Some people say you don’t need a website when you’re just starting out.
I say – YOU MUST have one.
And no, I don’t say that because you need something to show prospective clients.
Especially if you’re in the early stages of business. You need something TANGIBLE to anchor your business, your ideas. Especially if your business is online.
Working with clients 1:1 – and in my website bootcamp – what I’ve found is that their website serves to ANCHOR them. To anchor their ‘business energy’. And yes, I help them in that process.
ONCE they see their website coming to life, one page after another – it’s as if the ‘whole business ‘plan’ comes together..
It helps them step in to the person they were meant to be in business – their business persona if you will. And it helps them ANCHOR that persona, until they fully embody it.
A good website will anchor you. A wishy washy website – will leave you floating about un-tethered. Neither is good or bad by itself. It just about what you prefer. What do you prefer? Why?
I see so many women want & crave a “good” website – but then hold back because they don’t know design, or the tech is too difficult, or they can’t afford to spend $$$ on a custom website.
What if I removed the tech and the $$ element from it. What if I gave you a sleek, modern, oh-so-you website for $97 (hypothetically!). What would you do then?
I’ve found that even then many women don’t move ahead. They’d been putting their business on hold for so long.. because they didn’t have a website. Because it’s too difficult. Because it’s too expensive.
But even when they get one… turns out… they keep hiding. They still keep playing small.
Because it was never about the website. The tech was just an excuse.
They were really just afraid.
Afraid of making it real. ie making their business real.
Afraid of stepping up and being seen……
And that’s a big reason why over the last few months I’ve focused on websites again. Because everyone needs a website, right? 😉 But they also need that support, that magic, to step up and be visible.
And that’s what I give them. Along with a website. 😉
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