Nicole Moore facilitates deep transformation around the birthing process. She works with women, and couples, to not just ensure your baby the best entry earth side – but also heal the (generational) trauma we imbibed when we were born and has been doing this work for close to a decade, online, in-person, and via her be-spoke retreats.

About 6 months ago, she’d signed up for a VIP Half Day with me and we created packages for her be-spoke retreats – and she had one couple sign up even before she had put up the sales page or done any focused marketing for it!

This time around in MarketingWithHeart she wanted to created a systematized marketing content – to lead people to her be-spoke retreat.

By the time the program was done, she had already made back way more than her investment in the program – and signed up a client for a 10 day retreat in Italy!


What made you sign up for this program?

Because you Richa can describe my business and my work better than I can!

I have been flailing around like a fish out of water, learning all these things, implementing some, chopping and changing and pivoting a few times. Because of course, my modality is brilliant for lots of different people. And Richa is a no nonsense girl. I really felt like I needed that strong container to kind of pin me down and and help me to achieve something from start to finish!

And that’s what we’ve done in marketing we’ve had we’ve set up a whole funnel around a lead magnet so there’s everything – all the way from a Facebook post to sales calls for this particular offering!

And that’s exactly what I needed – that level of accountability!

You’ve seen a lot of coaches, you’ve been around, you’ve done a lot of other programs – what made this different? 

You Richa completely understand my work! You understand the need for my work!

And that’s one of the things that that made me sign up for this is because I have worked with other people who don’t necessarily understand the necessity of preparing for birth! And so it’s a lot of talk in the clouds and not really getting to the guts of the message.

And then there’s the fact that like I said, you your personality type really fits with mine, not because we’re the same, but because we’re quite different! It helped me to do something, and and to see it through!

And the other thing is that because this program is uniquely aimed at women – as a woman having a whole mix of different requests and commitments with our time – I felt understood.


The first week was breaking down regular marketing and how we’re going to do it different and how it affects us why we hold back from marketing especially as women, right? You remember that part? Would you like to share something about it because that’s not the way a normal marketing program starts

Well that was like a little bit of a purging! Seeing what are our previous beliefs around marketing and let’s get them out on the table and look at them and kind of move them to the side, because that’s not what we’re going to do anymore!

the sales prayer …is about really shifting the context of why we want to make sales.


The way I teach marketing, it’s about standing up and being of service. It’s about taking a leadership position to help the people you are managed to serve. And we go do you think we achieved that in the marketing content that we’ve created in the funnel that we have created you think we’ve achieved that?

I do! And I know that we’ve reached right into the heart of the matter for pregnant women. I now know why they feel the need to prepare.


Now, when you are marketing your retreat, or your one on ones even would you feel that marketing or sales is a key or that you have to be pushy?

No! If I did, that would be a sort of regression because I feel like I’ve really I’ve really wrapped my head and my heart around the fact that it isn’t necessary.


You had one sales call yesterday, you had one lady sign up for another retreat yesterday, this time when you had this sales call or a discovery call. How did it feel different from anything that you’ve done before?

I really remembered that the focus was on outcomes. And on her and her experience!

I feel like I listened a lot more than I have previously. Previously, I’ve maybe been a little bit on the front foot of talking about the modality or talking about myself and what I’m offering is. Whereas this time was completely about outcomes.

My retreat is in Italy, we didn’t even talk about how she’s going to get there, or what the accommodation is like. It was purely about the work. And that retreat is a 10 day retreat. And she’s she’s 100% sold! She’s looking forward to it!


What’s been your experience creating three blog post, a dozen Facebook posts, a lead magnet and an email sequence all of that. What’s been your experience in this program creating that and how has it been different from blog posts or email sequences you wrote earlier?

Getting personalized feedback on those things has been really beneficial not just for the posts and things that I’ve
created in this program but going forward as well because there’s certain tendencies, like my tendency to talk about accommodation, that kind of needed tweaking and adjusting.

And that whole thing of like really taking the time to get into your ideal clients head and talking about,  what their needs are and what it is that they’re looking for – that’s something that I will carry forward with me!

Saying that of course I want you in my life forever Richa!


So what’s been the best part of the program for you?

I think the accountability, it’s been really valuable for me.

And at the same time, your understanding around that. With this happening over the Christmas period, which was crazy in some ways. But Richa was very understanding… and I’m not the only one that’s benefited from that. Some of the other women, you know, they’ve had illnesses, they’ve had family stuff.

I love that there is accountability with compassion

And then there’s things like the afformations, things that aren’t necessarily traditional marketing
tools. But we’ve been able to utilize them within this program, to foster the confidence that you need to be able to continuously put yourself out there.

Prompting myself up with these afformations has made a really big difference and made me feel like you know, I am uniquely positioned to offer this spiritual birth preparation to the world. I have wonderful gifts to share. And I am going to do it!


What do you think about your marketing content and funnel now?

It’s also worked in that it’s shifting my perspective about all the content that I’ve already created. And I have a very firm plan to tweak a lot of my existing content to actually, you know, begin to funnel that stuff down, if not into the same funnel then into another one.

And funnels are super important for me because I am a mother of two and I have a high maintenance lifestyle out here in the bush. And, you know, I’m multi passionate,

So funnels are very important so that your clients or potential clients can get to know you without you needing to be on the end of the phone every time. I can’t be there for six emails after each inquiry, no way. But this way, they get to have content and be directed into different avenues of my work. And, you know, it’s still a conversation and I know it’s going to work


Anything else you’d like to say:

Thank you for your patience with me. Thank you for your persistence. Thank you for your understanding and compassion for you know, sometimes weird and wonderful ways of of my work.

And thank you for your understanding of why my work is important. I really value that and I feel like I’ve had a partner for this duration and yeah, now I’ve just got to keep on generating more clients so that I can keep on working with you Richa!!

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