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Marketing With Heart

Make more impact – and more money

Without hustling 24×7

Without spending a fortune on paid ads

Without creating 548 blog posts

and 313 videos and a gazillion social media posts.

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When potential clients find you online, how do you want them to feel? 

“Ah, ok.”

or “Umm.. interesting?” 


Do you want them to feel …

  • OMG, I’m so THRILLED I found you!
  • Where have you been all my life?!
  • This is EXACTLY what I needed!
  • How did you read my mind??!
  • I want this NOW! Here’s my money !

.. jumping up and down with all the excitement of someone who’s just found a magical fairy godmother to make all her dreams come true!

But right now …  do you find yourself

  • Pulling your hair out in frustration because you’ve written 326 facebook posts, 93 blog posts, 47 videos and a whole lotta other content – but er, still NOT enough paying clients!
  • Hanging around Facebook groups 10 hours a day providing ‘value’ or worse throwing money at Facebook (ads) hoping for a miracle aka clients!
  • Spending 90% of your time creating content, “marketing”, admin and a whole lotta crap you hate all in the name of growing your business!
  • Be constantly exhausted, constantly second guessing yourself. Constantly fretting about why the heck your blogs, your videos etc aren’t quite getting you paying clients – EVEN though it feels like you’re doing #AllTheThings


I’m here to tell you that there is another way.

That Marketing doesn’t have to be loud.

Marketing doesn’t have to be in your face.

Marketing doesn’t have to be pushy and aggressive.

Marketing doesn’t have to mean creating 548 blog posts and 313 videos and a gazillion social media posts and being visible and hustling 24×7! 

It’s time to change that paradigm.  It’s time to chuck the traditional ways of online marketing that all the fancy internet marketing gurus and business coaches teach.

Just for a minute imagine…

What would it feel like …. 

  to have a scalable AND sustainable, business that brings in five figures in profit each month, preferably on “autopilot”

  have “hot leads” REACH OUT TO YOU and happily pull out their wallets to pay you – because they just feel that connection and can’t wait to work with you!

  working on your own terms, choosing your own hours, doing work that lights you up aka actually transforming people’s lives instead of soul-sucking, mind-numbing marketing and admin!

Marketing is the highest expression of love

for your (potential) clients.

Read that out loud to yourself a couple of times.

And that’s what what we aim for in

Marketing With Heart

This is a high touch, intimate, LIVE, 8-week group implementation program.

Where we take a revolutionary new approach to marketing!

Where instead of looking for ways to persuade people, to trigger them,

to trick them into giving you their time, attention and money.

We’ll uncover ways to connect with people, from the heart, with integrity.

And take them on an incredibly powerful journey of transformation.

By the end of this program, you’ll walk away with


A beautiful new revolutionary approach to marketing as a way of powerfully connecting with your tribe – to serve more people, make more impact and more money in your business! While being authentically you – in all your imperfect glory!

The powerful, proven and tested 3x3x3 Framework to creating ALL your digital marketing content effortlessly. Not the icky pushy kinds that’s meant to trick people.  But the kinds that instantly forge that heart connection and has your tribe going “OMG, You read my mind! Where have you been all my life??! How can I work with you!?”  

A complete set of marketing content & simple FUNNEL done and dusted for one of your offers – lead magnet, email sequence, blog posts, social media posts. We’ll co-create this together – you and I. I will personally review every piece of content you create, provide feedback and help you fine tune it to create a beautiful experience for your (potential) clients.  

A simple (yet highly effective!), repeatable and scale-able system to create ALL of your marketing content as you grow your business. Strengthening that heart connection with your tribe.


Now, you could just keep doing what you’ve always been doing

But what got you here.. won’t get you there.

What’s the cost you’re paying – for being the world’s best kept secret?

And I’m not talking just loss of potential revenue

But also the emotional cost.

Be honest with yourself.

What is costing you to keep struggling like this?


"Yes! I want in already! Where can I sign up?"

[responses from past 1:1 clients & participants of my programs ]

How has your approach to Marketing

changed after working with me?

“I am confident in what I do.. But I’m not confident trying to sell it… I was withdrawing instead of putting out all I could do for them.” 

