How to Identify – and Get Through – a Spiritual Sh!tStorm

EmpowHer’d Conversations with Kim Williams,
Sassy Spiritual Coach, Australia

Remember Donna from the TV series “Suits”?

That used to be Kim.  Smart, Sassy, one of a kind. Powerful Executive Assistant to powerful C-Suite executives!

Find out how her life took a total 180 degree turn and she went from Corporate to a Healer and Spiritual Coach.

In this call, we talk about

  • Why we both left corporate
  • How we ended up with ‘undefined’ medical issues for so long AND how we got over them.
  • How to identify a “Spiritual Shitstorm” and know when you’re ready to “step into Woo”
  • Embracing your spirituality – who you are, your truth.
  • Standing up for ourselves. Standing up for each other, as women.
  • How much life has changed for us after corporate.
  • How empowering – and freeing – it is to start your business…

Okay, we talked about a lot really. Watch it all in this video.


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About Kim Williams, Sassy Spiritual Coach, Australia

Her Journey & Bio: After having spent over 15 years working in Corporate and Education systems within Australia supporting Executives in achieving their goals, Kim realised that what she had at one time longed to do no longer made her heart sing and she turned to her intuition to guide her into the next steps. After a fairly messy Spiritual Shitstorm where all that once made sense fell away, Kim found her way back to her Healer and Mystic abilities.

As a Reiki Master and Teacher and Woman of Woo, she now teaches others how to recognise the energy within and around you, how to ride out the storm(life change) when it arrives and practical and easy spiritual methods to connect with your Spiritual Pit Crew of Angels and Guides.

Practical Spirituality for the Modern Woman

Her Quirks: Tarot/Oracle/Angel card collection, Stationery addict and a crystal collector aka Sparkle Tart!

Connect With Her: 

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