This one of a kind, all-in-one WEBSITE BOOTCAMP

is designed exclusively to help YOU

Create a sleek, modern, oh-so-you website

that leaves your visitors wanting MORE of you!

EVEN IF you have no prior web tech experience

EVEN IF you have no clue what to write on your website

EVEN IF you’ve tried a dozen times (and still not launched your website)

EVEN IF you only have a few hours to work on your website (and no budget or inclination to hire a designer, a developer, a copywriter, a branding expert, *insert other MUST-HAVE-EXPERT you don’t really need*)

 BEWARE: This is NOT your regular eCourse !!!

This an ACTION ORIENTED Bootcamp specially designed for women on a mission!

Who Is this for?

This Bootcamp is for women entrepreneurs who run online businesses. Women who want to

  • Turn their passions, their purpose, into a profitable online business
  • Make an impact, change the world, through their work
  • Leverage their website for connections and conversions (aka sign up more ideal clients / customers!)

That’s why in this Bootcamp we focus on creating  an elegant, classy WordPress Website that makes it easy for your ideal soul clients to sign up with you.

This BootCamp is strategically designed to have THREE main components – to make it all oh-so-easy for YOU!

1. website in a box

I handle ALL the tech heavy lifting FOR you. I install WordPress + Divi + essential plugins. You get a complete website, with 30+ gorgeous pages to choose from! All you have to do is add in your copy, your brand, your photos!

2. HOW-TO videos

Clear, actionable videos with NO FLUFF to DIY your branding, write copy that connects,  how to set up MailChimp and Acuity and become friends with Canva – everything you need to create a winning website!

3. support

We have a private FB community where you can get all the feedback, all the answers you need – so that you’re supported all the way! Plus group calls each month to answer any more involved questions.

Want to know WHY the WebsiteBootcamp is a SMART move?

You save money and get a modern, elegant, professionally designed website!

You save time. I do all the tech heavy lifting installing a complete Website-In-A-Box FOR YOU!

The layouts are all done for you. Gorgeous designs (all professionally designed for connection & conversion) with prompts on every page on what to write, what image size to use etc!

All your pages are  made with Divi – which is the BEST WordPress theme in the world today! It’s lets you do everything with a visual, drag and drop builder! Divi has it all built in – from sleek Galleries & swanky Testimonial modules to pretty Contact Forms & Opt-ins!

YOU have full control over your website! As you business evolves, you can easily update your website without depending on a copywriter, a designer and a developer each time you want to add a new page, a new service or program or even just change a few words!

In the Website Bootcamp YOU ARE SUPPORTED! You get clear actionable videos on how to do it ‘all’; you get 2 live group coaching calls each week to ask me any questions and get feedback AND you have a community of like minded women, on a similar journey cheering you on!


No paying someone thousands of dollars for a professional website!


No wasting hundreds of hours learning how to build a website from scratch or how to code


No more wondering about the site structure or the layouts or what to write on each page or why visitors don’t buy from your site!


No learning how to code in HTML or CSS or Java. No more  switching from backend to frontend every time you make a change, wondering how it’ll all look. AND No more adding hundreds of plugins to get the functionality you want.


No learning how to code in HTML or CSS or Java. No more  switching from backend to frontend every time you make a change, wondering how it’ll all look. AND No more adding hundreds of plugins to get the functionality you want.


No tech hassles. No stress. No guessing. No pulling your hair out. No struggling by yourself wondering what you’re doing and how to make it all work!

Part 1 : The Website-In-A-Box includes  

4 Modern, elegant styles to choose from, all made with Divi

Installations: WordPress + Divi Builder with lifetime access (worth $247)

7 Pre-Designed Pages (in your chosen style) These pages are professionally designed to optimize  user experience and conversion : Home, About, Work With Me, Praise, Blog, Contact, Landing Page with embedded Opt-in forms.

3 Bonus Placeholder Pages: Coming Soon, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service

All Essential plugins including Google Analytics, SEO, Security & Backup, Optin, and Social Share.

Note: You can later modify/extend the site in whatever way you want including colors, fonts, content, pictures.

You get these gorgeous pages installed FOR you!

Style 1: Vibrant Party

Click links below to view each page live.

Home, About, Work With Me, Praise, Blog, Contact, Landing Page

Style 2: Calming Ocean 

Click links below to view each page live.

Home, AboutWork With MePraiseBlogContactLanding Page

Style 3: Pastoral 

Click links below to view each page live.

HomeAboutWork With Me PraiseBlogContactLanding Page

Style 4: Strong Feminine

Click links below to view each page live.

HomeAboutWork With Me PraiseBlogContactLanding Page

Part 2 : Step by Step Video Lessons

I send you daily emails, walking you through the steps, telling you which video to watch and what action to take, each day.