“……This time, something clicked inside.. I said, here’s how I can do it with you and for you and it would cost $2300… and they BOTH said, ok fine!! Before that I couldn’t have even brought myself to say pay me $2300!!

“I am not on Facebook,  I don’t socialize, I don’t like marketing! But I really loved your marketing module because it helped me feel comfortable!

“I got a fresh pair of eyes on my work and how I show it to the world!

Writing those emails was so difficult for me. It has been an intense process. But I knew I was supported. I had you! I had the group!

And now it is done! I have my freebie! I have the emails! I have the marketing plan for the next 6 month!

It’s so beautiful to see that after 2 years of trying .. I now understand exactly what is my zone of genius!”

“For me, marketing was always aggressive. Whenever I would try to sell, I would feel awefull. I would put these brakes on what I want to say. 

Working with you I learnt how you can convey your message without being “too much”. 

Now I feel good about sales! I feel I am more purposeful. I am not taking away from others – but I’m stepping up to help!”

I had a shift about how to sell and how to write the emails!

You helped me see that there’s another way to sell!  It’s about coming back to doing things from the Heart and not be concerned about how people will look at you, how people will judge you!

And I didn’t get this in any other course!

” It’s been a big journey for me. At some point I stopped being afraid of my business and started loving it! I feel like I can just tap in to who I truly am. Being able to share that, is an act of love!

"Yes! I want in already! Where can I sign up?"


Is this program right for you at this point of time?


I’d love to say “YES!! YES!! Sign up right now!! It’ll forever change the way you approach marketing – and even sales!”

But honestly, this program is NOT for everyone.

It’s a high touch, high impact group IMPLEMENTATION program. 

Which means it’s success depends on you showing up and doing the work.

I will hold your hand every step of the way, I will show you the options, help you chose the best for you, support you as you implement things and make it all as easy as humanly possible for you. 

Clients tell me I’m really awesome at that – breaking up the most complex things in the simplest ways! And also in supporting them!


BUT this program is NOT for everyone.


This program is meant for you IF

  You are a Coach, consultant or service provider aka a woman solo-preneur who runs an online, service based business

  You are already an expert in your field & clients love you!

  You are clear about your target market and your core message

  You have a proven 1:1 service or offer or group program that your clients have loved and happily paid for – and you want to create an evergreen marketing/funnel for it.

  You know how to post a blog, schedule a post on FB, edit your website etc – or have someone to do it for you.

  You’re aiming to #fastTrack your business in 2020 (with ease and grace!) and are ready to commit to doing the work!

This program is NOT right for you if

  You haven’t quite started your business or are still mastering the skills you intend to base your business on

  You sell a physical product – this program will not help you with supply chain/inventory management / local ads or other things required for physical products. it only helps with organic online marketing!

  You are looking to launch an eCourse or ways to grow your MLM/network marketing business (while the core concepts are the same – aka connecting with your target market – those situations require some special handling beyond the scope of this program)

  You are looking for a quick fix, instant results or a magical unicorn. This program promises no such thing. It’s a group implementation program – aka you have to show up and do the work!

"Yes! I want in already! Where can I sign up?"


[responses from past 1:1 clients & participants of my programs ]

What did you think of the structure

and working with me?

“What I was really missing was the structure… How to start marketing, write a blog, what’s my freebie going to be …..not really having any clarity around what that was going to be”

The way you taught it, they way you narrowed it down, makes it so streamlined, so clear, that what I’m going to work on any given day, I can see how it fits into the whole bigger picture of growing my business. That’s the main thing I’ve got out of this program.”

…some coaches end up talking only about Mindset stuff. I’m an implementer! I want to get things done. And this program was like

  • here’s where you are,
  • and here’s how you start the conversation,
  • then here’s how you take it forward, and here’s WHY
  • and then here’s how the other bits and pieces come together – and here’s why!”

THAT’s what I wanted to know!

How this stuff works! And why it works the way it does! 

And that is the difference from other programs!!

….You went through the whole thing.. not just giving us chunks that we then had to figure out how to put together!!

Your attention to detail is far better than what I’ve experienced in other coaching programs that I paid way more money for!

You don’t give up on us – checking and rechecking our copy!

It’s rare. You don’t find people that give that level of detailed feedback!”

“I thought I was ok in my business but I wasn’t making as much money as I’d like. .. I guess I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.

