You know people need it your skills, your expertise. You know they’ll love your new product/service – that is, once they know it exists!

The BIG question that’s been eating you up is really: Where and How Do You Find Them ? This amazing tribe of raving fans and ideal clients who’re craving to work with you.

In this training, I help you work out

  • EXACTLY who your tribe is (because, if you don’t know who they are, how do you go looking for them!)
  • What they really, really need (it’s not what they say).
  • Where to find them (online and offline)
  • How to connect, engage, and convert them.

Who this is for: Women who run an online, service based business (aka coaches, healers, Freelancers etc) and want MORE – more impact, more clients AND more money! ?

 Who Am I : Hi, I’m Richa Jain. I help women entrepreneurs make more impact, sign up more clients AND make more money in their business.  Part business strategist, part web dev, part copy writer, part spiritual maverick and part many other labels  I help women create a business that is the truest expression of themselves.