This helps you stay on track and do one piece, one page, at a time, each day => no overwhelm!!

Here’s how we do it all over 4 weeks:

Week 1:  Creating Assets

In week 1, we tackle the most important part of website creation (the part that most peeps ignore, but not us!!)  This is what makes the difference between a winning website and a flailing website. 

Winning Brand Creation: Fonts and colors, feels and vibes, photos and graphics – we work on your brand.  How you position yourself is key.

Photos: How to take photos for your website (yes, it’s NOT anything like taking regular photos) AND how DIY your branding photos with a selfie stick if you have to!

Copy that Connects:  How to hook your website visitors from the first word; how to write winning copy for each page on your site especially the Home and the About pages.

Week 2 & 3 : Customizing Your Website-in-a-Box

In week 2 & 3, we work on the actual website – to customize it!

I walk you through all you need to about WordPress and Divi: Pages, posts, plugins, sidebar, categories, sections, rows, columns – what do they all mean, which do you really need; how to use them and when to use them.

I help you Customize  your Website-in-a-Box: I walk you through every bit of the process of customizing your Website-in-a-Box. From how to change the colors and fonts, to how to add copy, photos, or even new sections and pages!

I show you how to integrate all the external bits like connecting your website with MailChimp, or an online booking calendar, or accepting payments.

Week 4:  Fine Tuning It

In Week 4 we work on the behind-the-scenes-tech that makes your website function smoothly.

  • How to make sure all your pages are mobile friendly
  • How to make sure the right images show up on FB when you share a link
  • How to customize your menu, footer etc
  • How to make sure your website looks totally profesh!

Part 3 : Accountability & Support 

Look, you could install WordPress and buy Divi (or any other theme) on your own. You could spend hours searching for the right plugins and figuring out how to install them. You could pull your hair out trying to get that image to sit just right on your site or getting the font to show up the way you want Or bang your head – or smash your computer as you sit there second guessing yourself, wondering what to write on your website, how to package your services and how to show up in the online world.

Creating your website is like mastering 5 (or more) different languages at once! The language of WordPress, the language of Divi, the language of copywriting, the language of graphics, the language of “conversion”……. and it’s TOUGH!  In all of this… it’s likely you’re gonna wanna give up. Or you’re gonna procastinate till the cows come home. Heck, I know women who’ve spent months  (and sometimes years!! ) “working” on their website,  with a whole lot of blood sweat and tears thrown in, with not much to show for it!

And that’s EXACTLY why in the Website Bootcamp – I offer you the support and accountability you need !

Oh wait, we got some JUICY BONUSES as well!

Because heck, it takes more than WordPress +Divi to run an online business!


All the tools, resources, plugins you’ll ever need on this online business journey, neatly bundled together in one place. No more endless Google searches!

2. canva simplified

A video tutorial walking you through how to create eye catching graphics and headers for your website and even eBooks for your Optins – all in Canva.  .

3. setting up mailchimp

A video tutorial showing you how to set up Mailchimp, create lists for your freebies and set up an autoresponder sequence for your email list.

4. setting up acuity

A video tutorial showing you how to set up Acuity to automate client bookings and take payments from your website


Making numbers your new best friend. Deciphering what the numbers mean for your business and how to GROW them.



What SEO is all about and how to leverage it to get some (ok, a lot!)  lovin’ from the search engines with just a little bit of effort.


It’s not just demographics. I show you how to really get inside your ideal client’s head – and heart. 


How to get great testimonials from clients each and every time – instead of the vague “she’s good” that really don’t help prospective clients!


With an outline of all that you need to launch your website or your course – without a hefty marketing budget.

10. Driving traffic to your website

The big picture view of how to drive traffice to your website PLUS explaining funnels in a super simple way.

What they say about the Website Bootcamp

Monika Hoyt,, USA

" I feel like I'm empowered. I feel like it's not that hard..I can tell the difference now between something I have to pay somebody for and things I don't have to pay. I am surprised to know how much I can do myself!! " 

"Her bonuses were almost double the content!!! And the content itself was amazing!"

"She knows what to prioritize - and what to leave out!"

"She's super encouraging but keeps you accountable. She kicks your butt, she reaches out, she supports you.... she has her finger on the pulse of where you're at and what you need but at the same time, she's empowering you really to find your own way." 

"It's not just about the tech - it's about your message and how to make that short and sweet so that when people come to your site, they get it right away. It's all about packaging what you offer......."

She helps you cut to the chase!"

Kimberly Leneghan,, USA

Back in 2016, Kim hired me to create her website - that she totally loved! But... as her business focus changed, she knew this time around, she wanted to learn how to do it herself and signed up for the first live round of the Website Bootcamp. In her words:

" Richa is all about tough love. She asks just the right questions to make you really think about your business and to be a 100% clear."

