Ever thought of energy as Masculine versus Feminine?

This is the ONE CORE CONCEPT, that could change the way you see your job or your business.
EmpowHer’d Conversations with Saule Atantay,
Feminine Leadership Coach, Transformational Energy Healer, Kazakhistan


Saule Atantay worked in corporate finance for close to 2 decades at firms like Ernst & Young, Halliburton, Mars (Wrigley’s).

In this conversation, instead of financial balance sheets, we talk about energetic balance.

Want to know how Saule went from corporate finance to energy healing?

Want to understand why there are so few women at the top of the Corporate ladder? Why smart, ambitious women are starting their own businesses?

Want to know how to grow your own business by embracing your Feminine?

And no, feminine energy doesn’t mean looking all pretty. There’s more to it than portrayed in popular media. Feminine energy can be strong. Feminine energy IS strong.

Watch this video.

Saule and I talk about

  • Paradigms of feminine and masculine energy; how they show up in Corporate as well as in the entrepreneurial world.
  • How STRONG women struggle to fit in the ‘masculine’ corporate and business worlds… especially when they are ‘forced’ to deny their femininity and adopt masculine ways in order to climb the ladder.
  • Why most of the (career and business) advice out there does NOT apply to women
  • How to step up and own your power AND grow your business, the feminine way.

About Saule Atantay, Feminine Leadership Coach, Transformational Energy Healer, Kazakhistan

Bio: Saule Atanty helps women entrepreneurs lead and grow in the paradigm of Feminine Leadership. As the former CFO of Mars (Wrigley’s) and a skilled transformational healer, Saule brings a potent blend of strategy and intuition to her work.

Her Journey: After 19 years in the heavily masculine world of corporate finance, burning out, denying her femininity, sacrificing family, she decided to opt out and instead pursue her true calling – healing women, balancing their masculine and feminine energies, leading transformation.

Her Quirks: From being a CFO to mastering healing modalities, and travelling the world while based in Kazakhistan – what more can I say!

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