Money Matters: Making Money Your New Best Friend

EmpowHer’d Conversations with Cindy Taylor,
Accountant & Money Mentor, Australia

As little girls, we were told not to talk about money, to not worry our pretty heads about it, that it’s too complicated for us to understand, that we should leave it to the menfolk.

And no matter how much we rebel against it, some of that message stays with us as we grow up, and start our own businesses. Money continues to be this ‘dirty’ thing that we’d rather not deal with.

And yet, unless you get comfortable with money, earning it and managing it, your business wont grow.

So here’s to getting comfortable with money, to owning our money stories and all the emotions around it; and turning things around to make money your friend!

In this conversation with Cindy, we talk about

  • How Business is really personal; and money doesn’t define success.
  • Why women have such a hard time dealing with money (hint: it’s not what you think)
  • How a simple change in perspective – giving your money a purpose – can help you get over money blocks and set you up for success
  • Money isn’t just about the numbers – it’s purely emotional.
  • What happens when see money as a form of energy; what happens when you can ‘play’ with money.
  • The emotional turmoil when women become breadwinners


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About Cindy Taylor, Money Mentor, Australia

Bio:  Hello, I am Cindy Taylor. Creative, deeply spiritual and heart-centered, I am as individual and independent as my clients. I am an Accountant and Money Mentor and I help women business owners feel great about making money. My mission is to share my expertise and help women build their business confidence through solid money management.

Her Journey: An accountant by profession, Cindy has been in financial services for over 25 years. After her encounter with a disease beyond medical professionals, Cindy chose to step back and live consciously – which included leaving her corporate job and instead, helping other women learn to master their money.

Her Quirks: She’s trekked through Ladakh, like 20 years ago; and even today her favorite part of the week are her bike rides through the picture perfect landscapes of Byron Bay.

Connect With Her: 

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