" For 3 weeks she drilled us and helped us to make our websites just the way we want... asking us those tough questions that you don't want to answer - but being in business, you have to."

"She knows how to really take you out of your shell."

Amishra Shrimanker,, USA

When we first met, Amisha was on fire! She wanted to get her website up and running - FAST! But.... in her own words.....

"I am severely tech challenged am I going to make a website in 3 weeks!?!?

Plus I don't have any branding, any photos, how am I going to pull this off in 3 weeks?!

Richa addressed these concerns from the get-go. She walked us through click-by-click - not just the tech issues but how to take professional looking photos with a selfie stick..."

"she tells how to create your own brand... what kind of copy works best for you.....

The hand holding, the accountability, the community that Richa brings to this Bootcamp is just unseen anywhere!"

Amy Yates,, AUS

Amy was a self proclaimed techno-phobe. And then she wow'd me by creating a gorgeous website - in 3 weeks - for her husband's dentistry business! 😉  In her words:

"I went from having "nothing" to having a full fledged website that is bringing customers into my dentistry business - in just 3 weeks"

When you're new... you don't really know... what you don't know.

Who would've thought a "tech" course would tell you how to take your photos, about light, about what colors to use.... Richa does all that! 

One of the best part of this course is that it has attracted incredible business women from across the globe...and I'm thrilled to be part of.

If you want something your clients can really connect with, if you want to be in control of your website ..sign up for the Website Bootcamp!"

Tamsin Young,, AUS

"....what I absolutely loved was the templates! I didn't have to think about what to write, where to put the headings, or the images.. it was all laid out there for you and it gave you a starting point....

The videos were very explicit and easy to follow.

What I really enjoyed were the live calls.. you learn so much from what other people are doing....I found it to be very helpful.

to be able to have that knowledge of how to set up your website...... gives you that confidence that it's not that hard....

The FB group she has is so amazing.....enjoy being welcomed into a sisterhood of women ready to go out there and change the world"

Are you ready to turn your website into a client magnet?

Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll get:


WEBSITE-IN-A-BOX ie WordPress + Divi builder with lifetime access  (worth $247) + essential plugins + over 30 professionally designed pages (worth $997) installed for you!

2. The Learning

Lifetime access to over 50 step-by-step no-fluff videos, worksheets, resource lists, templates – on everything from branding, copy writing, WordPress, Divi, Mailchimp, Acuity, Canva… (worth $997)

3. support

Access to a private FB community for support, motivation AND accountability PLUS one group coaching call each month to ask me any questions (esp the tech ones!) (worth $997)

But no… the WebsiteBootcamp does NOT cost an arm and a leg. It’s super afforable! With payment plans that work for just about every budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

All sales are final. As soon as you sign up, you get instant access to all the video modules and the bonuses, and we get to work installing your website in a box… so if you have any doubts or questions about the program, just reach out to me BEFORE you sign up. You can send me an email at richa @ thericherjane . com or schedule a free exploratory call with me

But that said – you have lifetime access to the course material (lifetime of the program). Sometimes life happens and you may not be able to keep up with the Bootcamp … and that’s ok. Whenever you’re ready, you can jump back right in. It’ll still be there for you!!

What else will I need to purchase to create my website?

The only other thing you’ll need to buy is your domain and hosting. Inside the WebsiteBootcamp, I explain what domain & hosting are, and a few options of where you can buy them from.

Every other tool and resource we’ll be using is either included in your Website-in-a-box or free things you already have like your computer, your phone and an internet connection.

What happens after I sign up?

You will get instant access to the video lessons and our FB community once you sign up. Then you will get daily emails outlining which videos to watch and what tasks to do. 

How much time do I have to put in to this?

Depending on your level of tech savy and the clarity you already have about your business, it may take more, or less. If you don’t have prior WordPress experience, set aside a minimum of 1 to 2 hours each day, over 3-4 weeks, to work on this stuff. If already know WordPress, Canva etc, it can take you half the time.

Will I have to write code for this?? I don’t know how!

Nope!! Not at all! That’s why I’m doing ALL the installs for you. AND I’m installing the Divi builder – which is a drag and drop website builder.  All you have to do is click, and drag and drop.

I already have a website. Should I join the Website Bootmcap?

Do you love your current website? Is it helping you connect better with potential clients? Do you understand how to update/edit your website (and do you want to learn?)

If not – then come join us in the WebsiteBootcamp!

What if I already have some content on my old website?

When I install your Website-in-a-Box  ALL your old content will get overwritten. It’s a BRAND NEW WordPress install.

