Things to reflect on BEFORE you sign up with an expert coach/healer/consultant/specialist :
1. ) Are you open to receiving guidance and feedback and support? Esp when it’s a different direction from what you were thinking; or when it makes you uncomfortable?
Many women are just not open to receiving support.
And when it’s given to them, they shy away. They second guess the support/feedback AND themselves.
Some personality types (like me) just can’t “Take” advice or follow instructions. We have to learn for ourselves through trial and error.
There’s no point in hiring an expert to tell you what to do – and then not do it.
THere’s no point hiring an expert to do something for you – and then not use it.
2) Are you in a position to IMPLEMENT what the expert/coach/healer/consultant recommends?
For example if you hire a coach to help map out a funnel or map out your FB ads and grow your list – but after they do – you don’t know how the heck to set up a landing page, connect it to your email marketing service etc etc and yet you can’t hire the help to do it for you….guess what?
Or say a healer tells you to take it slow for 2 weeks to allow for integration but you have 3 weddings to organize along with a party for 100 pre-school kids……guess what ? That healing isn’t going to integrate and you’re going to feel out of sorts.
3. Are you ready to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your decisions, actions and growth?
No matter what their sales page says, an expert/coach/healer/consultant is not the magical solution to all your problems.
Only YOU can do that – ie magically solve all your problems.
An expert/coach/healer/consultant can HELP you.
They can support you
They can guide you
They can give you feedback
But at the end of the day – you HAVE TO DO THE WORK.
You ARE responsible for your results.
And you know all those raving testimonials those coach/healer/consultant have about 10K days and 100K months?
It’s because those clients OWNED THEIR POWER
Because those clients WERE READY.
Because those clients DID THE WORK
Oh, and they probably ALSO worked with 5 OTHER coaches/healers/consultants to help them with different aspects.
Are you willing and ready to take such a TOTAL AND COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY for your own growth? Are you willing to own your power? Or are you constantly giving it away, expecting others to have a magical solution for you?
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