It took me a really really long time to write this page. Where do I start? What do I say? Because business and life are intertwined. I started my own business so that I could BE ME, fully, un-apologetically. And in the process, create a life, and business, I love.

Today I help other women do the same. I’ve been analyzing businesses as a ‘hobby’ since 2006. The Ex started a brick and mortar gaming lounge somewhere in 2009-2010 – that failed miserably and in the process got me started on this whole internet marketing thing.

Since 2014, when I finally went in to business for myself, my business has grown, it has changed form. From freelance tech writing, to a small copy writing firm, to web design and now consulting.

When I started way back when… I read all the long blog posts, I scourged all the ‘ultimate lists’, I followed all the internet marketing ‘gurus’ religiously, I signed up for courses and group programs and masterminds and coaches… each time falling for the promises …. “Follow this Formula and do the work, you’ll be making 6 figures in no time”, “This program will take from NO idea to a sold-out-launch in 35 days”

And then I’d beat myself up when those programs didn’t work for me. When I couldn’t muster up the heart to go out and bombard people with emails and FB posts about how awesome I am and say some version of “work with me or else you’ll regret it” … I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought I was the odd one out. The loser…. because hey, it worked for everyone else (or so it seemed to me!!)

It didn’t help that I was going through major upheavels on the personal front as well. In 2014, I was trying to get out of an abusive marriage. I’d just quit my cushy corporate tech job (as a senior tech manager, at a big semiconductor firm, after 20 years in tech and 2 patents!).  The Ex had blown up my savings (he’d been unemployed for 5 of the 7 yrs we were married!). And I suddenly found myself a single mom, in India, with a 5 yr old son, with no support whatsoever.

All those courses and programs just weren’t helping!!  Instead they were shattering what was left of my confidence. They promised quick results. They promised easy. But they ignored the reality of my life. AND they didn’t tie in with my principles or how I wanted to run my business.

They just didn’t work for me. As an introvert. As a woman. As a single mom.

Fast forward to 2017.

I stopped listening to all the gurus. I tapped in to the genius within. I went back to core principles. I went back to the core of what had made me so successful in my corporate career……… When I looked back over my career, I realized ………

I’d always been assigned the brand new, undefined, OMG-no-one-else-has-a-clue projects aka high risk, high visibility ‘impossible’ projects no one wanted to risk their neck on.  And I had a way of stepping in, making sense of contradictory requirements, translating them to concrete terms and goals, and finding the most effective and efficient and ‘effortless’ way of making it happen. I made order from chaos.

But… making things happen – requires that, well, you have to get people to do the impossible. I had this way of connecting with people, who they really are inside…. and being able to bring out the best in them. To make them believe in themselves, to be the best version of themselves, so that together, we could make those impossible goals come true.

I also did a ton of healing, of inner work, of energy work and stepped up to tune in to my intuition – which ironically, had been guiding me all along, I just didn’t know it back then.

I love how things have shaped up. Friends joke that I live a semi-retired life 😉  I rarely seem to be working! In the last 16 months itself (as of writing this) my son and I have traveled all over the world

  •  2 months from SanFrancisco to San Diego going to almost every park in between – from national parks to theme parks (yep. local friends tell me we’ve seen & done more in CA in 2 months than they have have in 10 years!)
  • 3 weeks in the remote areas of Bihar and Jharkand
  • 2 weeks trekking the Himalayas in Nepal (to Annapurna Base Camp)
  • 1 week in enjoying the beaches of Krabi & PhiPhi in Thailand
  • We moved in to our own house
  • AND I’ve helped HUNDREDS of women across the world GROW their business.

I’ve done all this, working about 100 days a year, each year since 2015 (because after trips to court and lawyers and the passport office and the police station and school meetings  and school holidays and sick days and all the other activity days for my son … well, that’s just how much time I got! I’ve tracked it – every year!)

So, what changed?

Well, everything!

I learnt to believe in myself.

I learnt to trust my intuition.

I learnt to stop listening to the internet marketing gurus and stand up to do things my way.

I learnt to tune in to the feminine way of doing business. By connecting. By being of service. By being unapologetically me.

I learnt to grow my business with flow and ease and grace.

Instead of 24x7 hustle and pushy sales tactics. 


I help women like you  create the kind of business,

that empowers you to live, and work,

on your own terms.

Make more Impact. Sign up more Clients. Make more Money.

In the paradigm of feminine leadership.

Lean Businesses. Bootstrapped.

Businesses with a focus on being a force for good in the world.

Businesses that bring together Passion, Purpose AND Profits.


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