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You’re here because you’re no longer satisfied with the status quo.

You’re done playing small.

You have BIG DREAMS. You have a BIG VISION. For your business.

You want to make an impact on the world through the work that you do.

And make BIG BUCKS while you’re at it.

Hi, I’m Richa Jain. Business Strategist.

I help women like you, monetize your genius.

  Client Love 

Richa is an absolute find! After 14 years in business, her support was exactly what I/my business needed for the rebrand underway. She brought her keen eye and wise clarity to improve my communications systems, website design, sales page copy, video content, email sequences, and blog posts. What Richa and I were able to accomplish in 4 months time together was pretty amazing, wildly accelerating my process. Her attention to detail, the care she put into understanding of my business, and her laser clarity about how to make things better ... was consistent, collaborative, wise, and always on point. I was ripe and ready to get things done, welcoming her no-nonsense style. I am so grateful to have found Richa, a valued new member to my support dream team.

Tara Sage

Location Independent Bosslady, tarasagecoaching.com , www.tarasagecoaching.com

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