Are you sick of offering free sessions and half price sessions but er, no one’s quite signing up for your packages!?!?

Does the very thought of having to make an offer, of asking for a sale, make your stomach tighten, your throat go dry, so that you go raid the fridge, binge watch Netflix, and even clean the kids’ room…  just so that you don’t have to “sell” ?

But yet… you know that sales are the lifeblood of any business. Yours included.

You just wish there were a non-icky, non-sleazy, non-pushy way to do it….

If that’s you, then, come join me on this FREE masterclass to learn a revolutionary approach to Mastering Sacred Sales Conversations. You’ll never have to “sell” again.


In this masterclass, you will learn

1. The real reasons you’ve been unconsciously sabotaging your sales (it’s NOT your fault!)
2. The 4 most common mistakes women make when it comes to selling (without knowing it!) … and how to avoid them
3. A revolutionary approach …so that you never have to have an icky sales conversation ever again…but.. clients happily sign up to work with you!

Who this is for: Women who run an online, service based business (aka coaches, healers, Freelancers etc) and want MORE – more impact, more clients AND more money! ?

 Who Am I : Hi, I’m Richa Jain. I help women entrepreneurs make more impact, sign up more clients AND make more money in their business.  Part business strategist, part web dev, part copy writer, part spiritual maverick and part many other labels  I help women create a business that is the truest expression of themselves.