IF you want to keep any of your old content, or want to keep your old website alive while you work on the new one, then you have 2 options

  1. Buy a new domain + hosting for your new site OR
  2. Get in touch with your current hosting provider and set up a temporary sub-domain for us to install your Website-in-a-Box. You can use this subdomain to build your new website, and then swap it over to your “forever” domain once it’s ready.
What if I fall behind in the Bootcamp and can’t keep up with the daily emails?

First of all, there is no behind in the Website Bootcamp. You have lifetime access to modules and bonus materials. You can come back to it any time. You have to be prepared to do the work, but you can do it at your own pace.

Yes, this is the real deal. But don't take my word for it.

Check out these detailed case studies

Leona Sea,, AUS
Leona had hand coded websites way back when - almost a decade ago. And she didn't want to do that again. Though she had a tight deadline to showcase her retreats at a festival - she'd been putting off working on her website.
And then in week 2, she went ahead and dazzled me creating about 10 pages in Divi (though she'd never worked with Divi before) in just one week; and having her full website up and running in 2 weeks. Makes me feel like a proud mamma bear!
Again, one of the major takeaways for her, beyond the tech, was about HOW to connect with her audience through her website - that the website isn't about her. It's about them, for them 😉
Sonja Courtis,, NZ
Sonja had been struggling with her website for a while as she transitioned into a new niche. Rather, she'd been procastinating for quite a while.
While she's great at what she does - helping people understand and heal the mind-body connection - she been struggling with how to show that on her website, especially when it came to writing copy, or designing the pages.
Here's how she got a grip on her website and got comfortable with all the tech.

Beth Godwin,, NZ 

" I felt wasn't of the generation who could do these things, I had a huge tech barrier. Now you've taken the overwhelm out of tech for me. If I make a mistake - it's ok, because I know how to go back and fix it. It's hugely empowering. To have that confidence. To get more involved. That's the best gift you gave us.....

When I started I thought I was pretty clear about my target market and my story... but you helped me refine it so much more!

I've never shared my story this way...and I want to thank you for that.

Your generosity of time and spirit far surpases anything else I've ever done.... Even though it was a group, we were individuals for you, you never lost sight of us as individuals!

You made the tech so simple that we couldn't really go wrong! It's like jumping off the edge of a cliff. Because you've got a safety net. Don't worry people - Richa will look after you!

It gives the courage to put yourself out there.. through this process, my confidence has grown hugely!"

Before the Website Bootcamp, Susan had signed up for multiple high end 'online business courses' - but hadn't made much headway. Her old coaching website was very very dated. And she'd been struggling to combine the different ways she wanted to work with people, the different kinds of programs she wanted to bring in to the world into one cohesive business model.
Until half way through the Website Bootcamp - when it just 'clicked' for her. "Clarity shone through. Clarity about her ideal audience, about how to tie in her offerings, how to showcase them on ONE website...And then Susan was on fire, churning out web pages like a pro 😉

A bit about the Geek-Behind-It-All (aka ME)

and Why You Should Trust Me When It Comes to Websites

I personally created my first web page back in 2000 – written in plain old HTML, viewed on Netscape.I created my first WordPress site in 2008 and have been hooked to the big bad world of the online businesses since then. I’ve been featured in some of the best web developments magazines on the internet (SitePoint, WebDesignerDepot, WebFlow, Tut+, Udemy). And somewhere in between, I also led the Android Browser team at a top semiconductor firm, optimizing Browser performance and Power (what that means is I’ve worked on BOTH the back end and the front end of websites!)  

I’ve been a web developer, a copy writer, a techie, a business strategist (and worn a bunch of other hats to boot) …but more importantly, I AM a business owner. Just like you. 

I’ve run 3 businesses – a copywriting business, a web design business and now I focus on helping women entrepreneur turn their passion, their purpose, their skills into a profitable online businesses. 

I’m taking all that experience, all the insights, all the expensive mistakes (!?) and sharing that with you in this Bootcamp.  

Why? Because I know what it feels like to struggle. I know what it feels like wondering how to get it all started. There was a time I explored Wix and Weebly and Shopify and the lot. And ended up more confused than ever. Even though I was a tech geek! It took me years of trial and error, of taking courses and trainings, of slogging away on clients site and at times making some seriously expensive mistakes!

And there’s also one really big selfish reason – I see how much my private consulting clients struggle with their website. After we’ve so lovingly mapped out a plan to take their business to the next level – they find themselves going around in circles trying to get someone to bring that vision into reality. And end up having to use expensive coaching hours with me learning to create effective sales pages in WordPress!    

Yes, there are lot of web developers, designers etc out there – but most of them don’t understand connection & conversion, they don’t understand the business of business! And that is soooo frustrating!  

I don’t want you struggling soooo much just to get your vision out of your head and into the world!!

I want to make sure tech, and design, and copy – don’t stand in your way. I want to make I make super easy for you to step up and make the impact that you were meant to!