Ulla Gaudin: Tiffin & Posh

When Ulla Gaudin first got in touch with me, it was for a Strategy Session & Website Audit. She was planning to create an eCourse but wasn’t sure. Almost a year in, her business was not where she wanted it to be. She felt her current website didn’t quite reflect the work she did and what she brought to the table. This is what her site looked like at that time:


She knew she was capable of so much more. She wanted to help women, not just with makeup and beauty tips, but more so with bringing out their inner beauty, their inner power.

After analyzing her current business model we took a rather drastic step – to revamp her entire business.

This is what her site looks like now:


Click on the image to visit the live site [Note: the live site may change over time => so, say 1 year later, it may look different from the image above!]

Strategy Sessions:

In our initial strategy sessions we honed in on Ulla’s real message – that of empowering women to feel confident in their own skin. Instead of aiming to please everyone, I got her to narrow her audience down, to target women who’d be happy to pay good money to work with a celebrity makeup artist. We turned her packages around completely from low end 1:1 services and course few high end packages for her – a far cry from the <$100 packages/course she had been planning.

Branding, Copy Writing, Website:

Given her background in Hollywood and all the hobnobbing with celebrities, we wanted a very sophisticated look for her brand. Ulla christened her new business “Tiffin & Posh” and decided on an old Hollywood glam feel for her site. We took it from there.

Again Ulla’s Hollywood background came in handy. She just knows what’ll look good on camera, on screen, versus in person. She easily understood the kind of photos we wanted for her headers. She commissioned a photoshoot  for new brand and came back with gorgeous photos that were an absolute delight to work with.

We created her site using the Divi theme. We used a combination of pinks, grey, black & white for the color scheme and turned Ulla’s wonderful photos into headers, backgrounds and graphics for the site.

Since then Ulla and her business have undergone a complete transformation. She continued with me for the Build Your Busiess Empire program and her business has been growing steadily.  [ Find out more about how we completely turned Ulla’s business around, had clients lining up to work with her and got her 7 speaking engagements in less than 6 months]

What Ulla said:


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