Who: Val Hood, Psychic & Medium, Australia.

Our Work Together:  Re-Branding, Copy Writing, Web design, Website Creation, Automation,

Website MakeOver ( http://valhood.com)

Val Hood is an evidential psychic and medium. She’s been doing this work for over 27 years. But it’s mostly been offline. Over the last year she has been trying to establish her online presence, but it’s not been up to the mark.

About a year ago, heeding Spirit’s call, Val moved across the oceans from the UK to Australia to help more people connect with spirit. With her work now spanning 2 continents, and wanting to help more people, Val knew it was time to step up her online efforts.

When she got in touch with me, Val could feel the disconnect between how she was showing up online and who she really was. She figured it’s time for a rebrand.

But you don’t just ‘jump in’ to do rebrand. We needed to set the foundation right. And for me, part of that ‘foundation’ work was getting to the core – getting to the core of what lights Val up, why she does the work she does, and why she moved across the ocean to honor a call from Spirit. So that’s what we spent the first two weeks on – getting clear on how she wanted to show up online, how she wanted to position herself. But it wasn’t direct. I had to kind of pull it out of her. And so I got her to fill out the big fat version of my WebsiteWorkbook. And everyday, I would look through her updates and mark them up with a zillion comments and questions. Nudging her, pushing her, pulling her in the right direction. Getting her to think in a certain way, and slowly move towards who she really wanted to be. That part of the journey, getting her to step in to her power, who she wanted to be; was as important as actually creating the website. Because if I just upgraded her website – without helping HER through the TRANSFORMATION – it wouldn’t stick. She would end up with a swanky website – but still continue showing up in the old way that she’d grown comfortable with.

A lot of people think that creating a website is all about putting together some photos and some text in WordPress. But it’s really much much more. It’s a journey of transformation. It’s about stepping in to the person you were meant to be.

And it’s only when I saw her stepping up, ready to show up and be visible, in her power – did we start work on the website.


Over the first two weeks we focused on her core message, her branding and her copy. The next 2 weeks were spent bringing it all together in WordPress – 14 pages, 40 blog posts, a gazillion events created in 14 days straight!

Many people don’t believe we accomplished ALL of this in just 4 weeks !! And only 2 for the implementation! But THAT is the power of having the copy etc prepared up front, having the right tools (aka Divi) and the right expertize aka ME 😉


Here’s what Val said about her final website:

People who know me both here in Australia and back in the UK, people from both countries have come back and told me that this is so me. It speaks volumes about me as a person. The warmth, the love, the vibrance… it’s totally reflected ME!
You listened. You worked out who I was as a person and that’s what you’ve reflected in the website!

And about her journey through this process, about working with me:

You made me believe in what I do! I’ve been doing this work for 27 years. And I had the same old same old same old words!  You put that passion back in to my work! “OMG, This is why I’m doing this!” And I realize I do these readings, I do these workshops, I do these events – but really …. teaching is my passion! You helped me uncover my passion!


And about the automation:

I LOVE the automation. As soon as the page went live, boom! I have 3 bookings! I got a little email saying it’s been paid, it’s been booked….. and I didn’t have to do anything extra!

When we started out, Val had said

“I’m a bit of a dinosaur really when it comes to these things!”
“What are blog posts? I don’t have a clue!”

But as soon as we finished ie took our website live and wrapped up the live tutorial – she went in, right after our tutorial, and  to add more events herself!! That’s the power of our work together 😉

I asked Val why she chose to work with me. Here’s what she said:

I liked the free flowing way you talked. And how you broke it all down. And how it all sounded so much fun –at least in the beginning!”

Watch Val’s full rebrand story here:


  • Think good branding must be complicated & difficult? Here’s how  we choose Val’s gorgeous brand colors! And how they tie in to healing and heart work. [3:15]
  • Why it’s ok to break the mold. Ditching crystal balls and crushed purple velvet [4:25]
  • What happens when you front load the work [6:50]
  • What it feels like when Boom – money just lands in your account and your appointments are all set up – without lifting a finger [14:00]
  • The “India” factor: finding out that I’m based in India – what it triggered and how it turned out [15:00]


Screenshots of Val’s new website (click to enlarge)

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