Stop Apologizing For Everything!

Stop Apologizing For Everything!

1. Count the number of times you say “Sorry” in a day. Especially in business related discussions. 2. Stop saying Sorry so much. Stop apologizing all the time. “Sorry” and “Apologies” have a time and place. And that place is not...
Business Is Personal

Business Is Personal

#inclusivebusiness #breakingTheMold It’s time we broke the mold. It’s time we stopped pretending like business and “life” aren’t intertwined. Or that they can be separated at all. Yes, perhaps for a few hours. Yes, you can prioritize biz...

Women & Money

Today I did something, well, a bit crazy. I went on a rant. In an FB Live. About something that’s VERY close to my heart. Women & Money. I figured out a long long time ago, that money is really about power. And that way back when, ‘keeping’...
#WeTheWomen   Coping with the US Elections

#WeTheWomen Coping with the US Elections

#wethewomen It wasn’t about Hillary. It was about us. We the Women of the World. The ‘othered’ The invisible minority. It was about us. Every single one of us. As we saw her bullied, attacked and dragged around town For things that her fellow male...
Slow Down. You’re Moving Too Fast.

Slow Down. You’re Moving Too Fast.

Circles. It’s all circles. Phases come and go. Back in April & May, I was on a roll – showing up consistently. On social media. On my newsletters. On webinars. On interviews. I was all abuzz. And then something happened… I felt the need to step...

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