Are you ready to leverage your passion, your purpose,

your expertise, to build a profitable online business?

Making good money, doing work that you love – while helping other people?

The #PassionPurposeProfit Incubator is an intimate environment for smart women solo-preneurs to build their business and thrive together!

With flow and ease and grace. Instead of 24×7 hustle and pushy sales tactics.

Creating a lean, bootstrapped business.

A business that bring together Passion, Purpose AND Profits.

In the paradigm of feminine leadership. By connecting. By being of service.

By being unapologetically You!

Just for a minute, imagine …….

Days when you wake up with your heart full of joy and gratitude 

   Knowing that you have wonderful, soul clients, lined up to work with you! Ecstatic that your clients LOVE working with you as much as you LOVE working with them!

   Thrilled that your business brings in stable, consistent income each month so that you can indulge yourself and even take (gasp) holidays!! Even a few retreats (gasp even more) for yourself! 

  Knowing EXACTLY what you need to do today to grow your business, and that you are SUPPORTED in doing so. No more hustle. No more burning the mid-night oil alone. No more spinning your wheels. No more chasing shiny here-now-gone-tomorrow-tactics

   And that in all of this you still have time for a HOT cuppa coffee AND a refreshing shower (and perhaps even Yoga!) BEFORE you login to your laptop for the day!


That’s where the PassionPurposeProfit Incubator comes in.

The PPP Incubator is a unique membership + mentoring program designed to

support you in taking your business from idea to your first $100K!

You may have tried a dozen other courses and programs…

But something’s still missing!

This program is different from anything you’ve every tried before in 3 ways

Comprehensive Trainings

All the essentials, everything you need to know about building an online business – in ONE place! We cover Mindset + Strategy + Implementation – all the core pillars of building an online business!


I don’t just tell you WHAT to do, I show you HOW to do it! Step by step! With real world practical examples and easy to use templates! 

Plus we have monthly Get-Shift-Done sprints for that extra support to implement what you’ve learnt!

Coaching & Support

And I hold your hand every step of the way through group coaching sessions, monthly sprints and a private Facebook community for support. No more struggling alone! No more second guessing yourself! Just moving forward, with ease and grace!

This Program does not give you a blueprint OR a quick fix!

It does NOT give you ONE formula and say “follow my formula for success.”

Because each entrepreneur, each woman, each business is unique.

I’ll ask you to show up with an open mind and a willingness to question and to explore.

I’ll ask you tough questions to help you go deeper than you’ve ever gone before!

Instead of formulas and tactics, you’ll learn the concepts, the tools and the strategies

to help you build your dream business, on your own terms!

I won’t give you a blueprint! Instead I’ll show you how to make your own!

When you integrate these concepts, these principles, these strategies  your business will change. And so will you. That’s a promise!

Are you ready to Monetize Your Genius?

When you join the Passion+Purpose=Profit Incubator you will

  Learn how to build your online business, without hustling 24×7, without icky, pushy sales and marketing tactics, without compromising on the important things, and people in your life.  Mindset, strategy, implementation – we cover it all! From business basics to course creation . From freebies to funnels. From lead generation to sales. From meditations to marketing software

 Be supported by me AND also by a tribe of like minded, women entrepreneurs on a similar business journey as you. No more struggling away behind a laptop in isolation. No more trying to explain your soul’s work to people who just don’t get it. No more second guessing yourself. Experience the power, and the joy, of being unconditionally accepted and fully supported.

So that you can build a successful business you love, helping transform lives the world over, all the – while working from home (or anywhere you want!) !

The Mindset + Strategy + Implementation Approach

The PP Incubator is specially designed to handle the issues and blocks most new entrepreneurs face.

Unlike most other business courses, we don’t just tell you what to do and then leave you struggling to actually to do it!!

We show you how to do it AND we hold your hand through it!


Your mindset. Your target market’s mindset. And when you really understand these two mindsets – that’s when true magic happens in your business. Because this is what really sets the tone for everything!


There are literally hundreds of ways you can go about building your business. In these courses, I show you the options and then I help you map out the shortest path to your end goal!


It’s not just what you do – but HOW you do it that matters. The devil is in the details. I show you the easiest, the most effective and the most efficient ways to get things done – tools, systems, processes, templates~

If not now, then when?

One year later where will you be?

Look, you could keep trying to do it all yourself – yes, there are a TON of free youTube videos, and articles and what not on the Internet.

You could try signing up for a one course here, another there…and burn a big hole in your pocket, and still feel like there are a million pieces of the puzzle still missing.

You could try to do it all alone, slogging away behind your computer, constantly second guessing yourself, wondering how the hell to apply XYZ to YOUR business…

You could keep putting it off for “someday”.. when you’ll have more time, more certifications, and a whole lotta more other things…

prioritizing everyone else, and everything else, over yourself, and your business…..

