Jen & Richa

Why & How Women Lost Their Voice – and How To Reclaim it

EmpowHer’d Conversations with Jennifer Lang,
Voice Coach, Abu Dhabi

In this video, we talk about Women’s Voices. And being heard (or not). And speaking up (or not).

This was an emotional one for me. It brought back some rather unpleasant memories. Of the time, I lost my voice. And couldn’t speak. In a job interview, with Nokia. In 2011.

Too often, as women, we don’t even realize we’re being silenced; or that we’re silencing ourselves.

And that’s what Jennifer and I talked about.

  • How to see the signs.
  • How to find your voice again.
  • Why it’s important to OWN your voice whether you’re in corporate or in business for yourself.
  • And how to strengthen it by working with spirit, energy, and the physical body.

Watch it all in this video.


Prefer listening to the audio? Click here

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About Jennifer Lang, Voice Coach, Abu Dhabi

Bio: Jennifer helps women to embrace their voices, their power, and to be hear. She empowers them to share their voice and message with the world. Using her experience and training as a professional opera singer, teacher, Reiki Master, and karate black belt, she supports and encourages women to free the blocks that stop them from using their voices, being visible, and sharing their amazing gifts.

Her Journey: I’ve worked in communications, higher education, and after a life-changing move from Victoria, Canada to Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2015, I decided it was time to heal, train, and be the ultimate inspiration leader for women’s voices all over the world.

Her Quirks: Reiki Master AND Black Belt in karate; Opera singer WHO loves motorcycles; speaks 3 languages and loves potatoes!

Connect With Her: 

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