How to Create a Winning Website

aka one that actually helps grow your business!!

Without loosing your sanity OR your sleep!

Even if you don’t know a thing about web design!

(Pre-recorded 1 hour masterclass!)


Yes, I want to learn how to create a Winning Website without loosing my sanity or my sleep! Send me that masterclass!

Who this is for:

New women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, freelancers, healers etc who want to

  • Turn their passions, their purpose, into a profitable online business
  • Make an impact, change the world, through their work
  • Create a strong personal brand via their website
  • Leverage their website for connections and conversions (aka make more impact, sign up more ideal soul clients and make more money!)

In this masterclass, I show you HOW to create a WINNING website with ease and grace! In this session you will learn about

How to choose the right domain name, hosting and WordPress theme.

What to write on each page of your website – aka the copy – and HOW to write it in a way that creates an emotional bond with readers

What you need to know about branding and graphics when you are just starting out

Bringing it all together – how to go about creating a winning website that connects and converts, in just 3 weeks. What to focus on, and what not – so that you maximize the impact of your website and the ROI on your time.


Hi, My name is Richa Jain. I help women like you turn your passion, your purpose, your skills, into a profitable online business.  Part web dev, part business strategist, part life coach, part spiritual maverick, I help women entrepreneurs create businesses and lives that are less about hustle and more about showing up authentically in the world.

Yes, I want to learn how to create a Winning Website without loosing my sanity or my sleep!!! Send me the masterclass NOW!

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