And chances are high that one year later, you’ll be pretty much be right where you are today!

Is that what you really want?

Are you ready to Monetize Your Genius?

How It Works:

Each month, inside the PPP Incubator you will get

Business Building Courses

Streamlined, to the point, get-sh!t-done kinda video lessons walking you through every step of the journey of taking your online business from idea to $10K months. Clients tell me I have the knack for breaking down even the most complex ideas into simple, easy, do-able steps.

An Extraordinary Growth Community

A sisterhood of  like minded women, walking a similar path as you, to support you. Because it takes a village to build a business. You’ll be surrounded by women, just like you, on journeys similar to you, to support you, to cheer you on, to stand by you, to believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself!

Group Coaching Sessions

Monthly group coaching sessions with me to answer all your questions and get feedback on your business.

Expert Training Sessions

Special training sessions with hand picked experts for specific ‘complimentary’ but essential things you need to build your business – like legals, like accounting, like mindset stuff.

Get-Shift-Done Sprints

Monthly themes to help you focus and get things done as you build your online business.

Are you ready to Monetize Your Genius?

Business Trainings  include (but are not limited to)

Course 1:  Building a Profitable Online Business

Streamlined lessons to help you create a solid foundation for your online business, including

  • Revenue models:  Understand online revenue models and choose ones that are best for you.
  • Niching: Identify a Profitable Niche and Target Market
  • Positioning: Establish yourself as the expert in the online world
  • Messaging: Craft your core message for an instant connection
  • Packaging: Create offers & programs that sell like hot cakes
  • Pricing: Price your services in a way that has clients eagerly lining up for more!
  • Marketing: Market your programs and services without huste, in a non-pushy, non-icky way.
  • Mastering Soulful Sales: Bye bye awkward sales conversations! Master the art of closing clients without ‘selling’!
Course 2: Creating a Magnetic Online Presence

[ Available from 2nd Jan 2019]

  • Create a memorable brand, the easy way – colors, fonts] etc.
  • Get unforgettable photos for all your  marketing
  • Create eye catching graphics 
  • Leverage your words –  copy writing simplified
  • Turn your website into a client magnet
Course 3: Online Marketing 101 
  • How Online Marketing really works and how to use it to generate leads
  • $0 Facebook marketing : Leveraging the power of Facebook to sign up clients & customers.  Everything you need to know about Facebook Pages, Profiles, Groups.
  • Email Marketing Simplified : How to create freebies, funnels, and email sequences to create an instant connection
  • Blogs / Videos / Podcasts : How to use them to build a connection, establish yourself as an authority authority and generate leads.
  • Funnels Simplified: Turning traffic and leads into paying clients.
  • The CCC Marketing System ( Conversation + Connection = Conversion) that brings it all together and shows you how to create months worth of marketing content in just a few hours.
Course 4: Online Marketing 202: Leveraged Growth 

[available from Aug 2019]

  • Webinars
  • 3 part video series
  • Masterclasses
  • Summits
  • Guest appearances (blogs / podcasts)
  • Media Mentions
  • High Profile guests
  • Affiliates & Collaborations
Course 5: Creating & marketing your first eCourse / Group program

[available from Aug 2019]

  • Foundation: who, what, why, how
  • Mapping out the Slides
  • Creating the videos:
  • Where and how to how your course
  • 4 week Marketing Plan
  • Creating all your marketing content
  • Sales page that convert
Course 6: All the tech behind your business
  • What the terms mean
  • List of all the tech Tools you need
  • How to configure MailChimp
  • How to use Canva to create graphics
  • How to create a professional Website on a budget
  • How to create slides/ ebooks / pdfs
  • Setting up an online booking system: Acuity
  • Taking payments online
  • Getting feedback – Google Forms.

Are you ready to Monetize Your Genius?

Get-Shift-Done Sprints each month!

To give your business a boost with some quick growth spurts!

These will be run as 5-day challenges each month, with daily emails, assignments and group calls designed to help you get things done – fast! Themes have been planned in this order to help you build your business from the ground up. BUT note that themes may change a bit based on feedback and requests of members.

Feb: Signing up your Ideal Clients

5 steps to signing up your ideal soul clients effortlessly!

May: Magnetic Presence

Creating a magnetic online presence that is oh-so-you and yet irresistible to your target market.

Aug: Launch with Heart

Launching your first course or group program, minus the hustle.

Marc: Freebie & Funnel

Creating an irresistible – and highly effective – freebie and email sequence!

Jun: Get Fully Booked

Get fully booked with your high end 1:1 services by mastering soulful sales conversations

Sept: $0 FB marketing

Leveraging Facebook profiles, pages and groups to build your list and get fully booked! 

