right actions.
  • She can also bring in clarity on task definitions and execution, to be able to drive project milestones closely.She would do great on any project execution and management, which utilizes her versatile knowledge and persuasive approach.
Alka Mohite


Richa is someone for sure you would like to work with.  Although we were in different team, we had been working very closely on browser performance issues for NVIDIA Tegra SW. She is not only a good manager but also a super technical lead to her team. She is very focus, quality conscious, and productive. I highly recommend her.

Peter Zu


Richa is technically strong, detail-oriented, dedicated, organized, honest, friendly and more. While working with her at Cradle Technologies for a couple of years, I was impressed by her desire to take extra efforts to improve the product. She never stopped thinking on how to do things more efficiently and had come up with several ideas that substantially improved the performance. It has been a pleasure working with her.

Nilesh Khambekar

Juniper Networks

It’s a pleasure working with Richa. She delivers projects on time, communicates well, and always submits high-quality work. When it comes to tech topics like coding and software, Richa is second to none! The best part about working with Richa, however, is that she has that “something special” that is so hard to find – you can tell she really cares about her work and isn’t just pumping out fluff to get the job done

Allison Boyer


Richa’s writing is a pleasure to read and is always extremely polished. Communicating new ideas for articles is easy—she understands the goals of the publisher without sacrificing any authenticity for the readers.

Charles Renwick


Richa was a pleasure to work with. Her work was delivered on time and was of very high quality. I would look forward to working with Richa again soon.

David Berger

Digital Currency Council

Richa and I worked closely together to build, improve and grow NVIDIA’s browser experience on Tegra mobile devices for Android. Her focus and passion for perfection, but at the same time being very practical and just getting things done, are key strengths. On top of that, she is able to communicate her ideas and her plans clearly to the people she works with. It was a great pleasure working with Richa.

Barthold Lichtenbelt

Sr Director, Tegra Graphics Software, NVIDIA

Richa is been a very energetic, professional and highly productive engineer. She has been always ready to run extra miles. She has been process oriented and quality conscious throughout the time period she has worked with me.

Brajabandhu Mishra


A great combination of technical brilliance and the knack for articulation, Richa has always been a source of inspiration to me. Exceptional technical acumen, a sharp mind and equally diligent approach have brought her success in every project she has worked on. She is a real go-getter.

Kapil Agrawal


The world needs more women like you and me.

Women who dare to forge their own path.

Join me and the community of smart, ambitious, women entrepreneurs

As we create a Richer Life.

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