Are you ready for MORE?

Are you ready to make More impact, sign up More clients, make More money in your business?

Are you ready to create More time,. More freedom, More control in your life?

Without the heartache? Without working 24x7? Without icky marketing & selling?

Then welcome to the #MORE Business Bootcamp! This is an intimate LIVE group program for service based women entrepreneurs. Here, I don’t just ‘teach’ you some theory or strategies or cookie cutter formula! Instead, I help you : 

  • BE the best version of yourself, that your business, your clients, need you to be.
  • DO the right things, at the right time, to create a solid foundation for consistent 5-figure months.
  • HAVE more control, more freedom, more flow, more time, more clients, more money in your business.


Is this You?

You have a service based online business, fueled by purpose and passion.

You’ve been in business for a while now, but it’s still not where you want it to be. You’re still struggling to make consistent five figure months. It feels like you’ve tried everything – you showed up for the webinars, you did the challenges, you did the courses, you showed up on FB, Insta and everywhere else But it still feels like you’re going around in circles, getting nowhere fast.

You’re determined to turn things around. You’ve decided THIS is the year you’re going to create magic in your business; to THRIVE. Instead of that endless hustle and struggle, you want your business to be in a state of ease and flow – and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

You’re ready to take a  QUANTUM LEAP towards the success you deserve. You’re not shy of investing in yourself or your business. You’re totally committed to making shiFt happen.

Imagine the day….

When you finally wake up with your heart full of joy and gratitude

  Knowing that  you have wonderful, soul clients,  lined up to work with you today

  Knowing  EXACTLY what you need to do today to grow your business, and that you are SUPPORTED in doing so. No more hustle. No more burning the mid-night oil alone. No more spinning your wheels. No more chasing shiny here-now-gone-tomorrow-tactics

   Thrilled that your business brings in stable, consistent income each month so that you can indulge yourself  and even take (gasp) holidays!!  Even a few holidays (gasp even more) by yourself, for yourself. No kids. No spouse. Just you.

   Ecstatic that your clients LOVE working with you as much as you LOVE working with them!

   You’re making an impact, changing lives all while just being yourself

   And that in all of this you still have time for a HOT cuppa coffee AND a refreshing shower (and perhaps even Yoga!)  BEFORE you login to your laptop for the day!

And…. You’re looking for someone to help you make this happen! You want someone that can break down complex business strategies and concepts in a way that’s simple, easy and fun and most of all : do-able!

That’s where the #MORE Business Bootcamp comes in.

This program is radically different from any other program in the industry.

It’s a LIVE 12 week, action oriented, group intensive.

High touch. High impact. ONLY 20 women!

It’s designed to create RESULTS in a way that you’ve never seen or experienced before!

What you’ll walk away with

I won’t promise you a million dollar business. I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

Your results will depend on YOU.  If you show up and do the work, you can expect to walk away with:

   A deeper, intimate understanding of your target market, what they want, what they need, how they think – and how best you can reach them. Because that sets the tone for ‘everything’ in your business – the branding, the copy, the messaging, the offers, the marketing.

  A clear, concise USP and message that showcases your brilliance AND is easy for prospective clients to understand,   come to love, and happily share! (because who doesn’t want some client love !! duh!!)

  A set of streamlined offers that create the foundation for a potentially six-figure- business  so that you don’t burnout trying to sell 20 different offers!

  A clear marketing plan with action steps for the next six months to build up to consistent 5-figure months! So that you’ll know exactly what to do, when and how.

  ALL the marketing content for at least one of your offers created and ready to send out to the world so that you hit the ground running!

  Love – being supported and held in love by your ‘business sisters’ from all over the world. It’s a priceless feeling, that can’t quite be described until it is experienced!

  Oh and you’ll likely also experience a warm fuzzy feeling that defies any label knowing that you’re making great money, doing work you love, while you make the world a better place!  You may wanna pinch yourself!


Here’s what some happy clients say about working with me:

I want in already! Where can I sign up?

Module 1: Alignment & Planning

Week  1 – Soulful Alignment: We create the foundation and make sure what you want from your business, what your target market wants, and what you offer are in alignment 😉  You’ll walk away with a clearly defined business goals, a clearly defined target market and a clearly defined unique message to reach out & connect with them.

Week 2 – Smart, Stacked Offers: We run the numbers and help you create a stacked set of offers, so that you can take your biz from ‘side hustle’ to consistent 5-figure months without busting a sweat!

Week 3 – Internet Marketing Simplified: No, you don’t have to write 100 blog posts or create a 1ooo podcasts to ‘build your audience’. I teach you the essence of internet marketing and show you how to leverage it to get the right people signing up for your free calls and email lists!  Then we’ll map out a customized 6-month content marketing plan for YOU, with clear action items, when, how, where to reach out & connect with your target market.

