Hate going to work every morning? Specially when the kiddo has a runny, red nose and a tear stained face. But you just have to drop him off at day care.

Are you tired of being Super Woman? Squeezing ten thousand things-to-do around the house for the kids, for the spouse, for everyone else – at the end of a full day at the office.

Wish you had the time, and the energy, to actually enjoy, to feel, to be? To sit back with a cuppa hot tea (or something stronger), enjoy a quiet moment by yourself. Without anyone screaming for you. Or any fires to put out.

Stuck in a job you hate? Working for someone else? Doing work that’s just so not ‘you’? That numbing feeling…. that you have so much more to offer to the world… that you could have been so much more…

Not so long ago… that used to be me.

Just For A Minute….. Imagine…..

Me. Goa. 2012.

» A life you don’t need a vacation from.

» Where you have control over when you work, where you work from.

» Where you feel fulfilled- doing work that truly uses your skills, your abilities, the essence of who you are. Creating value. For yourself. For others.

» And making good money at it.

» All so that you have the time, energy, and money to do the things that matter. To You.

That’s where I am today. 

But It Wasn’t Always This Way

I’d been on the treadmill non-stop for the last 20 years.

I wasn’t really ambitious and gunning for the corner office. I was just a perfectionist. Typical Type-A Virgo.  So I’d push myself to be the absolute best at whatever I took up. My work had always been demanding. And I never shied away from it. I loved a challenge. I loved doing the impossible. Pushing myself. Striving. Achieving.

CheckMark  Got those College Degrees. Dual Degrees (BTech + MTech), from IIT-Bombay; MPWE (Entrepreneurship Program for Women) from IIM-B; both the best schools in India.

CheckMark  Got 2 Tech patents. Worked at some of the world’s best semiconductor software companies – Nvidia, Broadcom, Texas Instruments – developed cutting edge software. , delivered impossible products, managed cross functional teams across the globe.

Me. Lost. In Brugge. 2006.

Me. Lost. In Brugge. 2006.

CheckMark Traveled the world. By myself.

CheckMark Bought car. Bought house. Got Married. Had a kid. Settled down.

At each step, I did everything I was supposed to be doing.

But I wasn’t happy. I was miserable. I felt, well, like a hamster on a wheel.

I realized that the path I was on, was just not me.

That’s not what I wanted from life.

It was as if I was working double shifts – in two very different worlds. The corporate persona – ace coder, then awesome manager (yes, even if I say so myself). Delivering against impossible deadlines, fire fighting and fixing things that couldn’t be fixed.

2010. When I took a 6 week residential program in Business School. So I could get some sleep. Yes.

2010. When I took a 6 week residential program in Business School. So I could get some sleep. Yes.

On the way home, the-fix-it-all princess turned into Cinderella. I’d return to the second shift. Cooking. Cleaning. Laundry. Burping (the kid). Taking him to the park. Cooking some more. And hating it all.

From the outside.. I “had it all”. And yet on the inside, I felt like a total and utter failure. That my life was falling apart. Like I didn’t matter. That I hadn’t done enough. That I wasn’t enough. No matter how hard I tried.

I was juggling way too many roles. I was often at crossroads, watching those roles clash.

I had lost touch with who I was, and what I really wanted.

I got  only an hour or so with my son each day. Most of that was spent cajoling him to eat, or have a bath, or not throw the bowl out the balcony (we lived on the fifth floor back then). I never quite got to actually enjoy that hour with him. (read all about it on my mommy blog).

I was perpetually exhausted. Perpetually sick (migraines, breathing problems, eye issues, low BP, fainting spells..yes, all the weird inexplicable stuff).

It felt like there was no way out.

Until … Until I stepped up & took control of my life.


The view from my couch. Where I usually work.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked to turn my life around. Slowly. Consciously. Painfully. 2014 brought it all to a head. It was the year of courage for me.

I quit my job.  I became my own boss and started a content writing business, and then web design. Both a far cry from my roles in the corporate world. But both, a natural expression of me.

The then-husband left a few months later. The kid and became a single parent family. I spent most of 2015 crying. In grief, in rage, in relief and a realization of the abuse I’d been putting up with.

I made a down payment on my dream house and while I waited for it I moved into an apartment with an amazing view, and a oh-so-awesome garden that’s just perfect for the kid and me.

Each of those was a major life change, that is spread across years for most people. For me, it all came together in one year. Coincidence. Or perhaps the Universe moving things along for me.

But with all that, there was the good. The summer, was  different. I didn’t panic about day care arrangements. And summer camps. I didn’t struggle to keep the kid busy while I ran to office.

Instead, the kid and I had a blast. We played. We planted. We watched a ton of TV. We had icecream for breakfast. We laughed. A lot. I  got more hugs and kisses from him in those 2 months, than I had in the previous 6 years. All this while I worked from home. Or the playground.

Rare pic with the son who hates posing for the camera.

Rare pic with the son who hates posing for the camera.

The changes weren’t overnight. They were slow. Painful. And incredible. It was One day at a time. One step at a time. Over the last 5 years (read all about it on my personal blog).

I’ve managed to create a life I love. A life I don’t need a vacation from.

A few years ago, I didn’t even dare dream of this. This was beyond my realm of possibility. But…Today, I work from home. For myself.

Through my  programs, I help other women create the kind of business, and life, that makes their heart sing.

Sometimes, my son, or client’s kids join us on calls. They ask questions, they ‘help us’, sometimes they just snuggle in. Yes. That’s how moms work.

I am grateful. It’s rare to be able integrate work that you love, into the rest of life.. especially the  motherhood part of it.

BizWithheartNow I help women like you Live Richer.

I help you reclaim your life.

By creating the kind of business,

that empowers you to live, and work,

on your own terms.


Living Richer isn’t just about the money. Though money is a part of it.

Being financially independent was a major factor in enabling me to re-structure my life. That’s what really holds so many women back. The fear of money.

Living Richer, is more a state of being. 

HaveDoBeWhere you’re following your dreams, your passions.

Where you have the freedom to work, live, and just be.. the way you want to.

Where you get to choose, and be, the best version of you.. that you want to.

That’s why I help women set up a service based, online business, working from home.

No huge capital investment upfront. No VC. No fancy offices. No team. No inventory.

We create a business based on your Brains. Your Expertise. Your Skills.

We start small and then we build it up, scale it how and when we want.

We build the business, around your life. Not mess up the rest of life in an attempt to build your business.

Since 2015,  I’ve helped dozens of women change the way they see themselves, and their business. This is what they say.


Today, I dare you to dream bigger.

To go beyond what you thought possible.

To reach out for what  you truly believe in.

To create the kind of life, you don’t want a vacation from!

But….. It all starts with Desire.


How Bad Do YOU Want it?

The world needs more women like you and me.

Women who dare to forge their own path.

Join me and the community of smart, ambitious, women entrepreneurs

As we create a Richer Life.

ps: it's free!