Who: Kim Leneghan, Diabetes Guru for Professional Women (Ohio, USA)

Our Work Together: Breakthrough Intensive, Website Creation (

Kim Leneghan is Registered Dietitian and through they years she’d worked the clinical spectrum from long term care, private practice, consultant, and most recently as an in-patient hospital RDN.

However, she always wanted to reach out and help more people that her day job allowed. She wanted to reach out and help other people be, in her words, “The Boss of their Diabetes”. AND coming from a family who’re all in business, she knew she also wanted to Be Her Own Boss aka start her own business someday.

The problem was she worked a day job, had 3 kids under 5 years of age, zero tech knowledge and most of all … found it hard to focus. She’d flitted through a few hundred business ideas over the years.

When we first spoke, she had a far out vision. She thought it’d take her 4 or 5 years to start her own online business. She wasn’t sure how to do it. Or even if it was at all possible.


In a Breakthrough Intensive, I helped her

  • Get clarity around her core passion – helping other women be the boss of their diabetes and translate that into an online business proposition
  • Nail her target audience
  • Create high end 1:1 packages
  • Map out a strategic business plan for her to launch her online coaching programs and digital course in the next 6 months – with crystal clear action steps to help her execute.


In just 2 months of working together, Kim had launched her dream business, with a swanky, new professional website that she – and everyone else – couldn’t stop drooling over.

Here’s how it all started:

” I first started stalking you in the BSchool group. And every time you would post something, I would go Oh My Goodness! This woman has gotten into my head!
I’ve got to get in now before she so ups her prices so high I can’t afford to work with her!”
“….. I stayed up late, on my couch, listening to your webinar…and at the end you had this amazing offer.. I just took the plunge with no real business idea in mind.”
“Before the sessions I was very wishy washy, with preconceived ideas of how i’m going to talk myself out of it
I had all these fluttering ideas and this timeline that was so pathetic. it was 4 years out ..And you were like No, No, No.. that’s not going to work and you were so black and white…but at the same time you were like :
“You have a great idea, it’s just that this isn’t your audience..
You can have this powerful business, but you’re talking to the wrong people”


As we worked together:

” It was such a relief having somebody other than my family that was actually talking to me, not in a text or an email. somebody who does this stuff for a living and has walked other people through it ..
And given that you know i have such a young family, a 9 month old, a 3 year old and a 5 year old AND I’m working; that you know my time to commit to this was very very limited and you were able to say, NO you can do this, I’m going to teach you what the right steps are, when and how to do them.”
I remember you asking – how can I help you the most. And I said, “Keep me focused”.          And even after that I asked.. what about this and that…. You said, “No, No, No, No.. we’re going to focus on this at the moment.. People aren’t gonna understand that yet.. You can change it later when you want to.. we’re going to focus on this.” “


Creating your website is a big step. It’s the first time you see your dream business come to life – from vague ideas in your head to something concrete. And that’s why it’s important to have the right team to help you with it. The way my team and I work is not what your regular web designer/developer do. We work from YOUR user’s perspective. We focus on their customer journey. Some people find it strange at first, but it always pays off.  Cindy Taylor called her website development process a self development program. Kim called it extended business coaching session.

“…the stuff that this friend was telling me her business coach is doing.. and I’m like well that’s what my website designer is doing, I mean…you are two people in one – which is crazy!
And I’m realizing now like with watching everybody else struggling, in the online community, and like asking questions..I’m like “Gees you should’ve just used Richa! she does all that!”


In all of our client work, I tend to front load the work. Right at the beginning I’ll send across these full worksheets with lots of questions, and I tell clients, the goal isn’t to write down all perfect responses. The goal is to get you thinking about your business, in a certain way. We do that even for the websites we create.

” I did my homework on that end.. and you (Richa) said it made it easier for you.. but it also made it easier on my part because then there wasn’t that – do you want A or B, do want this or that, because it all fit so seamlessly together the very first time – we didn’t have to give all those choices. “


Sometimes people worry about the difference in timezone. But clients who work with us for their websites have come to love it. In Kim’s words

So when I started seeing each page, day after day…and I was just telling somebody today that it was actually nice having this 9 and a half hour time difference, because we would have our call, i would do a little bit of work, and then I would go to sleep…. And then when I woke up in the morning you’d be like “this is what I worked on; this is your new page” and i’d be like “aaaah!”
It was like Christmas every morning.
A little present waiting for me, when I woke up every morning!


Like most other women, the first few packages Kim came up with were priced low. Way low. When I told her she should 2x them her reaction was:

“I can’t charge so much! Will anyone ever pay me that?!”

Once her site was up and ready:

” Now I think that my first two packages are priced really well.. but my Platinum Package, is definitely under priced. Once I get a few people to sign up.. it’s definitely going to double!
And because my site is so well geared towards those people at that price point, now I have no problem saying “This is what I charge.” “


When I asked Kim how she felt about her 5 year goal – how much time do you think it’ll take you to get there now with this kind of site?

I think it’s going to take me less than 2 years sending out a course and perhaps even expand beyond my original vision.. I believe I can get there in 12 – 18 months.

That pretty much sums up the difference between having a ‘good’ website, and a ‘great’ website.

Watch the video to see Kim’s full story:


  • How Kim first started ‘stalking’ me [1:11]
  • Why Kim decided to take the plunge and sign up for The BreakThrough Intensive with no real business idea in mind [2:55]
  • Your Dreams can come true… even if you 3 kids under 5 years of age [8:00]
  • Hiring the right people – even for your website – makes all the difference [10:10]
  • How people raved about her new website and what it meant for Kim [12:24]
  • How the 9.5 hour time difference made it feel like Christmas every morning [13:30]
  • Inspiring other people, having them gush about you  [14:15]
  • Realizing your value and charging your worth [16:20]
  • The difference it makes when you front load the work. [19:00]

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