Can’t bring yourself to write yet another Blog Post? Or Newsletter?

Spend hours staring at a blank screen wondering what to heck to send out to your email list this week?
Feel like you hit a brick wall every time you try to come up with yet another blog post?

Thing is .. you’ve written all those blog posts and sent out all those newsletters in the past… but it’s not really helping you sign up clients the way all those online marketing gurus promised you!
“Content is King” they said.
“Send out a newsletter every week” they said…

And you’ve been religiously doing that.
But you now find yourself questioning all those gurus…. and wondering whether it was all really worth it?
Or perhaps … you find yourself question, er, um… yourself…. because it seems to be working for everyone else!!!!!???#@#$@^!

Well, first of all, let me tell you, it’s not your fault.

Those geniuses very conveniently forgot to tell you the whole story.
It’s like someone sending a 5 yr old the recipe to make a sandwich, telling them to get the best butter / cheese / jelly / avocado / lettuce / tomato / patty ….. but forgetting to mention the er, bread!!!!

There are many reasons your content may not be working for you.
It could be that you’re not speaking your target market’s language.
It could be that your content, your freebie, your blog post isn’t quite aligned with your serves, or <gasp> what your target market really wants.
It could be that your peeps aren’t actually seeing your newsletter or blog post!
It could be a whole lot of other things too..

At the end of the day, the stars have to align. Sorry, your content has to align. With what your target market wants, and what you’re bringing to the table.
More often that not, in my one:one work, that’s where we have to start.
Clients think it’s all aligned.
And then I start asking questions… and it unravels. They see the gaps. They see the disconnect. They see where things are falling through.
They see where their offers, their posts, their ads, their freebies… aren’t quite aligned.
Even clients who already have multi-6 figure businesses.

Want to learn HOW to identify whether or not your content is actually aligned (without paying me $300/hr!) ?
Or better yet, want to learn to HOW to get it all in alignment – your freebie, your FB posts, your blog posts, your newsletters – so that you effort-“less”-ly sign up discovery calls, who then become happy paying clients?

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Love, Richa

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