Inside Out : Real and Raw Insights on Growing a Business

EmpowHer’d Conversations with Louise Cartwright,
Coach, London, UK.


This is as real and raw as it gets. In this conversation Louise and I let it all out – real and raw – the birthing pains of starting and growing your own business.

And why it starting your own business should come with a NEON warning  – it’s really a journey of personal transformation!

Watch this conversation as we talk about

  • Finding out WHO YOU ARE, Owning your power
  • Downplaying yourself an putting everyone else on a pedestal: “Everybody knows more than me”, “OMG I’m just not meant to be in business!”
  • Owning your BS story – and re-writing it
  • Looking beyond the immediate, figuring out what you really want, opening up to possibilities
  • Why goal setting doesn’t work and why “feeling” is so important!
  • Business is personal. Always. And why it’s important to follow your own path.
  • Redefining Success – on your terms. Money is a pretty lame measure.


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About Louise Cartwright, Coach, London, UK.

Bio: Louise Cartwright helps passion driven women to recognise, energise and realise their highest potential by removing all the limiting decisions and beliefs holding them back and guiding them to develop the vision and energy they need to create the life they crave.

Her Journey: I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and whilst I have gained many qualifications and much experience, without doubt my biggest lessons have always come from life. The moment I opened myself to the universal potential and possibility that lies within each of us, my reality changed. I’ve embraced this evolutionary pathway for 10 years, trusting its timing and it’s offerings and building a solid foundation of faith and love. Now I feel so blessed and inspired to teach other women to do the same so that together we raise the energy of our planet and leave a legacy of love and connection for those who follow.

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