Week 4 – Implementation Week: No new lessons this week! It’s time for you to catch up on any actions from previous weeks AND actually go out there and validate your offers & marketing plan.

Module 2:  Asset Creation

Week  5 – Soulful Selling: This week we  practice how to handle different kinds of outreach sessions – market research calls, discovery calls, free sessions  & case studies – AND have people happily sign up to work with you WITHOUT icky, pushy, used-car-salesman tactics.

Week 6 – Irresistible Freebies & Funnels :  We create irresistible freebies AND a funnel  that’s aligned with your offers so that you can easily attract your ideal soul clients.

Week 7 – Building Connections through Content Marketing: I share my ‘magical’ method to creating ‘marketing content’ that really connects from the heart, gets you leads AND happy clients WITHOUT having to create a 100 pesky blog posts or videos!

Week 8 – Implementation Week: No new lessons this week! It’s time for you to catch up on creating all your ‘marketing content’ and give it a spin out there in the real world!

Module 3:  Expansive Growth

Week  9 – Stepping Up Your Visibility: This week we talk about how to connect with influencers and leverage high growth, high visibility sites and media outlets to build your authority AND connect with your target market – again, all without icky, pushy tactics.

Week 10 – Systems for Growth: It takes a village. It always takes a village. To raise a child. To build a business. I show how to build your village – which tools, which systems, what processes to use to streamline your business so that you have more time and energy to do the work you really love – help your clients through transformations! (yes, we’ll even talk about when, where and how to hire a VA 😉

Week 11 – Open Training: Keeping it open – whatever the group most needs help with!

Week 12 – Implementation Week: No new lessons this week! It’s time to DO – to implement and get feedback on everything you’ve learnt.

What you’ll get inside:

   Weekly videos lessons: streamlined videos with clear, do-able action steps. Because I believe in keeping it simple.  So that you can actually DO the work instead of ending up overwhelmed in a sea of endless videos!

   Regular, personalized advice, reviews and feedback on our weekly group coaching calls & private FB group:  Because you’re  unique. The skills, the passion, the love YOU bring to your business is unique. The fears, the frustrations, the limiting beliefs you hold, are unique. And that’s why the feedback you get, is also unique.

   Dedicated Co-working Implementation weeks: Because I know you’re busy. I know you’re juggling a million responsibilities besides your business.  Every fourth week, we take some time off the lessons, to actual DO the work, to catch up, to reach out. And we do it together on “co-working” calls.

   Tough love and Accountability: To remind you to make your love for your clients stronger than your fears. Because heck, can’t rely on willpower alone can we! There will be days when the lure of Netflix and binge watching will overpower your desire to help the whole world!

   A gorgeous loving community to support you: Because it takes a village to build a business. You’ll be surrounded by women, just like you, on journeys similar to you, to support you, to cheer you on, to stand by you, to believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself!

I want in already! Where can I sign up?

But wait… that’s not all

We’ve got some JUICY BONUSES as well!

BONUS 1: Website In a Box

Because hey, you need a gorgeous, professional website to represent the NEW you!

This is a COMPLETE WordPress + Divi website! Each page’s layout has been carefully designed keeping user experience in mind. So that visitors feel that instant connection with YOU! The best part – since it’s all made with Divi – you can CHANGE any aspect of it. The colors, the fonts, the rows, the columns, the images. Whatever you want to change. In the easiest way possible – with a visual drag and drop editor. Absolutely NO coding required!


Mobile Friendly


Easily Customizable


No Coding Required


Style 1: Vibrant Autum 

Style 2: Calming Ocean

Style 3: Vibrant Pastures 

Style 4: Strong Feminine

BONUS 2: Affirmations & Meditations

so that you can release blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back in business; and help you attract the your ideal soul clients with ease and grace.

BONUS 4: Automate Your Bookings

Leveraging the power of Acuity to automate client payments, bookings, reminders and even gathering testimonials!

BONUS 3: $0 Facebook Marketing

Special masterclass on How to leverage Facebook to connect with your ideal soul clients, for $0. No ads required!


Making numbers your new best friend. Deciphering what the numbers mean for your business, which ones to focus on and how to leverage them to GROW your business.


