We help women entrepreneurs on the brink of greatness, OWN their story.


When people ask for your website, do you shuffle about and say it’s not up yet?

Or worse: Do people visit your website … and then just vanish into thin air?

Your website is the face of your business on the Internet.

And you know as well as I do, it’s not enough to be just-another-pretty-face.

That’s why my team and I don’t create just-another-pretty-website.

Yes, the sites we create are smart, elegant and have a quite grace and strength about them.

But more than that, they are designed YOUR CUSTOMERS in mind.

Let me explain.

When potential clients first find you online, what do you want them to think? How do you want them to feel?

“Umm.. what is this all about?” or “Nice colors!” or “Ah. Yet another XYZ”

OR do you want them to feel:

  • 1CookieOMG, I’m so THRILLED I found you!
  • Where have you been all my life?!
  • This is EXACTLY what I needed!
  • How did you read my mind??!
  • Enough now – I WANT THIS!
  • Here’s my email! Send this to me NOW!
  • I want this NOW! Here’s my money !

(with all the excitement and thrill of that first bit of a goey, crunch, buttery peanut-butter chocochip cookie. Can you feel that that sweet-salty, chunky, buttery, goey-ness just melt in your mouth? Pure heaven! And you want more! Don’t deny it.  I know you do! )

That’s where we come in. My hand picked team of digital experts and I.

We don’t just make pretty websites.

We help entrepreneurs like you change the world, impact lives.

And make bank while you’re at it.

We summon a unique combination of design skills, conversion principles, business strategy and good ol’ psychology, to create a brand and online identity that is

  • True to YOU
  • Connects with, Inspires, and Engages your Ideal Clients
  • Has visitors signing up on your optins, wanting MORE of YOU.
  • Has clients eagerly pay up to work with you
  • That inspires and excites your viewers, evoking that feeling of deep craving and blissful satisfaction that only goey, crunchy choco chip cookies can. (Yes, I’m a sucker for choco chip cookies!)

[Want to know if your current website can be tweaked to get that effect? Sign up for a Website Audit!]

Here’s what clients say about working with us:

Ready to join these happy clients?

The Business Website Package includes


Strategic Planning Sessions:


  • ONE 45 min Onboarding Intensive for us to understand your business, your customers, YOU better.
  • ONE 45 min Strategy Session with me where we explore design layouts for your site AND give you a brief on how to write your copy; what to include & what not; what to ask for in your photoshoot; how to position your packages.
  • ONE 45 min Review & Editing Session where we review your copy, your positioning, your packages, your content and recommend changes.




  • Upto 7 CUSTOM pages created, using Divi on WordPress. All mobile responsive. (Home, About, Work With Me, Praise, Blog, Contact, Landing Page)
  • All your content, uploaded and integrated with your pages.
  • Up to 3 blog posts uploaded 
  • Creating custom headers for each page, based on your photos (up to 6)InComputer
  • Basic Image editing (up to 6)
  • Plugins installed & Configured: SEO, Security, Google Analytics
  • Social Media integrated
  • Upto 2 Optin Forms (these can be landing pages, popups or embedded)
  • Upto 2 Custom Intake/Contact forms




  • 14 days of post-launch technical support
  • ONE 60 minute LIVE Training Session to walk you through the back end of your site, show you how to make basic edits/changes as well as monthly maintenance.


Launch with an Unfair Advantage.


Get the Business Website for an investment of $3997 USD only.

[If you need a full Website MakeOver, schedule a call and we’ll send you a custom quote. MakeOvers start at $5000] 

Ready to Wow visitors and turn them into loyal customers?


Depending on where you are in your business journey, here’s some other stuff we can take care of for you. Mail us for details.

  • Logo design (starts at $200)
  • Copy writing (starts at $1000 for Home, About and Work-With-Me page)
  • Adding new Optin bar/popup (starts $200)
  • Adding new Page (starts $300)
  • High Converting Landing Page (starts $200)
  • Setting up Mailchimp/Aweber/Others ($300)
  • Setting up Facebook / Twitter / Instagram accounts ($100 per account. Extra for graphic design)
  • Creating pdfs/eBook for your Lead Magnet (starts $300)
  • Creating a Social Media kit ie templates for your brand (starts $400)
  • Creating a long form sales page (starts at $1000)
  • Creating a sales funnel for a new Product/Service (starts at $1000)

** All prices are in USD

I can't believe how much Richa was able to communicate in her video review of my sales page!

