Dorena Kohrs : Breathing Room Professional Organizing

Though she calls herself a Professional Organizer, her work is about so much more than just organizing spaces.  Her work is about creating ‘Breathing Room’ in people’s lives.  Creating spaces where energy can flow freely.

The challenge was in conveying that sense of space, of ease, of flow, instead of just harping on the importance of organizing. That meant that instead of using staid images of messy closets versus a neatly organized wardrobe and the cliched “before and after” images that most organizers use, we had to think out of the box.

Branding and Website:

Dorena already had her logo ready, and had zero’d in on that one shade of blue for her branding. We took it a step further teaming up that blue with complimentary shades of grey, white and beige.

On the website itself, we used a lot of white space and subtle hues to convey that sense of space. For that calming energy, we used blue hues in the backgrounds, as overlays, and in the headings.

We kept the copy simple, direct and straight from the heart to be able to relate to visitors on a more personal level, instead of the usual copy around ‘how to organize’ and the ‘benefits of organizing’. This works well for Dorena because she works mostly 1:1 with her clients.


Visit the live site [Note: the live site may change over time => so, say 1 year later, it may look diff from the image above!]

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