VIP 1: 6x1:1 deep dive sessions

So that you get even more personalized strategies to help you scale your business. (all sessions to be used within 12 months). [Value $1800]

VIP 3: Winning Website Bootcamp

So that you can create the perfect visual branding, write copy that connects, edit all your website pages AND integrate the required systems – like a pro [Value $497 ]

VIP 2: An extra 3 months of support with 6 extra group coaching calls

To help you sustain the high vibing momentum and growth! [Value $1000]

VIP 4: Content Marketing Bootcamp

So that you can create super charged, high connecting, high converting marketing content effortlessly [Value $497 ]

Choose Your Plan


  • Streamlined video lessons each week with clear, do-able action steps.
  • 12 x group coaching calls for regular, personalized advice, reviews and feedback
  • 3x co-working implementation weeks
  • Private FB community for support
  • Proven scripts and templates
  • 6 month marketing plan with clear action steps
  • Bonus: Professionally designed Website-in-a-box
  • Bonus: The $0 Facebook Marketing Masterclass
  • Bonus: Web Analytics Simplified
  • Bonus: How to automate bookings
  • Bonus: Module specific affirmations and meditations

Get ALL of this awesome support to scale your business for the insanely low price of ONLY 9x$197.

Are you ready for MORE?


Everything in ‘Silver’ PLUS

  • An extra 6 x 1:1 deep dive sessions with me for personalized strategy and feedback (worth $1800)
  • An extra 6x group coaching calls beyond the regular program (worth $1000)
  • Winning Website Bootcamp with step by step instructions on creating your brand, writing your copy & editing your web pages (worth $497)
  • Content Marketing Bootcamp so that you can create super charged, high connecting, high converting marketing content in with ease (worth $497)

The extras alone are worth over $3700…. but… you get ALL of this powerful support to scale your business for the jaw dropping   price of ONLY 6x$497

Are you ready for MORE?


Everything in ‘Gold’ PLUS my special DONE FOR YOU  magic to give you that extra boost to accelerate your business!

  • A professional re-brand that’s oh-so-you  (worth $1000)
  • Carefully crafted copy for your website  (worth $2400)
  • A custom website makeover (WordPress+Divi) Upto 10 pages.  (worth $5500)
  • High converting Marketing Content created for you (worth $1800)
    • 1 ebook
    • 4 blog posts
    • 20 FB posts.
  • Email marketing set up for you  (worth $1500)
    • 1 popup
    • 1 embedded optin
    • 1 funnel (5x emails)

Get ALL of this awesome support to scale your business for the insanely low early bird price of ONLY $8997 until 24th Aug.  Payment plans available on request. No direct bookings.

What Happy Clients Say

I want in already! Where can I sign up?

Got some questions?

When does the program start?

It starts 3rdSeptember, 2018 and wraps up end of November.

When will the group coaching calls be?

They’ll be on Thursday or Friday each week, timing to be decided depending on the participants. The week’s video lessons will be released every weekend. During the week, you implement the stuff on your own. Then end of week, we get on a group call and review your work, answer any questions, give feedback.

What if I can’t join one of the group coaching calls?

No worries! Every group call will be recorded! You can send in your questions / your marketing material for review prior to the call. I’ll answer/review them on the call and you can catch it on the recording!

Till when do we have access to the videos and other materials?

Ooh! It’s “lifetime” access – ie you have access to it for the lifetime of the program – including all future upgrades!

How much time will it take for me to be really successful with this program?

You will need to set aside at LEAST 5 hours each week for this program – to watch the videos, to participate in the calls and to do the work. Honestly, that’s the minimum. Your results are proportional to the focused effort you put in.

I want to launch a group program / course / product. Will MORE work for me?

NO. The MORE Business Accelerator is specifically designed to help you craft, market and successfully sell 1:1 services! If you want to launch an info product / group program, please check out “LaunchPad” my other group program specifically designed for such launches.

Is this program just for women?

YES! The MORE Business Bootcamp is specifically for women entrepreneurs. While the concepts and strategies that are taught in this program apply to ANY heart centered, passion based business – the issues, the challenges and the limiting beliefs that women business owners experience are very different from what men experience. The group coaching calls and FB community are carefully crafted to nurture women entrepreneurs in a safe space.

How much will I earn after this program?

That totally depends on you. While the program itself will teach you the tools to earn a consistent 5-figure income each month, whether or not you do so depends entirely on how well you learn and implement the material.

Do you offer refunds?

Since this is a LIVE group implementation program, I cannot offer refunds. If you’re not quite sure whether this program is right for you just click here to schedule a free exploratory call with me. I’m happy to answer any questions!

What if I have more questions?

No worries! I understand. Just click here to schedule a free exploratory call with me.  I don’t want you signing up unless you’re totally sure this program is right for you!   I only want women who’re totally committed to breaking out of their cocoon and eager to soar to join this program. Because it’s only when you have that hunger & commitment to succeed – can my program be successful!

Ready for MORE?

More Impact. More Clients. More Money.