The structure you gave me just brought it all together.

I knew about freebies and email sequences, but I didn’t quite know how to put it together with my marketing plan.

I was just kind of throwing things out there whenever I thought!

Now it’s great to have a consistent plan!

I just feel more confident! It’s all structured! It fits together!”

“You motivate us. When I see you giving so much attention, inspires me to do more!

….In the other programs, the coach stays at the “expert” level, not coming down to our level, getting to know our business, and help the way you are helping me!”

The greatest thing I haven’t received anywhere else… having that dedicated time where we can actually get your feedback, and not just once, but being able to get feedback, go away and work on it, and come back and get further feedback is really in those early stages when you’re trying to get your head around concepts.

The level of patience and feedback was one of the things that made this so awesome for me!

The other thing is your integrity. With other programs there’s a lot ra-ra and build up and when you actually get in there, it’s just plain bread.  It’s heartbreaking when there’s lots of promises made and no follow through.

You not just followed through you over delivered compared to what you said it would be in the first place!!

"Yes! I want in already! Where can I sign up?"


I believe it’s not enough to just “tell” you what to do…. It’s not in the knowing, it’s in the doing!

And honestly, that’s what most people struggle with – how to apply the concepts, the theory you’ve learnt in a course to YOUR actual business?

That’s why this program is hands on, high touch,
group implementation program,
with a lot of personalized support from me.

And that’s also why it’s limited to 10 women only.

So that I can personally give you each personal attention and feedback. I’ll personally be reviewing/editing every single bit of marketing content you create!

The program is broken up into two phases,

starting 15th Nov with a 2 week break over the Christmas Holidays 😉 

   Phase 1 runs 15th Nov to 20th Dec and will focus on creating your marketing content & funnel aka your core marketing content.


  Phase 2 runs 3rd Jan to 24th Jan and will focus on the other aspects of mastering marketing with heart like establishing connections, generating leads, setting up your systems and process. 

  Every Saturday you’ll get new lessons – videos, action plan, templates etc to work through and during the week, you actually go and do the work!  

  Your Circle: During the week, you’ll be supported by me, and a tribe of like minded women entrepreneurs in our own private Facebook community. This kind of support is phenomenal!! In my earlier programs, the support and camaraderie in the group led to lifelong friendships and business besties. Who knows what this round will bring! 

  Every Thursday or Friday we’ll have our group coaching calls where you’ll each get a hot seat coaching with me and we’ll review your work, answer any questions, to help you move forward. Past participants of my programs have found these group sessions invaluable – because along with direct feedback on their own business, they also got to learn from other participant’s questions and the feedback I give others! 

  Group call timings will be decided so that everyone can attend. Calls will also be recorded so that you can refer back to them later. In case you can’t attend one of the calls, you can send in your questions and/or your content before hand and I’ll answer them on the call.

Basically, I’ve got your back ALL the way! 😉

"Yes! I want in already! Where can I sign up?"

Just for a minute…

Put your coffee down and take a look at what’s inside!

Inside this 8 week, high touch, high impact group implementation program, you’re going to get a no-BS, step by step support in mastering your Marketing With Heart and creating a complete set of marketing content and funnel for ONE of your offers. 

   1.  Internet Marketing Simplified

Why traditional marketing doesn’t work for us as women; what Heart Centered or Connection Based Marketing is all about; how Internet Marketing really works  and how to weave in connections and conversations!

   3. An Irrestible Lead Magnet

Not just any old freebie – but the kind of Lead Magnet that has hot leads eagerly queuing up to work with you!

This week we craft a powerful Lead Magnet, designed to create maximum impact, conversations and conversions.

   5. Sparking Connections

How do you start the conversation in an online world? Through your “content”. This week we craft blog posts, videos, audios to spark that connection and start powerful conversations with your ideal soul clients.

   7. Leveraging Influencers

It takes a village. I help you find yours.

Influencers, experts, peers who can help you grow YOUR influence, connect with more people, grow your tribe. This week we map out a strategy to reach out and connect with Influencers & leverage their reach.

   2. Elevate & Align

This week we Elevate & Align your target market, your offers, your packaging, positioning and pricing and hone in on ONE offer / service / program to create marketing content for during this program.

