Can’t figure out why the heck your “content” isn’t quite working for you?

Have you worn yourself out

writing blog post after blog post

posting on FB every single day

sending out loving newsletters to your list…

But .. er, you’re still having trouble signing up clients?

And you can’t quite figure out why – specially when you’re doing #allthethings?

Time to stop wondering.

Come join us for the Content 2 Clients masterclass where I’ll help you identify WHY your content hasn’t quite been working for you and more importantly, show you how to fix it – so that you can easily sign up clients and get fully booked!

1. The key reasons why your content isn’t working for you even though it feels like you’re doing #allthethings
2. The secret sauce to creating content that converts aka helps you sign up paying clients.
3. A simple, but effective method, to create 3 months of marketing content in just 3 days.

Who this is for: Women who run an online, service based business (aka coaches, healers, Freelancers etc) and want MORE – more impact, more clients AND more money! ?  

Who Am I : Hi, I’m Richa Jain. I help women entrepreneurs make more impact, sign up more clients AND make more money in their business.  Part business strategist, part web dev, part copy writer, part spiritual maverick and part many other labels  I help women create a business that is the truest expression of themselves.