The Pre-Story:

Cheryl came to me via a mutual friend, looking for someone to add a few pages for her soon-to-be-launched coaching services. The catch was her previous designer had left the home page with a few awkwardly positioned photos of her; and really really huge images for her “featured on” section. There was little else on the home page to engage potential visitors.  It looked something like this:


The Website Work:

After some discussion we figured just adding a few extra pages won’t really make sense. The overall look and feel of the site needed quite a bit of polish – especially the home page.

Cheryl got a new photo shoot done (that she’d set up earlier) and got herself a stylish new logo. And I got to work tweaking things. I re-did her homepage completely to add in a bit of her story and establish connection with new visitors. Also highlighted her new coaching packages on the home page itself. Redid the menus, cleaned up the footers; created the new coaching pages & a freebie page; refurbished the optin etc… and wallah, we have a sleek new site.

The main challenge was that her site had a basic theme installed – and badly hacked together. The earlier developer had relied too heavily on Visual Composer to create the site. Somethings were just plain wacky – like the social media icons would be visible sometimes, and would go all white other times… without any changes to the site. Just hit refresh.

Anyways, the silver lining was that we had it all looking good, and up and running in time for her launch!!! Yay!

Visit the live site [Note: the live site may change over time => so, say 1 year later, it may look diff from the image above!]


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October 9, 2015

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