Today I did something, well, a bit crazy.
I went on a rant.
In an FB Live.
About something that’s VERY close to my heart.

Women & Money.

I figured out a long long time ago, that money is really about power. And that way back when, ‘keeping’ women confined at home, not allowing them to go out and work and earn a living was just a way of keeping them dependent on the men folk. It was a way to take away their voice, and their entity. Keeping them trapped in situations, lives that well, they would’ve walked away from if only they had a way of supporting themselves. And the kids.

Today, you can’t legally keep a woman confined or restrict her from working and earning a living.
YET the social conditioning, still prevails.
Girls are told not to worry their pretty heads about money.
And grown women are told to leave the finances to their husband/father/men in the family.

The repercussions are immense. And mostly subconscious.
Lower self esteem being the most insidious.

It was conditioning that kept me in an abusive marriage for 7 years. The belief that I could never make it on my own. That I could never raise a child on my own. Though I was the bread winner!!

Today, as a single mom, living in India, I’ve had to but head with these stereotypes and conditioning every single day.

But today, I also stand up to help other women recognize and get over their own money stories – stories that keep them trapped.

That’s what I went on a rant about in today’s FB Live. If you feel your relationship with money is less than perfect; if you feel like you want MORE – not just more money, but more love, more fulfillment, more in life, then go over and watch my rant (you’ll have to be signed in to FB to watch it) – and tell me what you feel. Share in the comments.


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