Richa acted as both "fresh client" and expert reviewer, nailing every wobbly, unclear, and disordered aspect of my sales page, where I would have certainly lost the interest of a prospective customer. How valuable!

Her suggestions were direct, specific, and super helpful. I loved how empowered I felt afterward to solve the problems.

Shannon Walbran

Spiritual Mentor

Want to explore whether working with me is right for you?

Is the Business Website right for me?

I’m choosy about who I work with. And I know you are too.

The Business Website Package is great for you IF:

  • You’re not just looking to get a website – but to share your unique message with the world.
  • You don’t want just clients – but to really touch lives and make an impact.
  • While you’re all about giving – you’re serious about your business as well. It’s not just a hobby. You provide great value to the people you work with, and you’re not squeamish about charging for your services.

The Business Website Package is NOT for you if

  • You’re IFFY about your business
  • You want a cheap website.
  • You’re out to make quick money.
  • Your credit cards are all maxed out and you have no clue how you’ll pay them back. (That kind of situation requires skills that are beyond my super powers!)

What’s So Special About Working With Us?

Because just like you, we work from the heart.

We don’t just work for you. We partner with you.

We make the effort to understand you, your ideal clients, and your business – then customize things for you.

We use proven design principles, conversion techniques – and tons of psychology – to help your viewers connect better with your brand via your website.

And in all of that, we make sure it’s not just a pretty design – but one that effectively helps you grow your business – authentically.

I personally created my first web page back in 2000 – written in plain old HTML, viewed on Netscape. I created my first WordPress site in 2008 and have been hooked since to the big bad world of the internet. I’ve written about web design and development & internet marketing for most of the top blogs in the domain (SitePoint, Tut+, Udemy, WebDesignerDepot,WebFlow). And somewhere in between, I also led the Android Browser team at a top semiconductor firm, working on improving Browser performance and Power.

But more than my tech credentials, what clients really love about working with me is that I’m a Business Strategist – they get two deals in one. In our Strategy Sessions you ALSO get a business plan audit and some coaching. I make sure you’re targeting the right audience, with the right branding, and the right packages at the right price point. Hey, I’m a Virgo – it’s in my blood. I have an eye for detail and can call the critics every single time!

As a business owner myself, I understand that you want – and should have – full control of your website. I keep you in the loop, throughout the process. Once I set your website, I also show you how to manage it. So that you have full control on your website, and your business. Always.

When you work with us, you know we’re just an email / phone call / Skype away. So there’s no disconnect.

I leverage over a decade of technology and business experience to help you take your business online, the right way. I’m a perfectionist (yes, Virgo!). And I make sure we deliver the best for you.

Want to explore whether working with us is right for you?

How We Work Together

Week 1: In our Onboarding Intensive we we talk about your business, your audience, your brand and how best to structure your site. In a separate Strategy Session we explore design layouts for your site AND give you a brief on how to write your copy; what to include & what not; what to ask for in your photoshoot; how to position your packages. We create a custom ‘Master Blueprint’ for your site in which you have to upload all the copy, photos etc.

Week 2: In our Review & Editing Session we review the content in your Master Blueprint in detail – what works, what doesn’t, how to edit the copy to really hook your audience, spruce up your packages etc. We go through a check list to make sure my team has all the other details we need from you.

Week 3: We start working on the front end first, creating a few options for each page, every day. During this week we have a 30-min sync call each day, where we show you new pages and options we’ve created and get your feedback. This way you’re part of the process. You get to see how things unfold – LIVE. No nasty surprises.

Week 4: We polish up the front end. We configure all the back end aka configure the plugins, the popups etc.

Once we’re done, we have a ONE hour hands-on tutorial where I show you how to make minor edits to the pages, how to maintain your site etc so that you have full control of your site.