April: List Building

How to drive high quality traffic to your freebie & funnel in order to grow your email list.

Jul: Content Creation on Steroids

Batch creating your content for the entire quarter, in under 10 hours.

The combined price of just these courses runs into thousands of $$.
And the Sprints each month, with daily support calls…
So the combined value you get – well, you can’t really put a price tag on the value of building your dream business now can you?

PPP Incubator

  • All courses listed above
  • Support in a private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Get-Shift-Done sprints, bootcamp style
  • Monthly group coaching sessions

For ONLY $97 US per month – that’s quality business training AND support for LESS than $3/day


Everything in the PPP Incubator PLUS

  • 2×30 min 1:1 laser sharp coaching each month
  • Reasonable email / messenger access to me for any questions.

For only $347 USD per month. 


  • Payments run like a monthly subscription membership. You can join in at any time. And if you’ve gotten what you need, or you decide that it’s not for you, just cancel your subscription at the end of the month. You have access to the PPP Incubator only while you pay the monthly subscription.
  • All courses and pre-recorded resources are instantly available to you when you sign up. You can jump right in and access the resource you need. Or just jump in and join the monthly Get-Shift-Done Sprint! Whatever you need! In a way that works best for you!


Got More Questions?

When does the program start?

Whenever you want it to! Sign up when you want! Do things at your own pace!

When will the group coaching calls be?

Call timings will be announced at the start of each month.

What if I can’t join one of the group coaching calls?

No worries! Every group call will be recorded! You can send in your questions / your marketing material for review prior to the call. I’ll answer/review them on the call and you can catch it on the recording!

Till when do we have access to the videos and other materials?

For as long as you’re a paying member of the PPP Incubator!

I haven’t yet started my business. Will this help me start my business?

Hell yes!  The PPP Incubator is designed to help  walk you through every step of the journey of taking your online business from idea to consistent $10K months! 

I started my business a while back… is PPP Incubator right for me?

Irrespective of how long ago you started, if you run a service based, online business – but aren’t yet at consistent $10K months, the PPP Incubator can definitely help you get there!

I want to open an online store / ecommerce biz. Is this program for me?

Sorry, NO! This program is meant for women who want to start a service based online business and may include info-products  such as audio-video courses. This program does not teach what it takes to run an online STORE / retail outlet.

Is this program just for women?

YES! The PPP Incubator is specifically for women entrepreneurs – who want to run a service based business online, in a lean, bootstrapped manner. While the concepts and strategies that are taught in this program apply to ANY heart centered, passion based business – the issues, the challenges and the limiting beliefs that women business owners experience are very different from what men experience. The group coaching calls and FB community are carefully crafted to nurture women entrepreneurs in a safe space.

How much will I earn after this program?

That totally depends on you. While the program itself will teach you the tools to earn a consistent 5-figure income each month, whether or not you do so depends entirely on how well you learn and implement the material.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds since the PPP Incubator runs on a monthly subscription model. Plus you have instant access to all the trainings, all the sprints, all my webinar as soon as you sign up. If you do not wish to continue for any reason, just cancel your subscription at least 3 working days before your next payment cycle.

Are you ready to Monetize Your Genius?

Hi, I’m Richa Jain. And this is my story.

Since 2016, I’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs around the world make more impact, and more money in their online business. Working from my laptop, mostly in my garden, in the outskirts of a town called Pune, in India.

Part business strategist, part web dev, part copywriter, part spiritual maverick I wear many hats.

In 2014, I made the down payment on what felt like our dream home. Then I had to leave my cushy corporate job as things erupted on the personal front. After years of an abusive marriage, the Ex finally moved out, taking a big chunk of my savings. I found myself unemployed, single mom, to an almost 6 yr old, with a big mortgage on my head, not much in savings. Oh, and living in India. 

I needed to create a new income stream, fast! Something that would enable me to work from home (so that I could be there for my son!), without much capital investment upfront. So that’s what I did. 

Fast forward to 2017, the kiddo and I spent 4 months traveling the world – California, Thailand, rural India.

In 2018, we followed it up with a 2 week trek through the Himalayas in Nepal, and moved into our  very own home.

In 2019, I payed off my mortgage AND took a 5 week vacation in Australia!

All of which is pretty unheard of for single moms, in India. Heck, even single moms are unheard of in India!

AND I get to work with gorgeous women, from across the world, helping them create their own online businesses – all from the comfort of my home, in a small town, in India!  

What made all of this possible is that I figured out HOW to turn my passion, my purpose (for empowering other women) and my expertise (around Internet Marketing and helping people get things done!) into a profitable online business.  

I learnt to tune in to the feminine way of doing business. By connecting. By being of service.

