I don’t know if it’s the Mercury retro or the gray weather out here. I’ve been feeling pretty low the last few weeks. Getting caught up with stuff going wrong – like my very expensive phone dying on me 2 days ago. I’ve been beating myself up for ‘not having done enough’. In my business. In life.

Yesterday a client shared her win – she signed up 4 new students at her new rate of $100/hr.

Over the last few years, she’d been tutoring on the side for ~$40/hr with a lot of free work thrown in.

About 3 months ago, we started effectively from scratch, discussing/debating/evaluating from 3 different business ideas she wanted to pursue, then mapping out her business strategy. Of those 3 months – one whole month was ‘waiting’ for her to get together the courage to create a website.

And that’s why, today, I’m so proud of her.

Today, she is …. confident in her abilities and the value she brings to her students; 4 new students signed up, a flowing wait list and more inquiries queuing up.

This morning, another client who we’re helping with her website said something very profound. She got a bit misty on our call and thanked me. Not your regular “thank you”.

“Thank you for believing in me. For pushing me out of my comfort zone. For helping me get visible”.

I was taken aback. [Virgo -uncomfortable with praise!]. I simply nodded along smiling – It’s ok. That is what I do. It’s not just about making a website or business strategy. It’s about transforming lives.

It’s moments like these that keep me going.
I may not be raking in a million dollars. And I don’t promise my clients that either.

But I do help women own their power. Believe in themselves again.

I help them create the kind of business that makes their heart sing. While they help others AND make bank as well.

So every time my heart sinks to a low, or I go beating myself up, I just remind myself of all the good work I’ve done this year. Of all the women I’ve helped. Of all the lives I’ve helped change – for the better.

There are things that you can’t quite measure in numbers.

Or wait.. maybe you can.

The next you read that post about someone who made 8-figures in their first year of business and start beating yourself up…. take a deep breath and instead of counting the money in your account, count the number of lives you’ve changed this year.

Isn’t that a way better number to track?

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