Ok.. I’m not going to beat about the bush … I’ll just up and say it.

The BEST way to create your own business website – without wrestling with WordPress or drowning in plugins is to simply sign up for the WebsiteBootcamp!!!

There, I said it!!

But here’s 20 reasons WHY I think it’s really the best way. Read through and decide for yourself.

#1  So that you don’t have to wrestle with all that tech! I not only install WordPress and ALL the plugins on your website. I ALSO install the Divi builder with lifetime access (worth $247!!) for you AND over 30 professionally designed pages, based on design principles that maximize connection and conversions. So you really don’t have to bother with all the tech installs for your website 😉 Oh, and we have a ton of support calls AND a private FB community to support you through it all. Really, it doesn’t get better than that.

#2  It gives you a handsome Return On Your Investment! Your business is still evolving. It’s going to change and grow. And you’d like your website to keep up with the changes without depending on a copywriter, a designer and a developer each time you want to add a new page, a new service or program or even just change a few words!  You want to be fully in control of your website, be able to change it whenever, however you want!

#3  To refine and streamline your business idea More often that not, creating your website is the first time you’re attempting to translate that crazy business idea in your head into something real and tangible that you can show the world. In the Website Bootcamp support calls, I help you refine and streamline that crazy business idea. In our group support calls we review your copy, your offers, your pages. Everything.  

#4 Save time Look, do you honestly want to spend hundreds of hours pouring through free YouTube videos trying to figure out how to piece together your website? Or spend months wrestling with WordPress and weeping over plugins? I hope not!!  

#5 Save Money I’m guessing you’re not the kind who wants to throw a ton of money at a brand designer, a copy writer, a web designer, a web developer (yes, web designers and web developers are different and do different stuff!)  AND a tech VA etc etc….. Are you??? Because honestly – that’s the kind of skill set it really takes to create a “winning” website aka one that helps you sign up paying clients.  In the WebsiteBootcamp – I help you bypass it all. Heck, as a single mom myself – I know time is tight. And you want the best bang for your buck!

#6 You’re not alone. You’re supported. I hold your hand every step of the way. In our private FB community. On our group support calls.  I keep you on track. I hold you accountable. And the best part – the Bootcamp tribe – other women, from all over the world, on a similar journey as yours, cheering you on, supporting you.  

#7 You can customize it ANY HOW. Because it’s made with Divi! In case you didn’t know Divi is THE BEST visual builder out there today! It lets you create a website by simply dragging and dropping and clicking away at stuff.  

#8 No coding required. At all. Oh, and again, since it’s all built on Divi – absolutely NO coding required!!!! Yep, not even a single line!! How awesome is that!!  

#9 It’s the perfect combo of DIY vs Done For You I do the tech heavy lifting for you and install a complete Website-In-A-Box – including over 30 professionally designed pages. You get to do all the fun creative stuff aka personalize your pages!  Pretty cool huh!?

#10 The live round is a small intimate group program. Only 20 women. Yes, I could take more women on board and make shit load of money. BUT I want to make sure EVERYONE in this live round of Website Bootcamp gets the kind of support and attention you deserve!

#11 The BONUSES. OOohh… we’ve got juicy bonuses on just about EVERYTHING you’ll need to GROW your business – not just your website! Here’s a quick screenshot!

#12 It’s perfect for techno-phobes 😉 Remember the part where I said I do all the tech heavy lifting for you and install a complete Website-In-A-Box – including WordPress + Divi + over 30 professionally designed pages + all essential plugins?

#13 It’ll turn your website into a client magnet We don’t just make pretty websites. In the Website Bootcamp we make the kinda websites that help you sign up paying clients!

#14: Most web developers and designer don’t really understand the art of conversions! Connecting with your target market, turning strangers into friends, and friends into clients – is an art. And while there are many cheap web developers, designers etc out there – but most of them don’t understand connection & conversion, they don’t understand the business of business! And that is soooo frustrating!

#15 I love you! Yes, I really do! I’m on a crazy mission to help women across the world  turn their passion, their purpose, into a profitable online business! And I don’t want you struggling soooo much just to get your vision out of your head and into the world!! I want to make sure tech, and design, and copy – don’t stand in your way. I want to make I make super easy for you to step up and make the impact that you were meant to! That’s why I keep running live rounds of the WebsiteBootcamp. Though I could easily make way more money just sticking to coaching & consulting!

#16  ME I’ve been a web developer, a copy writer, a techie, a business strategist (and worn a bunch of other hats to boot) …but more importantly, I AM a business owner. Just like you. That’s means not only do I understand the struggle – so I can truly support you better, but I also have the holy trifecta of skills that it takes to create a winning website!

#17  It’s women only. The Website Bootcamp is a safe space for you to learn all the “stuff” you need to take your business online. Without being ridiculed, without being chided. As women often are when they try to step in to tech or other male dominated fields. The WebsiteBootcamp is a safe space for you to show up as yourself, with no judgement, to ask ANY kinds of questions, and to be fully supported.

#18 It’ll get you to stop hiding. More often than not, I’ve seen women hide and continue to play small in their business. Because they’ve been conditioned to not be seen, not be heard and to serve everyone, at the cost of themselves. A large part of the work I do in the Website Bootcamp is to support you to stand up and be unapologetically YOU. To show up, to be visible, in all your glory, in all your power. Did I mention I’m also an intuitive energy worker?

#19 It isn’t really about websites. Your website is really just an excuse 😉 Yes, really. This is all really about my crazy mission to help women across the world  turn their passion, their purpose, into a profitable online business! And #17 and #18.

#20 There’s nothing quite like this out there. Best way to create your own website! Trust me. I’ve done the homework. I’ve checked! Website Bootcamp is  a unique, intimate 4-week group implementation program, where I help you create YOUR dream website without wrestling with WordPress or drowning in plugins.

EVEN IF you have no prior web tech experience

EVEN IF you have no clue what to write on your website

EVEN IF you’ve tried a dozen times (and still not launched your website)

EVEN IF you only have a few hours to work on your website (and no budget or inclination to hire a designer, a developer, a copywriter, a branding expert, *insert other MUST-HAVE-EXPERT you don’t really need*)

#21 Save $100 with the EARLY BIRD!   Ok.. this is  a sneaky one… EARLY BIRD is now open for the WebsiteBootcamp meaning … you save $

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