  4.  Nurturing  Conversations

aka Email Marketing. It’s not about dashing off random emails. It’s about nurturing the connection & leading the conversation in a meaningful way.

This week, we craft a short, powerful email sequence.

  6.  Meaningful Engagement

No more “hustling” on Facebook 10 hours a day. It’s not about “being visible” and “showing up” and other #busyWork. This week, we craft a meaningful social media strategy for you AND created the supporting content.

  8.  Soulful Sales

The next step after marketing aka closing the sale. This week we work through how to have soulful sales conversations during discovery calls and free sessions – the kinds that has potential clients burst out in a song and dance sequence in sheer joy at having found your support! Oh, and happily pull out their wallet to pay you! And we do it all without sleaze, without pushy sales tactics. With pure heart.

Play along, do the work, and you’ll walk away with a complete set of marketing content & funnel done and dusted!

"Yes! I want in already! Where can I sign up?"

And that’s not all!! Nope! What’s coffee without a cookie? 😉

Yes! You also get power packed BONUSES!

Fast Action Bonuses Go away in








Fast Action Bonus #1:  60 min Website / Sales Page review

If you’ve seen my reviews, you know how powerful this can be!  Value $300. Valid only for the next 3 to book or till the timer hits 0 whichever comes first. 

Fast Action Bonus #2:  Sales Page Template

(ONLY for those using WordPress) A Sales Page Template designed on the Divi builder, installed FOR YOU on your domain+hosting.  Value $200. Valid only for the next 4 to book or till hits 0, whichever comes first. 

Fast Action Bonus #3 :  Target Market Clarity Call

Special group coaching call to get super clear about your target market & offers before we dive in to the actual program. Value $PRICELSS! LOL!  For those who book before the timer hits 0.


            Mindset Magic Bundle

Meditations, affirmations, afformations and other tools to help you get and stay high vibe! (value $200).

            Web Analytics Primer

Deciphering what the numbers mean, which ones to focus on and how to leverage them to GROW your business.! (value $100).

Powerful Scripts & Templates

Powerful, proven scripts, templates & workbooks that can easily be customized to make it all even more simpler (value $300)

           SEO Simplified

Simple, do-able, SEO best practices to help you rank higher in search engines! (value $100).

"Yes! I want in already! Where can I sign up?"

Other marketing courses/programs

  Teach you generic principles and leave you struggling with how to apply them to YOUR business, YOUR marketing

  Have 1000’s or 100’s of students – so you’re lost in the crowd and no way to get answers to your Qs! 90% students never complete the course!

  There’s no personal feedback or attention!

  They tell you to hustle, and that you MUST create 352 blog posts and a gazillion other pieces of content.

 They teach you how to persuade, trigger, manipulate peeps with your marketing.

Marketing With Heart

  I not only show you HOW to create your content, I hold your hand through the entire process, reviewing every piece.

  Has only 10 participants! We have weekly calls where I answer every Q! 

  I review every piece of content you create

  With the 3x3x3 Framework I show you how to create a solid marketing plan with just a handful of core marketing pieces. You don’t need a gazillion. We focus on quality rather than quantity.

 I show you how to start powerful conversations and create meaningful connections through your marketing!

You could choose a famous marketing program from a big name marketer.

You could choose to continue marketing the way you were.

Or you could choose to join us in Marketing With Heart and change the way you do business forever.

It’s all a choice! What do you choose?

"Yes! I want in already! Where can I sign up?"

Hi, I’m Richa Jain – your host!

I’m a fiercely compassionate Business Strategist who helps women like you monetize your genius. Turning your passion, your purpose, your expertise into a profitable online business.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of women from across America, Europe and Australia build their online businesses – while running my own international business, from home, on the outskirts of Pune, India – in those snippets of time when #mommyDuty permits.

I help you cut through the chaos and the overwhelm to create more impact and more money in your business – by doing less! – with ease, with flow, with grace. #theFeminineWay

Prior to this I’ve run a gaming lounge, a copy writing business and a web design business. Oh, and before that I used to be a techie in semiconductor software and have 2 tech patents to my name 😉

I can be found pottering around in my garden or traveling the world on crazy adventures with my son!


YES! It’s time to stop being the world’s

best kept secret!

Marketing With Heart is a 8 week GROUP IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAM designed specifically for women solopreneurs. 

