The difference.. between those who “made it” and those who “didn’t quite yet” in their business…
Not all clients of <insert big name coach of choice> end up having $100K months
Not all students of <insert big name program of choice> end up with 6-figure businesses
The DIFFERENCE between those who “made it” and those who didn’t
Is usually NOT in the coach/program
It’s in the people themselves.
The coach/program is only the facilitator. The catalyst. The alchemist.
YOU bring the raw material.
Here’s a few things that set apart the one’s who made it, vs those that didn’t
The one’s who “made it” were READY
  • They took personal responsibility
  • They took quick, smart decisions
  • They trusted themselves
  • They stayed the path when things got tough
  • They ran their biz like an experiment – tweaking one thing at a time, checking the results, constantly improving.
  • They did the work.
  • The didn’t “work hard” – they “worked smart”
Those who didn’t quite make it
  • Kept thinking of the coach/program as their saviour
  • Procrastinated for weeks and sometimes months
  • Kept second guessing themselves
  • Kept changing tracks every so often
  • Chased every random shiny object, kept throwing stuff at the wall hoping something sticks
  • Worked “hard” – or not at all.
Keep that in mind before you sign up for yet another program or coach.
Which kinds are you?
And more importantly – which kind do you want to be in 2020?
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