Overcome Your Discomfort Around Finances & Take Charge of Life

EmpowHer’d Conversations with Debbie Sassen,
Financial Planner, Money Coach, Israel


Money is a difficult issue for people to talk about. Especially for women.

And yet that’s what Debbie and I did.

We talked about money. And finances.

And about the times I was ‘mansplained’ by insurance agents and investment advisers.

Debbie and I talk about the kind of issues women face when it comes to managing their money.

We covered

– The first place to start: learning the language of money

– The golden rule: never do something you don’t understand

– How to have those ‘difficult’ money conversations with your spouse or other half

– and How taking care of your money is really an act of extreme self care

Ready to overcome your discomfort around managing your money and FINALLY take charge of your life?

Watch this video.


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About Debbie Sassen, Financial Planner, Money Coach, Israel

Her Bio: Debbie helps smart, talented people develop a healthy and confident relationship with money – without the financial mumbo jumbo. She works with women and couples to demystify finance, understand how money works and grow their wealth. Debbie combines practical financial knowledge with a kinder, more conscious and deeply wise way of doing money. She addresses the numbers as well as the emotional components that frequently fuel money behavior.

Her Journey: Debbie is a former Wall Street investment banker from NYC (including stints at Goldman Sachs and other big names) with over 30+ years’ experience in financial services. After the birth of her eighth child (!) Debbie decided it was finally time to ditch sitting in traffic jams every day so she could slow down and craft life on her terms. Nine years ago, Debbie transitioned to personal financial planning.

Her Quirks: I’m an earth-mama who loves kneading dough and baking bread for my large family. I’m an incorrigible chocoholic (high quality dark chocolate only).

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