The thing is, I’m great at analyzing stuff. I (over) analyze everything!
Including marketing. And not just the big name internet marketers – but almost everyone’s. And having obsessively analyzed hundreds (if not thousands!!) of online businesses over the last 10+ years, I’ve found that based on the way most people go about their marketing – they can be classified into 3 types.
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They ‘market’ sporadically. As and when the inspiration strikes. And even then the marketing is usually the odd blog post. Or FB post. Or video. Again, the topic is usually in the moment – inspired.
This kind often sits and stares the screen for hours, either wondering what to write (analysis paralysis) or comparing all the posts and articles and videos from not just their competitors but everyone under the sun… and making grand plans of all that they can write about, and the million ways they can market their services and the zillion ways they can help people ….. but don’t end up doing any of it. Again (analysis paralysis).


These are the smarter, more organized type. They create 5/10 videos, blogs posts etc at a time – they batch stuff, they hire a VA or someone on fivver to help with automated scheduling
And end up with tons of blog posts, FB posts, videos, podcasts – you know all the formats of the ‘great free content’ that the internet marketing gurus tell you to do…..
And on the surface it feels like they’re rocking it…….
But as both of these types find out – often after way too many late nights at the computer trying desperately to grow their business with ‘content marketing’ …..
And that brings us to


These are the ones who’re signing up paying clients, who’re making a full time income that they can not just support their families with, but have even have enough for a vacation (or four!) They’ve ‘discovered’ the secret sauce to marketing for their business…..
[PS: WHAT KIND OF MARKETING DO YOU DO??? Share with us in the comments below. btw, I’m type 1. Go figure!!! ]
And if you were to ask them the secret… they’d tell you that while it is about creating ‘great free content’ – the secret is all about figuring out the RIGHT kind of free content.
And that the RIGHT kind of ‘content creation’ doesn’t always happen on a whim, you can’t always rely on inspiration…..
And that it takes the RIGHT kind of WORK and DISCIPLINE
And that in turn require SUPPORT to help make sure you’re actually creating the RIGHT kind of CONTENT, for the RIGHT market, in the RIGHT form – and then distributing it on the RIGHT CHANNELS, in the RIGHT WAY.
And someone to help hold you ACCOUNTABLE to help keep you on track, on target; to help you up when you falter or doubt yourself; to keep you grounded and yet let you soar.
The SMART MARKETER knows it’s NOT about doing it all. And definitely not all by yourself.
I’m on a mission to help more women step up and do their marketing the SMARTER WAY.
That’s why I’m running the Content Creation Bootcamp. To help you create ALL your marketing content – the SMART way.
Over 8 weeks, I walk you through
– WHAT kind of content to create
– HOW to create it
– REVIEW IT to make sure it’s on target
– SHOW you how to distribute it aka the right marketing channels
– Support you AND hold you ACCOUNTABLE through it all!
You’ll walk away with the RIGHT kind of Funnels, Blogs, Videos, FB posts, Graphics…… that help you not just CONNECT with your target market – but also effortlessly CONVERT them into paying clients.
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Doors close 25th Nov. We start 27th Nov. And oh, in between, we take a week off for Christmas 😉
Got questions? Post them in the comments below.
Not sure if this is right for you? Email me. Let’s talk.
If it’s NOT right for you – I’ll tell you upfront. I promise. It’s going to be a small tight knit group. Only TEN heart centered, service based, women entrepreneurs. And I want to make sure every single person who joins – adds to the energy of the group.
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