Itching to create high-end offers for those dream clients?
Then please read this before you jump all in.
I know many business owners, esp coaches, consultants, freelancers dream to sell those $5K, $10K, $20K packages –
So that they can make that $100K, $200K or whatever their annual income goal is with just a handful of high-end clients.
I mean, come on, let’s face it, that’s quite tempting!
And yes, it’s ‘relatively’ easy to create (aka cook up in your brain) a $5K, or even a $10K offer.
I help clients do it.
I help people watching my free webinars & training do it.
But cooking up a high end offer – is just 0.1% of the game.
And that’s why I’m sharing this post.
Before you jump all in – this is what you need to know.
⭐️ The Mindset Gurus will tell you it’s all in the mind. You’ve got to recognize your expertise, to value it, to step out of your comfort zone and charge what you’re worth.
⭐️ The Energy workers and healers will tell you it’s all about raising your vibe, your energy, to feel it as if it already is, to “step into the person you want to be”, to attract those dreamy high-end clients.
⭐️ The Copy Writers and Web Developers will say you need a compelling, optimized sales page to match that high end offer.
⭐️ The Business Strategist will help you craft an irresistible offer. And a marketing plan. And a Lead generation plan. And hopefully also help you systematize it.
⭐️ The Branding Expert will say you need photos and branding and backgrounds that match that high-end.
⭐️ The Funnel and Ad strategist will tell you they can get you “quality high end leads” by creating an amazing funnel.
Do you get the drift? Depending on who you’re talking with/following – they’ll likely tell you that THEIR skill/specialty/domain is EXACTLY what you need to land those high end clients.
If you’re lucky, you may find someone who can help you with more than one of those elements. Like me 😂 Clients call me a unicorn! 😂
But jokes apart, it takes ALL of those skills – and more – to create a sustainable business with high end clients.
And no one course or program or person can help you with it all.
1. First you gotta be not just really good at what it is you do – but out-of-this-world awesome! And you gotta know it, and believe it! Believe enough to do #2
2. Then you gotta pack up your juicy awesome into OMG-I-Just-HAVE-to-have-THIS-RIGHT-NOW-I-don’t-care-about-the-price package! So that you can actually charge those appropriately out-of-this-world prices.
3. For that you need to understand your target market better than they know themselves. You’ve got to really get inside their head.
4. You’ve got to find them – make that first contact where they hang out. And make sure they’re the kind you have the deep pockets aka the inclination and the means to pay you top dollar!
5. You gotta connect with them – show them you understand where they are at, where they want to get to, and that you are teh best person to get them there!
6. You gotta ask for that sale like a boss. And not fumble and squirm and keep praying they don’t refuse.
7. You gotta deliver on what you promised, and more, way more… the that they go into delightful rapture every time they think of you – and happily refer you other friends with deep pockets.
What does all that mean for YOU and your biz??
🤩 If you’re still trying to serve everyone, and are wishy washy about what your target market really wants – you’re not quite ready for high end clients. Work on that first.
🤩 If you’re constantly second guessing yourself and wondering whether you’ll ever get any clients or whether you need to get a bridge job – – you’re not quite ready for high end clients. Work on becoming the expert and building an unshakeable belief in yourself.
🤩 If your current network, audience, tribe, email list, followers are the kind who’re struggling to pay the bills and keep looking for ways to save $2 on a latte all the time – you have to ask yourself what’s the chance that one of them has deep enough pockets to pay for that high end package? Even if you do manage to get a few – what next? What happens when you’ve tapped out all the fish in that pond? How are you going to get into that circle, that network of people with deep pockets – who’d happily pay for your services? You need to plan ahead for that.
🤩 You also need to have the ability and the infrastructure in your business to deliver that high end experience. You don’t want to be “that coach” or “that service provider” who clients cry about and feel ripped off from!
🤩 Another side effect of working with just a handful of high end clients is that well – social proof sometimes becomes limited. You have fewer client testimonials / transformations to share. And fewer ppl to shout from the rooftops about how awesome you are, and fewer people who will refer others to you. Which means YOU have to put in that much extra effort to generate enough buzz to build that momentum in your business.. As comared to having a “100 raving fans” who tell the whole world how awesome you are aka generate buzz, referals for you.
I could go on and on.
But the bottom line is – be smart. Decide for yourself.
Is your business – and are YOU – READY to go all in with high end packages and clients?
If not – why not?
Work on addressing those issues first.
Each business, each business is owner – is different. Though we all share some common ground.
Each comes with their own skills, their own baggage.
The issues/obstacles you need to overcome to get to those high level packages and clients – may be different.
Look for the person who can help YOU, support you, in addressing the issues YOU need.
Who understands your flavor of quirkiness, how your amazingness and your messiness, your strengths and your flaws all come together.
Who can spot the gaps in your business and help you build a solid foundation – not just apply band aids all over and create a high tower than can barely stand by itself.
Long post, but I wanted to share, esp because I see a buzz around going “High End” these days…
Hope it helps you better figure out the next step in your business!
Much love,
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