Every online business owner wants to get visible online – but there’s a big question mark about how to actually get featured on these sites.
Being visible on authority sites like Entrepreneur, Forbes or others more specific to your niche helps in 2 ways
1. It helps establish you as an authority figure.
2. It helps drive HUGE traffic back to your site / profile.
Actually, not just Entrepreneur & Forbes – that’s the whole idea about get featured as a guest on podcasts, on blog, on summits.
Keep that in mind when you pitch!
So how does one do it?

1. Contact & Connect: Reach Out Providing Some Value

People often just reach out to editors/site owners talking how great “I” am and therefore YOU should interview me, or let me do a guest post on your site.
But similar to your business focus… always remember.. it’s always about “them”.
Always reach out to the editors/site owners offering some value . First try to build a connection with them, BEFORE you pitch them. That value/connection can be as simple as
  • A compliment / comment on their earlier post
  • A link/video they may like or find helpful
  • A new concept/idea you think their audience may like.
This outreach can be via email, FB, twitter etc, whichever way works for you. Most big publications list their editors. You can find their email, FB or twitter handle as a starting point.
Some sites have a “Write for Us” page, or specific guidelines. Look them up.

2. Pitch

Once you’ve built up the connection, next comes the pitch.
Don’t just pitch yourself. Pitch something that will add IMMENSE value to THEIR readers.
Always keep in mind – what’s in it for THEM ?
And explictly state that in your pitch.
What’s in it for the publisher/editor – how will it make them look good? Or make their life easier?
What’s in it for the readers/viewers – how will it help them?
Some magazines may require you to send in the full article beforehand. But unless the magazine explicitly asks for it, just send in a summary.
Understand that editors are busy and don’t want to read through a lengthy piece!
Rather, they don’t even want to read through a looong email! Make it EASY for them! Keep your email simple, to the point, highlighing whats in it for them.
Avoid pitching on a Monday or a Friday! Guess why? ??

3. Follow Up

Always follow up. 99% people don’t follow up. So when you do.. you stand out. Editors of large publications get hundreds of pitches each day. They may have simply forgotten yours.
Follow up 1: If you don’t hear back from them in 1 week.. send a gentle reminder.. “Hey just wanted to make sure you got my mail”.
Follow up 2 : If they reject your idea/pitch. It’s not the end of the world. Follow up again. This time, ask for feedback.
“Hey, I understand you’re busy. But I really love your publication / what you stand for and I would like to help your readers. So I would really appreciate some feedback. Do you think it’s not relevant to your audience?
How could I make it easier/better for you? What kind of articles are you looking for?”
Based on their response, follow up with another pitch 2-3 weeks later.

4. Say “Thank You!”

Once you are published..write in to them and say Thank YOU! Too many people forget simple niceties go a long way.
This simple act may just get you an invite for an ecore – or something bigger and better!


Once you are published.. promote it EVERYWHERE.
Share on your personal FB profile, your page, your newsletter, other groups where it may be relevant and most of all ADD IT TO YOUR WEBSITE.
You can create a new blog post with a summary of your article, and a link back saying “go read the full article here”. Make sure to put this under a special category so your visitors can see at a glance where you’ve been published.
Once you have 3-4 such posts on authority sites.. put it on your home/other pages in the header/footer/wherever “As seen on” or “As featured in”.
[Note all of this holds for Guest Posts as well as Interviews.]
So now you know HOW to do it.. go out and actually do it!!

Are you ready to fast track your business?

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