We start 15th Nov with a 2 week break during Christmas (20 Dec to 2nd Jan)

The goal is to create complete set of marketing content & funnel done and dusted for one of your offers – lead magnet, email sequence, blog posts, social media posts. I will personally review & fine tune every piece of content you create during the program!

Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll get :

** All prices USD

Marketing With Heart

  • 8x core video modules to redefine marketing (value $1000)
  • 8x group coaching calls to answer all of your questions AND review all the marketing content you’ve created (value $2500)
  • Support in  a private Facebook community throughout the program (value $1000)
  • 6x 60min 1:1 Business Breakthrough sessions (value $1800)
  • Bonus: Proven scripts, templates & workbooks (value $500)
  • BonusMindset Magic Bundle (value $200)
  • Bonus: SEO Simplified (value $100)
  • Bonus: Web Analytics Primer (value $100)
  • Bonus: Content To Clients Masterclass (value $100)

Marketing With Heart VIP

  • 8x core video modules to redefine marketing (value $1000)
  • 8x group coaching calls to answer all of your questions AND review all the marketing content you’ve created (value $2500)
  • Support in  a private Facebook community throughout the program (value $1000)
  • 6x 60min 1:1 Business Breakthrough Sessions (value $1800)
  • Bonus: Proven scripts, templates & workbooks (value $500)
  • BonusMindset Magic Bundle (value $200)
  • Bonus: SEO Simplified (value $100)
  • Bonus: Web Analytics Primer (value $100)
  • Bonus: Content To Clients Masterclass (value $100)

Enrollments close at 10pm IST on 14th Nov!








Please note that since this is a group IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAM we have a strict no refund policy.

Please read the Terms & Conditions before signing up.

If you have any questions at all, just message me or book in a call to talk.

Got questions? Here are some answers!

When does the program start?

It starts on 15th Nov and is split into 2 phases with a 2 week break over Christmas. Phase 1 is from 15th Nov to 20th Dec. Phase 2 is from 3rd to 24th Jan.

When will the group coaching calls be?

They’ll be on Thursday or Friday each week, timing to be decided depending on the participants. Video lessons will be released every Saturday. During the week, you implement the stuff on your own. Then end of week, we get on a group call and review your work, answer any questions, give feedback.

What if I can’t join one of the group coaching calls?

No worries! Every group call will be recorded! You can send in your questions / your marketing material for review prior to the call. I’ll answer/review them on the call and you can catch it on the recording!

Till when do we have access to the videos and other materials?

Ooh! It’s “lifetime” access – ie you have access to it for the lifetime of the program – including all future upgrades!

How much time will it take for me to be really successful with this program?

You will need to set aside 3-5 hours each week for this program – to watch the videos, to participate in the calls and to do the work. Honestly, that’s the minimum. Your results are proportional to the focused effort you put in.

I want to launch a group program / course / product. Will this work for me?

The strategies and techniques we will cover work bet for 1:1 services and evergreen funnels. While you can apply them to timed launches as well, launches require specific extras which we will not be covering here. 

Is this program just for women?

YES! The prorgam is specifically for women entrepreneurs. While the concepts and strategies that are taught in this program apply to ANY heart centered, passion based business – the issues, the challenges and the limiting beliefs that women business owners experience are very different from what men experience. The group coaching calls and FB community are carefully crafted to nurture women entrepreneurs in a safe space.

How much will I earn after this program?

That totally depends on you. While the program itself will teach you the tools to earn a consistent 5-figure income each month, whether or not you do so depends entirely on how well you learn and implement the material.

Do you offer refunds?

Since this is a LIVE group implementation program, I cannot offer refunds. If you’re not quite sure whether this program is right for you just click here to schedule a free exploratory call with me. I’m happy to answer any questions! Once you sign up, you commit to the program, to showing up, to doing the work and to completing your payment plan.

What if I have more questions?

No worries! I understand. Just click here to schedule a free exploratory call with me.  I don’t want you signing up unless you’re totally sure this program is right for you!   I only want women who’re totally committed to breaking out of their cocoon and eager to soar to join this program. Because it’s only when you have that hunger & commitment to succeed – can my program be successful!

"Yes! I want in already! Where can I sign up?"