You know you want MORE.

You want more from life.  More impact. More meaning. More time. More freedom. You’re driven by this passion to help more people, to transform more lives.

But you also want more from your business. More clients. More money. You know that the more money you make, the more people you can help. Yes, you’re not squeamish about charging for your services.

And you’re ready to GROW!  Not by ‘just a little bit’…no sirreee! You’re hungry for MORE. Much more! You’re itching for a  QUANTUM LEAP towards the success you deserve. You’re totally committed to making shiFt happen.

Hi, I’m Richa Jain

I help women business owners just like you create more impact, sign up more soul clients AND make more money while doing so.

Without hustling 24x7! Without icky sales tactics! Without exhausting yourself to kingdom come creating an ocean of content!

I help you get out of your own way.

I help you step into your own power.

I help you UPLEVEL your business, and your life.

Because, hey, business and life are intertwined.


Want to explore working with me? Then let’s talk!

Meet Kim Leneghan, the Diabetes Guru. Learn how Kim launched her dream business online WHILE working a day job, no tech knowledge & with 3 kids under 5.




Meet Ulla Gaudin, the Celebrity Makeup Artist. After close to 2 decades in the film industry, Ulla wanted to launch her own business helping other women. Learn how Ulla went from struggling to sell $100 packages in her first year of business, to having clients queue up for her high end $2500 packages and booking 7 speaking engagements.




Meet Vaishnavi, the Elite Chemistry Coach. With a stint at Intel and multiple degrees, including a PhD in Chemistry, Vaishnavi stepped away from the corporate world to do work that was closer to her heart. Learn how she combined her expertise in Chemistry with her love for teaching into a thriving online business. 

My Approach

The first thing we do when we start working together, is we set real tangible goals – for your business, for your life (because business and life are integrated). Financial goals, as well as ‘feeling’ goals – who you want to be, how do you want to feel, in your business. And then we work backwards from there.

We figure out what we need to do to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

I don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions.  Instead I help you figure out the most effective, efficient ways to grow YOUR business and make a positive impact on the world, without loosing your health and sanity or sacrificing time with loved ones.

In our time together, I get you to focus, to commit, and to get things done. With Ease and Grace. We work on 3 core areas:


We make sure you’re set up for success. I support you in getting out of your own way, letting go of the fear, believing you can – and then going out and achieve those ‘impossible’ dreams.


I don’t insist you do X because that’s what worked for me. I pull out my whole toolbox of strategies, from across industries, and help you evaluate which one is most likely to work for YOU.


We co-create. I help you craft the right offers, write tantalizing copy, create your marketing content and show you the right tools to take it all out into the world in the best way possible.

I help you

Create More Impact aka transform more lives
Sign up More Ideal Soul Clients
AND make MORE money in your business


But if you want me to really spell it out,  I help you

   Align your business strategy with who you are and what your big, hairy, scary business goals are

   Identify where and how to connect better with your Ideal Soul Clients

   Create a magical content marketing strategy and write the actual content

   To make sure your offers and programs are a roaring success

   Stand out. Be seen. Be heard. Be celebrated.


Want to explore working with me? Then let’s talk!

Warning: Working With Me Is NOT For Everyone

I’m choosy about who I work with (as you should be too!).

I am committed to delivering lasting change and tangible results. I take only up to five 1:1 clients at a time. So when you sign up for 1:1 work with me, you better be ready to do the work. I set high standards for myself – and insist on the same from you. I have a direct, no BS work style. ’Tough love’ is what clients call it.

I work BEST with women who have a BIG Vision, women who’re on a mission, women who’re out to change the world.

Heart centered, passion driven, service based entrepreneurs, building a personal brand.

Women who’re done with excuses. Women who’re done playing small.

Women who’re ready to commit, to themselves, to their business – and willing, nay eager, to do the work. No matter how uncomfortable it makes them. Women who’re willing to let go of fear, and step in to courage.


Building a business is really a journey of personal transformation.

You have to be willing to let go of you who you were, in order to become who you want to be.

Because your business will only grow as much as YOU do.

Want to explore HOW I can help you grow?

What Happy Clients Say

" Working with Richa has been a game changer! Her ability to connect the dots and to go deep in our strategy sessions allowed me to identify my ideal client and develop my brand marketing.

She inspired me to get out of my comfort zone so my business could flourish!

Richa WAY over delivered!!"

Tracy Martino

Coach, Burnout to Brilliance

“Richa just “gets” what you as the client want, and need.  She’s a web expert, a marketing consultant and a business strategist all rolled up into one. This is a rare skillset to have, and Richa pulls it off with aplomb – such an incredible asset to any business owner. 
You will be glad you worked with Richa!  She’s an asset for any online business!”
Stephanie Roth

Fertility Coach, Your Fertile Self

“Being a Chiropractor and starting to launch into the online world, I had so many things flying through my head that she helped me sort through. She shared a roadmap and a timeline that nobody has done before! “

Tiffany Johnson

Chiropractor, Healing Touch Chiropractic

Richa nailed my problem in an instant! I had too many ideas cycling through my website and in my content that no one would ever have an idea of who I am and what exactly I am about. I wasn’t even sure how to tell people what I did!

With one phone call Richa Identified the problem, but went a step further in helping to give me the permission I needed to scrap the part of the business title and plan that was making me uncomfortable, but that I was also clinging to for validation.

With one small shift I managed to do in one week what I had been trying to do for a year. I now am writing my 3rd course, and I am working out the details of my first ever sales funnel.

I am beyond thrilled with Richa’s follow up, the love, and care that she has shown me has helped me and my confidence as I have made some pretty dramatic decisions and moves.

I have worked with several coaches, but no one was able to get to the heart of the problem the way Richa did. I am beyond grateful!

Willow Bradner

Intuitive Consultant

Two ways we can work together

The soar package

This is for when you want support through a Big Quantum Change : things like revamping your business or launching a new program.

This 12 week of support starts with a 90 minute intensive to map out a custom Blueprint, to get you from where you are right now, to where you want to be. And then we follow it up with 11 x 60 minute sessions, each week, to make sure you have the right mindset, strategy AND execution.. 

In between calls I jump in, roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. With you. We co-create. I review your copy, your pitches, your posts. I tell you which tools to use, how to automate, how to leverage your time.

Your Investment in this 3x $1234 USD only or save $205 by paying $3497 in full. The peace of mind – and happy clients – you get afterwards – priceless!


Book in sessions as and when you need them!

60 min, 1:1, Business Breakthrough Sessions – where we can focus on a specific issue you have or we

  1. Analyze every nook and cranny of your business
  2. Figure out what the gaps are & where things are falling through
  3. And more importantly – identify what can you do to not just streamline your business but have it soaring in no time!

After that you can implement things on your own. Book in follow up sessions with me as and when you feel the need.

Your investment in each session – $297. The peace of mind – and happy clients – you get afterwards – priceless!

* ps: I have a team on standby to help with implementation. We can create your website, funnels, sales pages, marketing etc should you want any of those done for you (at an additional cost)

Still undecided eh?

It’s simple really. Are you ready for MORE?

More impact. More clients. More money.

Still undecided eh?

It’s simple really. Are you ready for MORE?

More impact. More clients. More money.