Who this is for:

Service based women entrepreneurs (aka coaches, healers,freelancers etc) who’ve created their own website – or are about to – and want to learn how to turn their website into a client magnet!

What we’ll cover:

I won’t be talking numbers and bury you with tech jargon. I promise!! Heck, I know no one likes to be buried in tech!!

But what I will do is show you HOW to structure your website, your pages, your copy, your images – to create that connection and conversion – that will have visitors going “OMG you read my mind!! How can I sign up to work with you!!?”

So even if you’re just planning out your website – join me for this masterclass!!

Why listen to me:

I’ve been a techie, a web developer, a copy writer, a techie (and worn a bunch of other hats as well) …but more importantly, I “get” websites. I “get” how to make them flow, and sing and woo your target market. And more importantly, I’m on a mission to make sure that tech doesn’t get in the way of you growing your business!

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