By being unapologetically me.

I learnt to build my business with flow and ease and grace.

Instead of 24×7 hustle and pushy sales tactics.

Today, I help women like you  create the kind of business, that empowers you to live, and work, on your own terms.

To make more impact, to transform lives, while making good money, doing the work that you love.

I want you to know that it IS possible.

That it is possible to make good money, doing work that you love. On your own terms.

No matter what your situation. No matter how long you’ve been trying. No matter how long you’ve been second guessing yourself.

Many women have walked the path before you. And now it’s your turn.

To shine bright. To help change the world. Through the power of your work.  

It’s your time to step in to a space where you’ll be completely supported to grow your business, your way.

Are you ready to Monetize Your Genius?

Debbie Sassen, Personal Finance Advisor worked with me to launch her new program “Investing Made Simple” – and had her first 5-figure launch! You may find it difficult to believe that when we started working together – just 10 days before her cart open – she didn’t yet have her sales page ready ?  We mapped out her strategy, created part of the marketing content and her sales page – and wrapped up the launch, in just 4 weeks! Here’s what she has to say about working together.  

Miriam Castilla, Money Mentor & Manifesting Maven has done quite a few launches over the years.  Infact, she’d launched ‘Magnetic Money’ many times before. And yet… she knew there was much room for improving her launch process. Over 4 weeks, we spruced up her landing pages & sales page, revamped almost all of her marketing content. Best part… ALL of the work we did together, even the parts we couldn’t implement in that round – are making a big difference as she launches Magnetic Money again! Here’s what she had to say. 

Before reaching out to Richa, I felt overwhelmed and had no idea how to get out of it, and I had tried a lot.

The coaching calls were so much better than I had expected after having talked to other coaches before. Richa actually GOT me! That felt fantastic.

And within half an hour, a plan was made of what I would stop and what I would do more of, so I could help more people without burning out. And Richa knows everything! Not only can she strategically plan, without blinking an eye she showed me how to get rid of my template when designing a sales page on my website – something I had riddled about for years.

And when I opened my inbox the next day, I found the detailed plan in written form with soo many resources… I was blown away. Richa’s generosity is seriously awesome!

If you have never listened to one of her webinars – do it. I remember when I watched the content creation webinar, it dawned on me that I hadn’t even known I was seriously missing any strategy in my writing. I just wrote content that I felt like writing. That you can and should actually plan all content together, freebie, blogposts and social media, was such a revelation for me and made it so much easier.

In a very short time, I implemented what we had decided together, people signed up for my first group coaching and within a week it was overbooked and the same seems to be happening to my next group coaching. And – it takes me much less time compared to the 1:1 work I had done before that had nearly burnt me out.

[Update: Christiane also sold out her second group program just 2 short weeks later .. while she was on holiday ]

Christiane Michelberger

Finding Awakening

Richa is an incredibly talented coach and mentor. Today we had our first "Offer Review" session together. I honestly started the conversation feeling overwhelmed and a little ashamed of my self limiting beliefs. After just 40 minutes, I felt my heart pumping with energy, eagerness and hope to make myself more transparent to my future clients. 

Richa's values-centred guidance challenged me to think beyond just “my point of view” and focus more on identifying what my clients want from me. Her uplifting, intuitive, positive, and caring personality made me value what I do and gave me the courage to do things in an authentic, grander and more visible way. Richa is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.

Micaela Becattini

Life Transition Specialist

Working with Richa I had some amazing ‘Clarity’ sessions. She asked questions that allowed me to speak my thoughts and share my mission out loud without judgement.

Being a Chiropractor and starting to launch into the online world, I had so many things flying through my head that she helped me sort through. She shared a roadmap and a timeline that nobody has done before!

It allowed me to relax and focus on my WHY again, knowing that I have people with gifts that will help me implement and share with the world, when I’m ready. I’m grateful that we connected online and that I will have a “forever resource” in Richa.

Tiffany Johnson

Chiropractor, Healing Touch Chiropractic

For many months I have been having difficulty maintaining my focus. I have felt as though I need to make big changes in my business but kept on going from one idea to another and back again.  It was doing my head in!!! I was going around in circles and getting more and more confused each day.  I needed some clarity and fast.

They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. I had the opportunity to have a clarity session with Richa, who guided me through the process of working out what I really want and how I want to achieve it.

After just one session I knew what I wanted to do, with no doubts whatsoever. It’ seems obvious now that my head is clear, and it feels just right!  I have been on fire ever since and got my new offerings almost ready to go within a couple of days, AND I’m enjoying the process. I feel a huge sense of relief, like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thank you Richa!

Julie Morrow

The Yummy Mummy Coach

Are you ready to Monetize Your Genius?