Yes, we promise you a website in just 4 weeks. [Unlike some developers who drag it out for months on end]

Yes, we keep you updated every step of the way. You get to see your website come to life, day by day. [ Unlike some who keep you wondering and waiting and then give you the shock of your life because your website looks nothing like you expected]

And yes, we show you EXACTLY how to change things around yourself – so you don’t have to come running back to us for every small change [Unlike some developers who make it impossible to move things around later]

And yes, we do not charge an arm and a leg like certain other developers.

Want to explore whether the Business Website Package is right for you?

Richa is awesome!  I first met her when, after working with another web designer, I had a draft website for my fertility coaching business that I knew was sub-par.  I personally was uninspired by this site and knew that it wouldn't best represent my business.  

Richa offered to do an audit of this site for me, gave me such relevant and useful advice that I knew I wanted her to build a new website for me.  

In just a week's time, she created a website that was not only far superior to the website from the other designer that I waited five months for, but a website that I'm proud to showcase. 

Stephanie Roth

Fertility Coach, Your Fertile Self

Before we started, I was concerned that my website would never represent me at the higher level that I am taking my business.  I am working really hard to take my online presence to the next level -  and now I FINALLY have a website I am truly proud to show off!  It took Richa just 2 weeks to help me completely re-brand my website!
The one thing I liked the most about working with Richa is that she struck the perfect balance between getting my website up quickly and making sure it showcased my passion for helping my clients. 
I'd recommend Richa to anyone who'd listen!
Michelle Roberts

Textile Maven & Coach, Technical Textile Solutions

As a professional organizer, I'm in the business of moving my clients from a state of overwhelm to a space where they can breathe and create and find abundance.  But when it came to my own website, I was completely overwhelmed!  
I knew what I wanted to communicate to my clients in my head, but I didn't know how to use my website to do so.  
In desperation, I reached out to Richa and she delivered!  She listened and learned about my business and was able to take all of my jumbled ideas and create a beautiful website that speaks to my customers; a website that transitioned me from overwhelm into a space of creativity and abundance.
Dorena Kohrs

Professional Organizer, Breathing Room

"....when I started seeing each page, day after day…and I was just telling somebody today that it was actually nice having this 9 and a half hour time difference, because we would have our call, i would do a little bit of work, and then I would go to sleep…. And then when I woke up in the morning you’d be like “Here's your new page!!” and I’d be like “aaaah!”

It was like Christmas every morning. A little present waiting for me, when I woke up every morning! "

“…the stuff that this friend was telling me her business coach is doing.. and I’m like well that’s what my website designer is doing, I mean…you are two people in one – which is crazy!

And I’m realizing now like with watching everybody else struggling, in the online community, and like asking questions..I’m like “Gees you should’ve just used Richa! she does all that!”

Kim Leneghan

Diabetes Guru

Ready to join these Happy Clients?

Want a website that’s as awesome as these?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns my site when it's done?

You do!

We transfer full control of your site back to you. As an online business owner, we understand how important it is for you to have full control over your online identity.

How do we connect if you’re not in my city?

Didn’t I say I love the power of technology! My business is totally on line. Most of my clients are from the US (East coast, West coast and everything in between), second largest contributions goes to Australia; and the remaining are scattered across the globe. Yep. I’m based in India – but my clients, and my team, are global. They love that the work’s all done by the time they get up in the morning!

So how do we connect?

Primarily over Zoom or Skype. I set it up so it’s super easy. We use Zoom for face to face connections, discussions and screen sharing; Email for all tech issues that need clear listings; Dropbox to share files, graphics, content.

How are the payments structured?

Payments are staggered:

  • 40% up front to book our time
  • 30% when we start work
  • 30% on completion, before the training call.

Further payment plans are available on request.


Do you offer refunds?

No. When you book, we block our calendar for you. Which means we’re saying no to other potential clients.

However, we do understand that sometimes unexpected things happen. Emergencies come up. And you may have to postpone launching your website. If you’ve gotten stuck in one of those unfortunate situations, get in touch and we’ll do our best to reschedule you.