Master Your Marketing

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Do you find yourself spending like all your time on social media, trying to be “visible”, hoping and praying your ideal soul clients see your posts ….. as your eyes go blurry and your head spins from the sheer effort of coming up with “content” and “more content”?


In the Master Your Marketing Bootcamp, you’ll learn

  The real reason your marketing isn’t working (hint: it’s NOT YOU!) The way marketing is traditionally done, the way is taught – it’s icky, pushy, manipulative and formula driven. And well that just doesn’t quite work for heart centered women entrepreneurs! 

The secret to “effort-less” online marketing as a woman entrepreneur.  Without being on social media 24×7. Without losing your sanity or your sleep and giving up your life! 

My proven process to connect with HOT leads who excitedly pull out their wallets to work with you. Without spending a fortune on paid ads Without any pushy, sleazy, persuasion hacks!

Oh and how to do it all with HEART !

” I am confident in what I do.. But I’m not confident trying to sell it… I was withdrawing instead of putting out all I could do for them.……This time, something clicked inside.. I said, here’s how I can do it with you and for you and it would cost $2300… and they BOTH said, ok fine!! Before that I couldn’t have even brought myself to say pay me $2300!! “

 “For me, marketing was always aggressive. Whenever I would try to sell, I would feel awful. I would put these brakes on what I want to say.  Working with you I learnt how you can convey your message without being “too much”.  Now I feel good about sales! I feel I am more purposeful. I am not taking away from others – but I’m stepping up to help!” 

Hi, I’m Richa Jain. And I’ll be hosting this Bootcamp.

I’m a fiercely compassionate Business Strategist and I help smart, savy, soulful women like you monetize your genius. 

Building highly profitable businesses in order to create the impact, the freedom, the lifestyle, that you’ve been dreaming of for so long!

Oh and doing it all with ease, with grace, #thefeminineway!

It’s time to stop being the world’s best kept secret. Let’s master your marketing!