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[ Recorded Sept 2018]

#SmartLaunch Planning Strategies. [Recorded on 20th Sept.]

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Recording of live training session done on 24th Sept.

Recording of training on 27th Sept

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Love Notes from Happy Launch Clients!

Debbie Sassen, Personal Finance Advisor worked with me to launch her new program “Investing Made Simple” – and had her first 5-figure launch! You may find it difficult to believe that when we started working together – just 10 days before her cart open – she didn’t yet have her sales page ready ?  We mapped out her strategy, created part of the marketing content and her sales page – and wrapped up the launch, in just 4 weeks! Here’s what she has to say about working together.  

Miriam Castilla, Money Mentor & Manifesting Maven has done quite a few launches over the years.  Infact, she’d launched ‘Magnetic Money’ many times before. And yet… she knew there was much room for improving her launch process. Over 4 weeks, we spruced up her landing pages & sales page, revamped almost all of her marketing content. Best part… ALL of the work we did together, even the parts we couldn’t implement in that round – are making a big difference as she launches Magnetic Money again! Here’s what she had to say. 

I had a call with Richa analysing my launch process and elements for my Intuitive Healing Voice Course. Richa’s advice was exactly what I was needing for my sales page, email conversion sequence and freebie copy!

I had been feeling there was a disconnect in the process but couldn’t put my finger on it. Richa gave me a sense of how to create cohesive and engaging launch pieces that would flow together to create a connected launch and one that made sense in relation to my other core offerings as well.

We got SO much done in such a short space of time!!!

Dominique Oyston

The Goddess Voice Academy

I had a 1:1 coaching session with Richa whilst I was in the process of making an online course for my business, and was feeling overwhelmed with the launch. Richa really offered me amazing support and helped me to tighten up my marketing material and get clear on my launch strategy. Richa is a wealth of knowledge and an expert in her field, and our coaching session allowed me to elevate my offering and take it to the next level. I will be able to take all I have learned from Richa and use it in future launches too. I wish I had spoken to her earlier! 

Katy Bullen

Katy Bullen Films

Before reaching out to Richa, I felt overwhelmed and had no idea how to get out of it, and I had tried a lot.

The coaching calls were so much better than I had expected after having talked to other coaches before. Richa actually GOT me! That felt fantastic.

And within half an hour, a plan was made of what I would stop and what I would do more of, so I could help more people without burning out. And Richa knows everything! Not only can she strategically plan, without blinking an eye she showed me how to get rid of my template when designing a sales page on my website – something I had riddled about for years.

And when I opened my inbox the next day, I found the detailed plan in written form with soo many resources... I was blown away. Richa’s generosity is seriously awesome!

If you have never listened to one of her webinars – do it. I remember when I watched the content creation webinar, it dawned on me that I hadn’t even known I was seriously missing any strategy in my writing. I just wrote content that I felt like writing. That you can and should actually plan all content together, freebie, blogposts and social media, was such a revelation for me and made it so much easier.

In a very short time, I implemented what we had decided together, people signed up for my first group coaching and within a week it was overbooked and the same seems to be happening to my next group coaching. And – it takes me much less time compared to the 1:1 work I had done before that had nearly burnt me out.

[Update: Christiane also sold out her second group program just 2 short weeks later .. while she was on holiday ]

Christiane Michelberger

Finding Awakening