Suzanne Dinter is a hypnotherapist / hypnosis coach who (now!) helps women entrepreneurs get over the Imposter Syndrome and get visible on social media so that they can finally achieve the business success they deserve.

Suzanne had first worked with me in the Website Bootcamp a few years ago (here’s what she had to say about the WebsiteBootcamp) and recently signed up for MarketingWithHeart.

In between these two programs Suzanne had worked with other coaches, signed up for many other programs, and “done the work” – she was showing up CONSISTENTLY on social media – Facebook and Linked – almost every day! AND YET, she was struggling to sign up paying clients.

By the time we wrapped up MarketingWithHeart she had
  • gone from struggling to sell on sales/discovery calls – to closing 3 in a row aka a 100% success rate! And the best part – they never even felt like sales calls! She didn’t have to “handle objections” or concerns about her pricing!
  • signed up 3 clients for her Quantum Leap package, a few “Power Hours” from past clients and is 90% booked out – though in her own words she had been market “less than ever”! (Suzanne works part time in her business as of this writing and can take on only a handful of clients)
  • Made back 3x the amount she’d invested in the program!!
  • Feels like she truly has “EVERYTHING” she needs to call in clients with ease, whenever she want! No more struggling about what to write/how/when/where for her marketing!



In her words

….I just told my husband – I’m signing up with Richa!! Because I just know I get results with you!

….Now when I talk with someone, it’s so easy! I just had a discovery call yesterday, she asked how much it was, and was like – ok!! It was so so easy!  Because we’d already had a powerful conversation about HER – what does she want to change, why does she want to change

….I’m not feeling that “OMG, what am I going to do when these clients run out!” because I know I can now sign up new clients whenever I want

….I know exactly what to talk about now <in my marketing>… 

….there are so many courses out there where you just go and watch the videos.. the reviews we had were pure gold! On those calls I could see where I was right, where I was going wrong…. you managed to cram so much into an hour! Any other coach would take 2-3 hours to do the amount of work you covered in one hour!

….The weekly calls, the accountability were just what I needed!

….I was ready to chuck it all in! I’m a hypnotherapist NOT a content writer!! …. but I’m able to realize that it’s not about content, its about conversations and connection! And without connection I won’t have any clients!

(Around the 14min mark:) I posted a video on LinkedIn, this lady reached out – how can I work with you? We had a 20 min call, she took out her credit card and paid. A total stranger! It was EASY.

…this wasn’t just about creating content. There was so much more. We don’t have to do Sales Calls in a marketing program. But you did that…. it’s been so comprehensive, with the afformations, and planning our marketing for later,

…I repeat that again and again…I now have EVERYTHING I need!”


What magic did we work? 😉  In MarketingWithHeart we
  • tightened up her niche and zero’d in on her target market;
  • simplified her offers and packages – she simply had way too many offers and packages! When she mentioned most of her clients got results in 4 weeks flat – well, we whittled it down to ONE 4 week package called the Quantum Leap!
  • created a powerful lead magnet – a hypnosis audio to get women entrepreneurs – the GetConfidentGetVisible audio – leading up to her Quantum Leap package and a complete evergreen funnel to support it, including email sequence, blog posts, social media posts etc.
  • practiced HOW to have your marketing flow effort-less-ly aka as smooth as a conversation with your best friend ! No pushy, sleazy stuff!
  • how to conduct “discovery calls” aka what questions to ask, and how to respond powerfully to client’s concerns from a place of feminine leadership aka from a place of service, for the highest good of all concerned.


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