Remember that saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Well, the same is true of a business. It takes a tribe to build a business. You can’t do it alone. No matter what they tell you.

You need THREE kinds of teams really.

Team 1 for the mundane household jobs:

A housekeeper, or someone to help manage and run everyday things around the house; a cook, everyone still needs those 3-5 meals a day; a driver, to chauffeur the kids around to all those activities; it’s a long list really, but you get the idea. Get family members to help or hire outside help. You need to make sure your time isn’t swallowed by the mundane, mindless tasks.

Team 2 for your Business:

If you run an online business, sooner or later you’re going to need to learn all the systems and tools to run your business. Things like all the tech (setting up and running all the automation and backend of your business), graphic design, copy writing, book keeping, scheduling appointments etc. I prefer to hire out things that are not my core competency.

Team 3 For YOU:

To help YOU grow. To help you through the transformation. The people around you may not understand what you’re doing. They may not know how to support you. You’ve got to get that support elsewhere. A coach who’s been-there-done-that. A friend who supports you unconditionally. Someone you can talk with, who get’s where you are. Trust me, this is probably the most important team you need. Working from home, being a solo-prenuer, can be isolating. You need the support to keep you grounded and afloat.

In my experience, Team 3 is really the secret sauce that shapes whether you’re going to soar, or just bumble along.

Who’s on your team?

Are you ready to fast track your business?

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